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Presents the Second Auction Event of 2024

The Two Fine Gentlemen Auction Sale

Bidding Opens Saturday March 23 at 9:00 PM ET

Auction Lot Viewing - Spring Whitman Baltimore Show - March 21 - 23, 2024


GFRC Online Auctions - PDF Catalog Archives


Greetings and welcome to GFRC No Buyer's Fee Auction Sales portal. Our online auction application takes a simplified approach for conducting noteworthy auctions without buyer's fees. The one commission rate approach for integrated auction and price list sales leads to a carefree and fun buying and selling event.

GFRC continues its 2024 auction schedule with a substantial offering of Liberty Seated and Barber coinage lot that should appeal to our broad collector base and the market place as a whole. The New Jersey and Sooner Collections releases are fitting bookends for the Liberty Seated coinage series as Seated half dime as extensively offer as the smallest denomination. The dollar denomination is very well represent by a notable mix of Liberty Seated and Trade dollars.

One of the GFRC auction platform hallmarks in the construction of the auction catalog on a real time basis. Collectors have inquisitive minds and wish to secure the latest auction information for set building decisions. The Two Fine Gentlemen Auction Sale catalog will be constructed with images, GFRC quality ratings, and basic descriptions being first displayed. Next will come the reserve prices after consignor approvals. Afterwards, descriptions will be added to those lots that were not previously purchased from GFRC. The reuse of images and descriptions will aid with online catalog building efficient given the ever expanding size of GFRC bimonthly auction. The final step is the assemblage of the PDF catalog for those who wish to stock their numismatic libraries with ongoing documentation of GFRC events. Anchor collections will also be receiving personalized paper catalog as a special memory of their collection sale.

Lot previewing will take place at the Spring Whitman Baltimore show held March 21-23, 2024 at GFRC booth #818. All lots will be available for inspection with the help of GFRC table staff.

Hopefully, inspecting the forthcoming images (when assembled and published) will be as much fun as bidding in the auction given the continuing GFRC photography improvements and the significance of this 100+ lot event. Please remember that GFRC is always here to help collectors with their divestment needs.


GFRC Online Auctions Proudly Presents

The Two Fine Gentlemen Auction Sale Highlights


Sooner Collection - Liberty Seated Half Dimes

1860 J-267 Transitional PCGS MS65 H10C

      1837 Small Date NGC MS62 CAC H10C                                                      1839-O NGC MS61 H10C              


   1841-O NGC MS61 CAC H10C                                                             1846 PCGS VF35 H10C     


   1848 Large Date ANACS AU50 H10C OWH                                             1853-O No Arrows PCGS EF40 H10C       


   1855-O PCGS MS62 CAC H10C                                                          1859 PCGS MS64 CAC H10C    


   1858-O NGC MS61 Gold CAC H10C Fatty                                                1863 NGC MS66 CAC H10C               


      1867 PCGS MS64 H10C                                                                1870 PCGS PR65 CAC H10C 


1837 Lg Date PCGS MS62 H10C           1838 No Drap PCGS MS62 CAC H10C OGH              1839 NGC MS63 H10C Fatty   


1840 No Drap NGC AU58 H10C             1840-O No Drap PCGS AU53 CAC H10C                      1842 NGC MS63 H10C      


1843 NGC AU58 CAC H10C Fatty               1843 PCGS AU50 CAC H10C Rattler                       1845 PCGS MS62 H10C       


1847 PCGS MS63 H10C Fatty                         1850 PCGS MS62 H10C OGH                           1851 NGC MS63 H10C       


               1852 NGC MS61 CAC H10C                            1852-O PCGS MS62 H10C             1853 Arrows NGC MS63 H10C Inverted Holder


    1854-O Arrows PCGS AU55 H10C                     1855 Arrows PCGS MS62 H10C                            1856 NGC MS61 H10C             


            1857-O NGC MS64 H10C Fatty                            1858 PCGS MS63 H10C                  1858 Over Inverted Date ANACS EF40 H10C


         1858 PCGS PR63 H10C                                  1859 PCGS PR62 H10C                              1859-O PCGS MS63 H10C       


  1860 ANACS MS62 H10C OWH                             1860 NGC PF63 H10C                                 1860-O NGC MS65 H10C       


 1861 PCGS MS62 CAC H10C                              1862 PCGS MS62 H10C                                 1862 NGC PF63 H10C         


                1868 NGC PF64 H10C                              1869 NGC MS61 H10C Fatty                        1871 PCGS MS64+ CAC H10C         


    1871-S ANACS MS61 H10C                                1872 PCGS MS62 H10C                                1872 PCGS PR64 H10C         


        1872-S BW PCGS MS64 H10C                           1873-S PCGS MS64 H10C         



About GFRC

GFRC has rapidly grown as a leading retailer of quality Early Silver Type, U.S. Gold, and now expanding into early 20th Century denominations. Our business model is consignment centric supporting more than 150 consignors who actively conduct collection duplicate divestments. Selling CAC approved coins is our primary mission and specialty.

Founded during early 2014, GFRC has been in continuous operation since that time. Our website previously garnered some of the highest industry rankings due to a dedicated numismatic community that constantly visits the many online applications. The Daily Blog is the go to link for daily new purchases and auction information. Unlike other smaller dealers, we offer a complete Sales and Auction Archive for complete transparency. The GFRC Open Set Registry provides collectors with a friendly venue for posting their collections. The GFRC Gallery showcases the past and present offerings of our top consignors.

GFRC is a well known fixture on the national coin show circuit. We exhibit at Whitman Baltimore, Winter and Summer FUN, Central States, and the Summer ANA World's Fair of Money. You will find GFRC at smaller regional shows consistent with our summer New England presence and winter snowbird status in Florida.


The Unique GFRC Integrated Service Approach

With the introduction of the GFRC's Online Auction service, clients have multiple sale approaches for their consigned coins.

- Regular Fixed Priced List Sales

- Online Auction Sales (Minimum consignment lot size and/or value requirement)

- A lot not selling at its Online Auction reserve price will automatically post to the price list at the reserve price.

- GFRC will not return consigned lots that do not meet reserves at Online Auctions due to the standard four month minimum consignment length requirement as part of GFRC regular policy. Requests for earlier returns of auction lots will be subject to 5% handling fee.


Online Auction Sale Terms & Conditions

GFRC auction sale Terms and Conditions are available by clicking here or the Terms & Conditions banner located at the top of this page. Your GFRC auction experience will be improved if carefully reading through all Terms & Conditions. Most potential questions, concerning the GFRC automated bidding application, will be answered if bidders take the time to read all facets of the Terms & Conditions.


The Bidding Process Using the GFRC's Online Auction Application

Online Auctions and the bidding process will be conducted through an automated bidding application specially developed for the GFRC portal. Auctions will be posted and conducted via auction table presentation and located at Bidders WILL NOT be assigned a bidder number for each auction in order to simplify the application's operation. Instead, bidders will supply their contact information during each bid placement. Each bid will be assigned a unique number for tracking purposes. Bidders will receive an email from that confirms their bid and documents the bid number. The bid number is important when checking on high bid status.


GFRC Online Auctions - The Online Auction Table

Following is a screen capture of the Online auction table. The format looks similar to a regular GFRC For Sale page price list table.

Please look carefully as there are three different auction statuses illustrated. The first example is an 1913-S Buffalo nickel that is queued for an upcoming auction that opens on October 12. The TPG number is available with a link back to the TPG website for checking certification. Reserves and high bids will be listed in the second to right column. The rightmost column communicates the lot's status and allows bidding.

On the second line, the 1917-D Standing Liberty quarter is currently available for bidding as an active auction. Bidding is accomplished by clicking on the shopping bag icon.

The final line in the table illustrates an 1825 Capped Bust half dollar that was part of a prior auction that is now closed. That lot did not meet the reserve.


GFRC Online Auctions - Three Auction Statuses Example


GFRC Online Auctions - Using the Bidding Screen

Clicking the shopping bag icon for a lot that is part of an active Online Auction brings about a lot bidding screen. The bidding screen is unique to that lot and presents a full description and TPG serial number. Lots are identified by TPG serial numbers or with GFRC inventory number for raw coins.

The next illustration showcases the auction lot's information including full description, reserve price, current high bid and bid number. There are three panels for entering information towards placing a bid. Bidding requires three pieces of information each time a bid is placed. .

- Name

- Email Address

- Max Bid

Once these three pieces of information are entered, please hit the Enter Bid button.

GFRC Online Auctions - Bidding Screen Example


Bidders will accurately enter the required information and select the Enter Bid button. A bid will be first checked for being valid. If not valid, an error message will be issued on the bidding screen. If the bid is valid, the bid will be acknowledged on a separate screen along with an email sent to the inputted email address indicating such.


GFRC Online Auctions - Email Bid Notification

All GFRC auction emails will be issued from "". The email captures the submitted name and acknowledges the maximum bid. Each bid is assigned a unique bid number. Please note that there are no bidder numbers assigned to clients. Again, each bid is assigned its unique tracking number. A link is provide to allow prompt return to the lot bidding screen which allows bidders to check if their unique bid number is the high bid.

Following is an illustration of typical Bid Notification email. Please note that the lot number is the full TPG serial number as extracted via bar code.

GFRC Online Auctions - Email Bid Notification