Astron Sprite

Kit# K-15

Free Kit Sticker

No Hang Tag - Pre Damon Era

Version 2 Red and Black Letters on White Facecard


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Designer: Gene Street

Production Years: 1965-1967

Retail Pricing Range: $0.75

Rarity: Very Rare

Description: Pre-Damon era Astron Sprite kit from mid 60's with a Free Kit sticker. I believe this kit variety style was produced from 1965 through 1967. The facecard is part of the instruction sheet. The facecard is illustrated with a black/white rocket image, the name "Astron Sprite" in red letters and a printed "price $.75". Kit number is shown as "Kit No. K-15" and is second version of the red and black letters facecard. Version 1 style used the kit number designation "Kit No. 641-K-15". Below is illustration of Version 1 and 2 style facecards. Please note the different kit numbers in the upper right corner.


Version 1 Kit No. 641-K-15                                            Version 2 Kit No. K-15    


The K-15 Sprite was designed to fly on Estes short engines.

The kit features a body tube, balsa nose cone, balsa pieces for fins, stabilizer ring, launch lug, and instructions.


Specifications: Length (5.3 in), Weight (0.3 oz), Diameter (0.765 in)

Recommended 13 mm Engines: 1/4A8-2S, 1/2A8-2S, 1/2A8-4S


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