Astron Scrambler

Kit# K-37

Transitional Kit

Yellow Hang Tag - Pre Damon Era

Red Two Panel Facecard with $4.25 Pricing - Damon Era


Images from eBay

Designer: Bill Simon

Production Years: Late 1969 into 1970

Retail Pricing Range: $4.25

Rarity: Very Rare

Description: Transitional Damon era Astron Scrambler rocket kit with yellow pre Damon hang tag and red two panel Damon era facecard. The facecard is typical double black frame design with gray Scrambler rocket on red/orange background. $4.25 pricing is shown in white letters on black oval.

This transitional kit was listed on eBay during June 10, 2012 and the auction was ended early so no kit value can be established due to a most likely private transaction. YORF member Earl Cagle, Jr. immediately posted on the Kit Collection Forum the appearance of this transitional kit and commented, "I guess these this kit must have been issued during the traditional period after the merger, probably sometime around September, 1969 or thereabouts."

The Astron Scrambler is a three 18mm engine clustered rocket designed to lift an egg payload and safely recover the unbroken contents with separate large parachutes for payload and main body.

The kit features one body tube, a balsa nose cone, a balsa adapter, a clear payload tube, two sheets balsa fin stock, 3 engine cluster mounting system, two 18" plastic parachutes, one launch lug and stand off, clustering technical report and instructions.

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Specifications: Length (23.5 in), Weight (2.8 oz), Body and Payload Diameter (1.637 in and 1.796 in)

Recommended 18 mm Engines: A8-3, B6-4, B14-5, C6-5


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