Estes Early "K" Kits– Collection Registry

Including No Hang Tag, Yellow PreDamon, Countdown and Yellow Post Damon Hang Tag only

Many BARs are quietly collecting vintage Estes kits due to fond memories of their earlier days with model rocketry hobby. Living through the US vs. Russia moon race period was exciting and many teenagers were experimenting with rocketry. Collecting a set of early K kits in gem condition is a formidable challenge. The field of model rocket kit collecting is not well established; therefore eBay is the primary source for vintage kits along with rocketry message boards such as that found at the Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe website.

This Estes "K" Kits registry is an new opportunity for BARs and serious Estes kit collectors to participate in a kit collection publishing forum and to highlight their prized early kits. The "K" kit collection features well known kits such as the Scout, Mark, Falcon and Gyroc to name a few. There are many rare kits in the set including the Invader (K-19), the first Apogee (K-5) and and the SPEV (K-59) along with others. Certain K kits are all time favorites and always under high demand on eBay; the Mars Snooper (K-20) being a prime example.

The first K Kit registry set will be easier to complete as all varieties of K kits are allowed as an acceptable entry. There K kits with no hang tag, the yellow preDamon with red rocket hang tag, the countdown hang tag and the yellow double oval post damon hang tag can all be included as an entry. The best average grade score possible is 3.0 if all kits are in gem condition. The highest set rating possible is 297.3 if all kits are listed and are all in gem preservation.

To submit your collection to the Estes "K" Kits registry all you have to do is download the input excel spreadsheet here. Please fill out the spreadsheet honestly based on the preservation criteria as listed on the Estes Database home page and return to me at

I will do my best to quickly post your set or recent updates quickly! Please remember that the Estes registry idea is a manual effort and will take a substantial amount of my time. Please be patient with me if you do not see your collection submission posted immediately.


Estes Early "K" Kits - The Top Collections


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The Gerry Fortin Collection  




February 12, 2010
The Template Collection          


% Completion: Number of kit entries divided by total entry requirement to complete a set; for Estes K Kits, 62 entries are required for a 100% completion.

Set Weighted Grade: The grade of each coin is multiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of the "rarity factors" for those coin entries in the set. The best score possible is 3.0.

Set Rating: The grade of each Estes kit is mutiplied by the "rarity factor", then summed and divided by the total of all "rarity factors" for a completed set. The best score possible is 297.3

Rarity Factor: The rarity assessment for each kit as defined on the Estes Database homepage.


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