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Good fortune we are taught,
Comes to those who toil and strain,
And work their whole life through.
I will not ever doubt that,
Because I’ve seen it happen,
And I believe that it is true.

They take a wife, and children,
And their fortune grows into yet a larger pile.
And I’ve seen when they come home from work at night,
And fall right into bed, each with a tired smile.
People toiling, struggling,
And enduring endless hours of strife,
To pick up that good fortune and have a better life.

And with that fortune they had gathered, near the very end,
They seemed to die of happiness,
With good fortune that they could not spend.

Well, as for me, it is so sad, for I have never worked or toiled,
And have had much too easy of a life,
I have never had good fortune,
Or had to go through any strife.

My life was filled, ----- with nature, art and culture,
And things like that I had to bear,
While those whom had good fortune got to suffer for their share.

My good friends now, unfortunately,
Are buried and quite dead,
I wish I had not won that lotto,
I could be with them instead.


Poetic Candy Consignment Part III - September 18, 2016

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Poetic Candy Collection Part II - April 15, 2016

United States Gold - 65% CAC Approval







Poetic Candy Collection Consignment - March 9, 2016

Proof Type Coins - 90% CAC Approval with 33% Gold CAC