Three Cent Nickels & Silvers

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Three Cent Silvers
3Cent Silver  1851 1851
AU55 raw
Original $165 Crusty Original, Thick Golden Patina, First Year of Issue. This is one of those coins that has two completely different personalities; in hand vs. bright light appearance. My images capture the crusty original surfaces that are so evident during in hand viewing. Once placed under bright light, the toning melts exposure ample luster and faint gold coloring. The reverse also adds some faint blue hues. This piece does have an old toned over line that starts that lower left rim, then through the date and into the right rim. This piece is ideal for a Dansco type set where strict originality is desired.
3Cent Silver  1851 1851
Choice $175 Choice Original, Well Struck, Residual Luster, Completely Blemish Free.. First year of issue and a lovely representative example. Surfaces are choice original with residual luster. Strike is uniform and bold with fully separated double outlines on obverse shield. Faint darker gold toning around the devices validates the strict originality. This piece is entirely blemish free. Housed in older blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. Accurately graded.
3Cent Silver  1852 1852
MS60 raw
Original $185 Strict Original, Cracked Dies, Obverse Rim Cud, Hamden Collection. Surfaces are mostly even light silver gray and strictly original. There is mint frost surrounding the legend and date and adequate bright light luster. Obverse die is heavily clashed with die crack through the date digits. There is also a small rim cud below the 85 digits that adds to the appeal. This 3 cent silver is another nice type offering from the Hamden collection. The assigned MS60 grade captures some faint reverse roller lines across III as made an one faint line on the middle numerical. Rims are razor sharp and mark free.
3Cent Silver  1852 1852
AU58 raw
Choice $180 New January 21! Choice Original, Silvery Gray Patina, Frosty Luster, Perfect Surfaces and Rims. Frosty cartwheel luster is immediately noted in this lovely 1852 3 cent silver piece. Rim are sharp with no marks whatsoever along with blemish free fields. Obverse has some light gray toning while the reverse is mostly brilliant. Evenly struck and fairly graded.
3Cent Silver  1853 1853
AU53 raw
Choice $175 Choice Original, Crusty Gray Patina, Well Struck. Locating solidly original silver 3 cent pieces takes considerable searching as many circulated example have issues. This example offers choice surfaces and rims that are covered with crusty gray patina. The obverse toning is thicker than the reverse as seen on the GFRC images. Please note the rims and the lack of any marks along with the uniform strike. Accurately graded also.
3Cent Silver  1854 1854
Choice $775 Choice Original, Bold Luster, Full Strike. I'm so pleased to offer this essentially perfect 1854 trime at the PCGS assigned MS63 grade level. Surfaces are strictly original and pristine. The luster is dramatic under bright light. This piece easily illustrates what original silver should look like after being well preserved and unmolested over 150 years. Housed on old blue label PCGS holder. CAC approval is a "no brainer" on this incredible piece.
3Cent Silver  1861 1861
EF40 raw
Cleaned $65 Massachusetts Collection, Gun Metal Gray, Obverse Tooling. Obverse has mild porosity and has been tooled around the date. Color is medium gray.
3Cent Silver  1862/1 1862/1
PCGS Rattler
Choice $675 New January 24! 1862/1 Overdate, Near Gem Original, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Light Golden Patina, Fully Struck with Heavy Die Clashing, Bradenton Estate. An impressive 1862/1 Philadelpha strike with gorgeous frosty cartwheel luster and light golden patina at the rims. Mintage for the date is 343,000 and the last "available" date before mintages dramatically plunged during 1863. The undertype 1 digit is easily seen but not captured on holder. This lovely 3 cent silver is fully struck from heavily clashed dies. Housed in PCGS Rattler holder and completely fresh to market from Bradenton estate. Part of an estate located in Bradenton, Florida bank box and steered to GFRC for disbursement. Fresh CAC approval was expected due to conservative grading, perfect originality and substantial eye appeal.
Three Cent Nickels
3Cent Nickel  1881 1881
Original $180 Mirrored Fields, No Technical Issues, Decent Eye Appeal, Malvern Collection. Later date proof with mintage of 3,575. Subdued luster is the primary reason for the PR62 assigned grade rather than technical issue. Adding a light source reveal reveals unblemished mirrored fields with a hint of gold. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A nice value offering from the Malvern Collection.
3Cent Nickel  1884 1884
Original $200 Proof Strike, Light Wear, Obverse Planchet Delamination, Fairly Graded, Malvern Collection. This proof strike has seen circulation and spots light wear on the major devices. A nearly horizontal delamination streak across the lower bust is visible under 10x loupe and on the GFRC images. Housed in new large font NGC holder. From the Malvern Collection.