Draped and Capped Bust Quarters

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Variety attributions (B) and rarity are as listed in Browning, A.W. The Early Quarter Dollars of the United States, 1796-1838, updated by Walter Breen 1992, Bowers and Merena Galleries.

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Draped Bust
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Capped Bust
Capped Bust  1820 1820
Small 0
EF Details PCGS
Market Acceptable $1350 Small 0, Attractive Appearance, Blue-Gray, Steely Reflective Fields, West Texas Collection. What does a poor collector do when a Details opinion arrives on an attractive early type coin. This 1820 B-4 quarter certainly has strong presentation and is attractive. Fields are steely reflective under angled lighting. Devices are lightly worn with ample remaining details. Coloration seems to be the issued that bothered the PCGS grader. Obverse toning is bluish-gray with copper at the periphery while the reverse is lighter toned with aquamarine surrounded by brownish-gold. A 10x review located the obverse die rust pits but no hairlines or porosity. I've gone with GFRC Market Acceptable rating as Cleaned is too harsh. Price accordingly. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with Altered Surfaces - EF Detail opinion and Small 0 attribution.
Capped Bust  1821 1821
Choice $825 Crusty Rose-Gray Patina, Choice Surfaces, Open Collar Type Candate, Lakeland Collection. Consignor Price Reduction. Locating strictly original open collar Capped Bust quarters is most challenging as the majority has been subjected to various types of mistreatments or enhancements. The Lakeland Collection is releasing a choice 1821 B-3 specimen that warrants careful scrutiny. Why? This example is 100% original with even wear and crusty rose-gray toning that is consistent on both sides. A 10x inspection also reveals unabraded surfaces. A well preserved survivor that should please the new owner. Housed in ANACS old white holder.
Capped Bust  1824/2 1824/2

Choice $1475 Near-Gem Preservation, Gray with Peripheral Gold, Notable Eye Appeal. A single die pair struck only 16,000 quarters dated 1824. There are no Mint records of any deliveries during that year, therefore researchers believe the issue was included in the final deliver of 1823. CAC has approved 58 in all grades with most in lower circulated grades. This new example garners a near-gem quality rating was the surfaces are very well preserved while bright light coloration is superb. Natural coin gray toning provide a contrasting backdrop for peripheral golds. The reverse is quite special with its center rose hues. If you wish to own lower grade early quarters with the all important green bean, this coin is for you. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) holder with CAC approval.
Capped Bust  1825/4/2 1825/4/2
Original $850 Peripheral Rainbow Toning, Steely Reflective Surfaces, Bart Chapman Collection.. Typical of the Bart Chapman Collection is this 1825/4/2 Capped Bust quarter with colorful peripheral toning. GFRC images accurately capture the in-hand appearance while exposure to a bright light melts away the darker shades to reveal aquamarine and copper-gold on the obverse with heighten gold on the reverse. Fields present a steely texture with angled lighting radiance. This lot appears to have been dipped and placed into long term storage in an old paper album before being certified. Housed in new large font NGC holder. The NGC label does not call out the 1825/4/2 overdate.
Capped Bust  1831 1831
Large Letters
Choice HOLD
Large Letters, Better Die Pairing, Natural Coin Gray, Choice Surfaces. A pleasing 1831 JR-6 closed collar struck quarter with natural coin gray patina. Steely fields are well preserved and unabraded. The JR-6 die pairing is attributed by bold repunching on the second 1 digit in the date along with a large 25C and long arrows on the reverse. A wholesome example that would be ideal for type. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert.
Capped Bust  1831 1831
Small Letters
Choice $385 New January 17! Crusty Gray Toning, Choice Surfaces, Typical Strike. "Crusty" immediately comes to mind when first viewing this well preserved 1831 B-2 Capped Bust quarter. The obverse skin is quite thick and forms an undisturbed layer across devices and fields. The lighter toned reverse offers steely luster and golden overtones. There are a few well hidden field marks seen with a 10x. A solid piece that warrants a GFRC-Choice quality rating. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder. A new buyback that returns to the price list.
Capped Bust  1835 1835

Gem $2750 New February 9! Exceptional Eye Appeal, Sparkling Frosted Luster, Amazing Gem. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousands words is certainly applicable for this exceptionally toned 1835 B-2 Capped Bust quarter. Though solid, the images only hint at the sparkling frosted luster that is consistent on both sides. Under a bright light, the peripheral blues are quite transparent to the underlying surfaces that brings on gobs of frosted radiance. Cartwheels are equally impressive. There is rub on the cheek and on the highest reverse wing points. In-hand viewing at a coin show is recommend and will lead to a purchase as this piece is difficult to put down once examined under a bright light. Obviously priced at the lower Mint State due to the differentiated eye appeal. But then again I paid close to the offer price to secure. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Capped Bust  1835 1835
Choice HOLD
New February 20! B-8, Very Scarce Die Marriage, Choice Surfaces, Gun Metal Gray Patina, Bold Die Cracks ST(ATES). A much better 1835 die marriage with speculation that B-8 was struck after 1837 B-3 and B-4. Rarity rating is a challenging R4+ for the die variety collector. This example is perfectly original with even gray surfaces and essentially blemish free for being in circulation. Strike is uniform and pleasing. Accurately graded and housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder. CAC approval is more icing on the cake as can't imagine there are that many B-8 examples known with a CAC bean. Previously from the Running Boar Collection and now returning as a GFRC buyback.