Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Dollars

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Flowing Hair (1794 - 1795)
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.
Draped Bust (1795 - 1803)
Draped Bust  1800 1800
Wide Date, Low 8
BB-190, B-10
Original HOLD
New December 3! Wide Date, Low 8 Digit, Strictly Original, Dirty Gray Patina, Steely Fields, Well Preserved, Blemish Free, Accurately Graded . Steely gray surfaces immediately catch one's attention on this strictly original 1800 BB-190 Draped Bust dollar. BB-190 is listed separately in the PCGS price guide as "Wide Date, Low 8" die variety. The die variety is not attributed on the holder. Strike is quite uniform and the eye appeal is there on this nicely circulated example. Housed in PCGS old blue label holder with standard ring insert. Priced below bid as taken in on a trade and working a small profit margin this time around.
Draped Bust  1801 1801

Original HOLD
Original Medium Gray Surfaces, Uniform Strike, Accurately Graded, Osprey Collection. A strictl original piece with uniform gun metal gray patina throughout obverse and reverse. Strike is typical with some obverse stars and upper hair details being a tad weak. Many old time dealers would not approve with using a 10x loupe to inspect a dollar sized coin for defects. Since I only have one size loupe for all denominations, my inspection tends to be critical for large pieces. In this case, I was unable to locate a blemish to note in the description. Overall, an accurately graded just through PCGS grading and housed in their new 2015 style PCGS holder. A quality piece from the Osprey Collection.
Draped Bust  1803 1803
Small 8
BB-254 B-4
Original HOLD
New December 3! Small 8, Near Choice Original, Golden Cameo Contrast, Well Struck, Blemish Free, Nice Eye Appeal for Grade. What about the eye appeal on this 1803 Small 8 Draped Bust half? Circulated cameo is all there and results from darker devices that constrast so well against the lighter fields. Usually circulated cameo silver coinage is found with the opposite phase contrast; light devices against darker fields. GFRC images are 100% color accurate. Obverse toning has more embedded orange while the reverse is brownish gold. Surfaces are blemish free and well preserved. Housed in PCGS old green holder with of course, a standard ring insert. Small 8 is designated on holder label.
Draped Bust  1803 1803
Small 3
B-4 BB-254
Choice HOLD
New November 11! Choice Original, Walnut-Gray Patina, Circulated Cameo Eye Appeal, Abrasion Free Surfaces, Superior for Grade. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A new purchase from the NH Coin Expo with images shortly. This lovely example will not last long.