Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Dollars

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Flowing Hair (1794 - 1795)
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Draped Bust (1795 - 1803)
Draped Bust  1796 1796
Small Eagle
EF40 raw
Cleaned New Price
Small Date, Large Letters, Uniform Light Gray, Long Ago Clean, Blueberry Cove Collection. Actually, a decent small eagle reverse example with light gray overall appearances from a long ago cleaning. Mintage for the 1796 date is a low 79,920 with most halves some sort of technical issue. Strike is uniform. Faint hairlines are seen on both obverse and reverse under 10x loupe. From the Blueberry Cove Collection
Draped Bust  1797 1797
Small Eagle
BB-71, B-3
Original New Price
10x6 Stars, Original Olive Gray Patina, Nice Circulated Cameo Eye Appeal, Blueberry Cove Collection. Please don't make an early judgment on this nice original 1797 Small Eagle, 10X6 Stars example. Field are covered with attractive olive gray patina that provides a circulated cameo appearance give the ligher main devices. Overall strike is well executed with round stars and crisp hair curls. The obverse is entirely blemish free while the reverse has a slightly lighter color and a few micro blemishes in the fields. Die variety is B-3, BB-71 with small date and large reverse letters. I believe this piece will cross to a major TPG and may try at the FUN show for the consignor. Housed in SEGS holder and fairly priced.
Draped Bust  1799 1799
8x5 Stars
VF25 raw

Cleaned New Price
8x5 Stars, Old Clean, Reverse Punch Mark, Blueberry Cove Collection. 8x5 Stars variety. Well balance device details are seen on obverse and reverse. Surfaces exhibits remnants of an old cleaning resulting in uniform light gray coloring as the silver slowly retones. There is also a small reverse punch at 3:00 that has lightly disturb the corresponding obverse area. This fact is not well captured in the GFRC images but is seen under bright light. An R4 variety from the Blueberry Cove Collection.
Draped Bust  1799 1799
F15 raw
BB-168, B-22
Cleaned New Price
Important B-22 Bisecting Reverse Die Break, Cleaned, Blueberry Cove Collection. A challenging R5 die variety with bisecting reverse die break that is quite dramatic. There is ample remaining details however the surfaces have been cleaned and now recovering with mottled gray/brown coloring. This piece also has a slight bend along the 7:00 to 1:00 axis. From the Blueberry Cove Collection. Offers welcomed.
Draped Bust  1799 1799

Cleaned New Price
AU Details, Net VF30, Damaged. Blueberry Cove Collection. Ample details at the AU50 grade level but with a reverse circular punch at the bottom of the left arrows. The punch is deep and has resulted in obverse deformation above Liberty's head. Housed in old white ANACS holder with a net grade of VF30 assigned. Definitely lots of remaining device details on this example. From the Blueberry Cove Collection. Offers welcomed
Draped Bust  1800 1800
VG8 raw
Wide Date
Original $950 Wide Date, Original, Uniform Gray Patina, Great Type Coin. An attractive example with uniform gray fields and rose hues covering the major devices. Wear is consistent with VG grade. Rim integrity is strong with some strike weakness on the far left obverse rim. Reverse shield is close to being completely defined. There is one rim mark on the reverse at 4:30 which is ancient and provides some additional character.
Draped Bust  1801 1801

Original $2450 Original Medium Gray Surfaces, Uniform Strike, Accurately Graded, Osprey Collection. A strictl original piece with uniform gun metal gray patina throughout obverse and reverse. Strike is typical with some obverse stars and upper hair details being a tad weak. Many old time dealers would not approve with using a 10x loupe to inspect a dollar sized coin for defects. Since I only have one size loupe for all denominations, my inspection tends to be critical for large pieces. In this case, I was unable to locate a blemish to note in the description. Overall, an accurately graded just through PCGS grading and housed in their new 2015 style PCGS holder. A quality piece from the Osprey Collection.
Draped Bust  1802/1 1802/1
Close Date
B-1 BB-231
Gem $19000 Gem Original, Giun Metal Gray, Golden Luster, Perfect Surfaces, Fully Struck, Denver Collection. A magnificent offering from the Denver Collection that must be enjoyed by viewing in hand to fully appreciate preservation state and overall beauty. The Denver Collection is a new GFRC consignor. His first offering is a substantial 1802/1 Draped Bust dollar graded PCGS AU55 with CAC approval. This is no ordinary or run of the mill Draped Bust dollar. Rather it is an absolute gem with perfectly original surfaces throughout. Then there is the golden cartwheel luster that tickles the eyes...wow! The base toning is light transparent gray with rich golden hues at the rims. A CoinFacts review indicates (15) graded in AU55 and (11) in AU58 but where are they since no auction records exist for either grade? In mint state, this overdate become very rare with mid five digit to low six digit pricing. How can you go wrong with this Denver Collection example given the superior eye appeal, luster and CAC approval? Strike is also well executed with rounded stars and uniform reverse devices. For variety specialists, this piece is the B-1, BB-231 Close Date variety. Housed in older blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert and conservatively graded.
Draped Bust  1803 1803
Large 3
B-6, BB-255
Original $8750 New May 29! Mirrored Fields, Bold Strike, Accurately Graded, ANACS 1994 Photo Proof, Winesteven Collection. An important GFRC offering of an 1803 Large 3 Bolen-6, BB-255 draped bust dollar that was previously encapsulated by ANACS during 1996 with four page Photo Proof documentation. At the time of certification, this choice circulated example was tied for finest at the AU53 grade level at ANACS. The following description was taken directly from the ANACS Photo Proof, "Boldly struck, this example also retains nearly its full luster and rivals the appearance of a Min State coin. Surfaces are remarkaby clean for such a large piece. Diagnostically, numerals 0 and 3 in the date are repunched, and two large die cracks may seen at the eagle's right wingtip. After 1800, silver dollars began to disappear from circulation with many being shipped overseas or melted for silver bullion content. Crossed by the Winesteven Collection collection consignor into current PCGS 2014 generation holder.