Patterns, Flying Eagle, Indian Head and Lincoln Cents

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Flying Eagle
Flying Eagle 1C 1857 1857
Choice HOLD
New September 30! Glowing Frosted Luster, Orange-Brown Coloration, Bold Strike, Near-Gem, Westend Avenue Collection. The fact that the Flying Eagle design was a short lived issue probably explains its constant demand as a type coin. Struck for high volume circulation for only two years if one ignores the rare 1856 proof strikes. The Westend Collection is back with more of his top of the ladder releases including this near-gem 1857 cent. Bright light viewing brings about glowing frosted luster with orange-brown centers and peripheral orange and yellow copper gold. Strike is fully impressed along with unabraded surfaces. The GFRC images are woefully inadequate in terms of illustrating the "just minted" natural beauty that this piece offers. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert and CAC approval.
Flying Eagle 1C 1857 1857
Original $485 Orange-Rose Shades, Near-Choice, Emerald Isle Collection. Light orange-rose toning nicely decorates this 1857 Flying Eagle cent during angled lighting review. Strike is soft on the tail feathers. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert.
Indian Head
Indian 1C 1863 1863
Gem $725 Perfect Copper-Nickel Type, Gem Original, Mountaineer Collection. An exceptional 1863 copper-nickel Indian that could easily be a showcase piece in a Mint State type set. An unquestionable gem with radiant frosted luster that is truly brilliant to the eyes. Strike is sharp for the date with bold feathers but partial diamonds. Reverse fields are partially mirrored, yet another reason to purchase. CAC approval is the icing on the cake. Fairly priced and highly recommended. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert.
Indian 1C 1864 1864
L on Ribbon
S-6 Choice $1150 Near-Gem, Newtown Collection. Sea-green, burnt orange, and navy patina liberally drapes the obverse of this With L Indian cent. The reverse exhibits mixed red and brown color throughout with russet shades around C(ENT). Fields are lightly mirrored with steely luster, and the overall flash easily penetrates the thick skin. Housed in a Gen 4.0 (1998-2002) holder with Eagle Eye Photo Seal approval and certificate card.
Indian 1C 1864 1864
Copper Nickel
Choice $765 Near-Gem Copper Nickel Type, Steely Reflective Luster, Complete Strike, CAC Approval. A fully struck and unabraded 1864 copper nickel Indian cent that would be ideal for a type set. Steely reflective luster from partially mirrored fields is revealed during bright light inspection. Totally wholesome and attractive. Housed in old NGC holder with standard ring insert and the coverted CAC green bean approval.
Indian 1C 1864 1864
Copper Nickel
Choice $300 Copper Nickel Type, Bold Strike, Late Die State Reverse, Steely Luster. 1864 brought a metallurgical transition for Indian cents. Initial production continued with copper-nickel planchets and was replaced with a new bronze alloy that improved striking outcomes. This nice 1864 cent is from the earlier planchet type and comes with a full obverse strike. The reverse strike is also strong through the die is well aged with a long die crack from 9:00 to the shield. Angled lighting reveals satiny luster that is to be expected given the worn dies. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder.
Indian 1C 1869 1869
Choice $575 Rarest Date In All Grades, Lower Mintage, Rich Brown Toning. Consignor Buyout - Price Reduction. 1869 Indian cents are presently in strong demand as one of the rarest dates in the series. The 1869 date is part of the low mintage 1869 through 1872 group with low mintages that command strong premiums. This offering is a near-gem at the assigned grade. Surfaces are toned a uniform chocolate brown with verdigris limited to the date digits and extreme edges of the reverse wreath. This piece fully warrants its CAC green bean. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder.
Indian 1C 1871 1871
Gem $2850 Important Semi-Key Indian Date, Attractive Red-Brown, Gem Original, Osprey Collection. This new offering from the Osprey Collection is certainly important as true gem 1871 Indian cents are downright challenging! This example features medium brown surfaces with orange tinted luster under angled lighting. Both sides are completely struck and offer Gem quality that will appeal to the serial Indian cent collector. The CAC Red-Brown approved population is limited to only 27 pieces with 3 finer. A statistic that is worth noteworking during purchase evaluation. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Indian 1C 1871 1871
Bold N
Choice $785 Semi-Key Date, Thick Chocolate-Brown Skin, Well Struck, CAC Approval. A low mintage issue with suggestions that a portion of the mintage was melted during the mid to late 1870s. This semi-key date offering is superb for the grade and a near-gem. Surfaces are covered with a uniform chocolate-brown "skin". Fields are unabraded with some light verdigris surrounding the reverse motifs. I'm going with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation given the overall eye appeal. Ideal for a very selective AU58 CAC collector. Housed in new NGC large font holder with CAC approval.
Indian 1C 1871 1871
Choice $750 New October 4! Semi-Key Date, Conservative Grading, Choice Original, Golden-Brown Coloration, Port Matilda Collection. Consignor Buyout - Price Reduction - When first inspecting this 1871 Indian with a 10x, the first question was where is the rub? This certified AU55 is conservatively graded at least to AU58. Surfaces have a golden-brown coloration along with being absolutely pristine. Strike is also hammered to round out the superlatives. I'm going with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation for this semi-key date Indian. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval.
Indian 1C 1872 1872
Choice $650 Challenging Date, Choice Original, Wisconsin Collection.. The 1872 Indian cent is one of the keys to series, not quite at the level of the 1877 cent, but solidly residing in the next tier. This example exhibits woodgrain effect throughout, as the remaining red color contrasts with the primary brown shade. Marks are minimal, with high point wear as expected, at the ribbon bow and center hair curl. The CAC census notes 142 pieces in all grades combined. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.5 (2012-2013) holder with CAC approval.
Indian 1C 1875 1875
Gem $1785 Gem Original, Blazing Red Cartwheel Luster, Blemish Free, Accurately Graded, Sunset Point Collection. A stunning 1875 Indian cent with blazing red-orange cartwheel luster. Mint frost is spread throughout the obverse and reverse dies and equally across main devices and fields. Pricing this 1875 cent in an old white ANACS holder is challenging as collectors wish to have the assurance of PCGS or NGC. Frankly, I believe this Indian cent will be scooped up at the next major show by a crack out dealer. Purchased nearly two decades ago and quietly off the market in a bank box. From the Sunset Point Collection of fine numismatic properties. Price to sell.
Indian 1C 1875 1875
Choice $125 Important Date, Choice Crusty Surfaces, Natural Chocolate Brown. Very choice with natural surfaces including light verdigris. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Indian 1C 1876 1876
Gem $1615 Brilliant Copper-Orange Luster, Gem Original, Ex. Eric P Newman Collection 2014 Sale, Port Matilda Collection. Following a spike in 1874 and 1875, Indian cent production declined again in 1876 to fewer than 8 million pieces due to reduced commerce demand. This production reduction culminated in the following year, in 1877, when fewer than 900,000 were coined. This gem example displays glowing coppery-orange luster amid faint hues of pale burgundy color. The strike is bold, and the preservation is excellent. Previously offered and housed in 2014 NGC Eric P. Newman brown label holder with CAC approval.
Indian 1C 1879 1879
Choice $400 New October 4! Copper-Orange, Frosted Orange Luster, Near Gem Original, Port Matilda Collection. Consignor Buyout - Price Reduction. Ex. Iowa Collection. An old friend returns to GFRC by way of a consignor with recent buyout. This near-gem 1879 Indian presents frosted orange luster when exposed to angled lighting. In-hand viewing is a lovely copper-orange. Fully struck with unabraded surfaces. A little bolder luster would push this piece to full gem certification. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Indian 1C 1881 1881
Gem $1750 Reflective Gem, Pristine Crisp Mirrors, Nearly Full Red. GFRC is not yet known for stocking gorgeous proof Indian cents. I get that. However, this new 1881 Proof 66RB is certainly a step in the right direction! Reflective luster explodes off the intense mirrored fields without a single visual distraction. Strike is deeply impressed and terribly pleasing. Hopefully, more proof Indian of this premium quality level will be coming to the price list shortly. In the meantime, this one is available for a new home. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 Dupont hologram holder with CAC approval. CAC population is 25 at the grade with only two finer. Seems that the offer priced at CAC CDN guide is more than fair in today's robust market.
Indian 1C 1898 1898
Misplaced Date
FS-402 Choice $125 Misplaced 9 in Denticles, Reddish-Brown Patina, Crusty Original, Twin Lakes Collection. A cool Indian cent die variety with the top of a 9 digit protruding from the denticles below the final 9 punch. Reddish-brown surfaces are choice and crusty original. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with MPD FS-402 S-5 attribution on the label.
Indian 1C 1902 1902
Choice $85 New August 23! Reddish-Brown Coloration, Vibrant Cartwheels, Premium Eye Appeal at Grade. No junky Indian cents here as this 1902 offering is most pleasing. Reddish-brown coloration and frosted luster are readily apparent with angled lighting as are the active cartwheels. Strike is complete and surfaces are unabraded. A bit more luster brilliance would push this piece into a higher grade but the brown toning is a limitation. Overall a solid piece at a fair price. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Indian 1C 1907 1907
Choice $75 Premium Eye Appeal, Accurately Grading, Full Strike.. No long description is required at this price point. GFRC images for this choice 1907 Indian cent accurately capture its beauty and pristine surfaces. Strike is complete. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2021) holder.
Indian 1C 1908S 1908-S
Choice HOLD
Low Mintage San Francisco Date, Even Brown Patina, Choice Surfaces. 1908 San Francisco strikes are the third lowest mintage in the Indian Head cent series and remain popular. CAC approval always elevates a specimen for having original surfaces and being choice. Wear on the high points is limited. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval.
Indian 1C 1908S 1908-S
Choice $165 Better San Francisco Date, Uniform Chocolate Brown Toning, Choice Surfaces. A better date 1908-S Indian cent that has been well preserved. Both sides are toned a rich chocolate brown. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Indian 1C 1908S 1908-S
Original $185 Popular San Francisco Date, Chocolate Brown Patina, Fairly Graded. A popular San Francisco date that is in constant demand. Original surfaces are toned a consistent chocolate brown. A single contact mark holds this Indian cent from a choice quality rating. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder. Please note that the old holder is scuffy with any line being on the holder and not the coin.
Indian 1C 1909 1909
Gem $735 Low PCGS Population, Full Red, Complete Strike, Eagle Eye Photo Seal. A low population 1909 Indian cent with full red certification and sought after MS65+ grade given price jumps at MS66 and MS67 levels. Frosted surfaces emit a pretty glow consistent with gem designation. A careful 10x loupe inspection revealed a single "lint mark" below ST(A)TES otherwise the surfaces are perfect. Strike is complete with just a touch of weakness at the date. Diamonds are fully impressed. A quality offering for the sophisticated collector. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
Lincoln Cent
Lincoln 1C 1918S 1918-S
Choice $285 New September 17! Red-Brown, Satiny Luster, Choice Surfaces, Lakeland Collection. A choice 1918 San Francisco struck Lincoln cent with excellent preservation. Struck from heavily worn dies leading to metal flow fields and satiny luster. Surfaces are choice and unabraded. Lastly, this piece is housed in an infrequently seen first generation ANACS old white holder with alphanumeric serial number. Overall a quality offering from the Lakeland Collection.
Lincoln 1C 1921S 1921-S
Choice $295 New September 17! Classic Red-Brown Toning, Choice Original, Lakeland Collection. Classic red-brown toning and frosted luster are readily evident on this 1921-S Lincoln. Accurately graded and well preserved with choice surfaces. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Lincoln 1C 1928D 1928-D
Choice $150 Charming Eye Appeal, Peripheral Violet Toning, Twin Lakes Collection. Beautifully toned with center red-copper surrounded by a peripheral violet ring. Reverse shades is lighter. Well worth the offer price given above average eye appeal. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.1 (2002-2003) holder.
Lincoln 1C 1931D 1931-D
Gem $395 New September 17! Red-Brown, Brilliant Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Gem Original, Lakeland Collection. A lovely gem 1931-D Lincoln cent arrives to the price list courtesy of the Lakeland Collection. This example exhibits brilliant luster and swirling cartwheels. Coloration is copper-orange. GFRC images accurately capture the surface conditions and overall eye appeal. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder.
Lincoln 1C 1931S 1931-S
Choice $220 Popular Date, Brilliant Red Luster, Choice Surfaces, Oregon Beaver Collection. One of the dates that penny roll searchers would be thrilled to locate. This 1931-S Lincoln retains much of its original red coloring along with offering brilliant luster. Fully struck with some obverse speckled gray toning. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2021) holder.