Gobrecht, Liberty Seated and Trade Dollars

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Gobrecht Dollars
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Liberty Seated Dollars
Seated $1 1840 1840
$750 Original Gray, First Year of Issue, Accurately Graded, Union Bridge Collection. The Union Bridge consignor offers many strictly original pieces and this lovely 1840 Seated dollar is one of the better coins. Original silver with honest wear should be dull in appearance with a uniform layer of thick gray patina. May I introduce this 1840 example that meets those requirements? Surfaces and rims are blemish free under a 10x loupe inspection. Norm Pullen of Maine Gold & Silver (one of the first PCGS graders) has scolded me on several occasions for placing a 10x loupe on dollar coins! This must mean that my inspections are on the critical side for GFRC customers. Housed in older PCGS blue label holder. A strictly original and wholesome first year Seated dollar that warrants consideration.
Seated $1 1842 1842
Original $795 New March 19! Original Crusty Gray Patina, Early Issue, Conservative Grading, Saco River Collection. A third year of issue strike with mintage of 184,618. Surfaces are fully natural and cover with thick crusty gray patina. Strike is uniform with no point of weakness. Conservatively graded and housed in 2013 transition PCGS holder with blue label and edge view insert. From the Saco River Collection.
Seated $1 1843 1843
Original $1450 Original Gun Metal Gray with Golden Hues. Flashy Luster, Accurately Graded, Peak Collection. This lovely 1843 Philadelphia strike has dual personalities. When viewed straight on (GFRC photography as an example), the surfaces appear even medium gray with mottled rose at the lower right gown and base. Adding a light source brings about gold, rose and light blue coloring bands throughout the obverse while the reverse is a solid mixture of transparent rose and gold. Strike is typical while the fields are lightly mirrored. Housed in older blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. A quality offering from the Peak Collection at a difficult grade level.
Seated $1 1844 1844
VF35 raw
Original $825 Double Die Obverse, Misplaced Date, Original Gray, Burchs Creek Collection. Surfaces are strictly original with uniform gun metal gray patina. This is a better variety with obvious die doubling along the right shield edge and above the scroll along with a misplaced top loop of 8 digit in the lower gown. Blemishes are to a minimum with only a minor rim anomaly at 2:00pm that needs to be pointed out. Mintage is only 20,000 pieces.
Seated $1 1845 1845
EF45 raw
Original $1200 Crusty Original, Gun Metal Gray, Burchs Creek Collection. A strictly original example with thick crusty gray patina. Off the market for years and now being offered in raw condition for those who still collect and store coins in Dansco albums. Essentially blemish free with solid rims. Mintage is a meager 24,500 pieces. Accurately graded and desirable.
Seated $1 1846 1846
Choice $725 Choice Original, Gun Metal Gray, CAC Candidate, Seal Beach Collection. A strictly original example with uniform gun metal gray patina that should have a decent chance for CAC approval. Strike is nearly full with only stars 10 and 11 having unconnected centrils. This is a top quality specimen with no blemishes and so typical of the coins found in the Seal Beach collection. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with serial number 33168850. My images have typical light reflections that produce a dark area at Liberty's head and upper body. The toning on this lovely seated dollar is uniform and attractive.
Seated $1 1846 1846
AU50 raw
Market Acceptable $785 Light Gray, Bold Devices, Maine Collection. Housed in Wayte Raymond album for decades and fresh to market. Obverse is toned a light to medium gun metal gray with some darker shades at the stars and date. The reverse is a pristine even steel gray with bold eagle. Strike is better than average with nearly all star centrils defined along with all eagle feathers and claw details. I believe this piece was wiped a long, long time ago and has retoned while in the Wayte Raymond album. The obverse exhibits some subtle rose and blues under bright light while the reverse features some soft gold coloring. Priced at slightly under PCGS guide EF45 money.
Seated $1 1846O 1846-O
Original $3950 Eye Appeal, Proof Like, Virginia Collection. An above average example after reviewing Heritage Archive sales results for past five years. This attractive dollar is even white with reflective proof like fields. Mint frost throughout Liberty's gown and reverse eagle wings is evident with little disturbance other than a blemish on the lower leg/knee. When rotating under light, the fields and main devices reflect light without any marks or disturbances that would detract. Definitely a special inclusion into an advanced set dollar set. The images indicate the dollar is lightly toned but this is not the case. Again the dollar is even white with PL fields and uniform color. Housed in old NGC holder.
Seated $1 1847 1847
Original $600 Near Choice Original, Mottled Gray Patina, Conservative Grading, West Texas Collection. A lovely 1847 Philadelphia strike dollar piece with its original skin, unlike 90% of Seated dollars that one will find on the market in upper circulated grades. Collecting Liberty Seated dollars can be challenging as many surviving specimens are ugly, repaired, or cleaned. The toning on this example is somewhat mottled gray with orange gold hues and definitely an offering for fans of strict originality. There is plenty of residual luster during bright light viewing, especially on the reverse. Wear is minimal with the grading being conservative. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A quality offerings from the West Texas Collection that should receive consideration at the asking price. I've seen much worst for same or higher monies.
Seated $1 1847 1847
EF40 raw
Original $485 Flashy Residual Luster, Probably Original, Olive Gray Toning, Conservative Grading, West Texas Collection. Ok, I'm being tough on this 1847 Seated dollar from the West Texas Collection when saying "probably original". Surfaces are toned over gray/olive patina while bright light viewing exposes gun metal blues in the field. I've not seen olive toning on Seated dollar before as most come with a steely gun metal gray/blue patina when original. Rims and mark free while the reverse has a few stray field lines that are toned over and not distracting. This dollar performs well during bright light viewing with the in hand patina melting and exposing mostly blues on the obverse and reverse fields. Attractive priced.
Seated $1 1847 1847
Choice $1500 Choice Original, Frosty Luster, Woodlands Collection. From the Woodlands collection comes this strictly original early Liberty Seated dollar with frosty silver luster. Mint frost can be seen around the stars and in protected device areas. Strike is nearly complete with full head/hair details but stars 10 through 13 not have fully connected centrils. There are a few tiny ticks seen with a 10x loupe inspection but none detracting. CAC approval is warranted for the obvious originality. Housed in 2013 generation blue label PCGS holder with edge view insert. Updated photography technique and improved images effective May 17, 2016.
Seated $1 1859O 1859-O
VF35 raw
Cleaned $495 Light Gray, Old Clean, Hanes Park Collection. Surfaces are retoning nicely after a long ago cleaning. The obverse offers darker gray shares while the reverse remains mostly light silver gray. Reverse strike is well executed while the obverse has stars that lack connected centrils. Ample device details remain at this grade level. There are no blemishes to discuss as the surface and rims are all mark free.
Seated $1 1860O 1860-O
Original $2900 Original Flashy Frosty Luster, Accurately Graded, Union Bridge Collection. Ok, I need to make a confession...this is the first mint state Seated dollar handled by GFRC. I've sold several mint state Trade Dollars and now moving quickly into Liberty Seated dollars as so much fun to explore new denominations. This piece is a fitting start though well known to be a common date in high grades after several bags of 1859-O and 1860-O date examples were released by the U.S. Mint from their banks vaults. One immediately appreciates the bold flashy luster that is strictly original. I doubt that this dollar has ever been dipped as the frosty luster is bold. The assigned MS62 grade is to be expected due to some bag marks as is seen on most mint state examples. Housed in older PCGS blue label holder with standard ring insert.
Seated $1 1860O 1860-O
Original New Price
Original, Gun Metal Gray Patina, Accurately Graded, Burch Creek Collection.
Seated $1 1860O 1860-O
AU53 raw
Original $695 Original Gun Metal Gray Patina, Osprey Collection. An incredibly original 1860 New Orleans Seated dollar with crusty original gray patina. It is well known that the majority of 1860-O dollars are seen with bags marks and untoned or lightly toned resulting in a generally unattractive appearance. This raw example originated from Europe and has minimum wear. There are some light chatter in the reverse field under the legend that is fully toned over otherwise a choice original piece. I believe the assigned grade is accurate.
Seated $1 1870 1870
EF45 raw
Market Acceptable $695 Light Gun Metal Gray, Blemish Free. Locating quality Seated dollars does take some searching. Luckily, this light gray example arrived as a consignment and makes a fine addition to the price list. In hand, this dollar features a transparent layer of light gun metal gray patina. But under bright light, the toning melts leaving faint gold over reflective fields and devices. There are no blemishes whatsoever. You are invited to check CoinFacts and auction records during the last three years for this date. The review will be surprising as so major ugly dipped out examples are in TPG holders.
Seated $1 1871 1871
EF45 raw
Market Acceptable $525 Original Gray, Southern Maine Collection. A wholesome Liberty Seated dollar with strictly original surfaces and light wear. Both the obverse and reverse are covered with a pastel gray with intermixed rose hues. The reverse has some verdigris spots which are best left untouched as part of the coin's legacy. From the Southern Maine collection and off the market for decades.
Seated $1 1872 1872
Choice $1325 New March 19! Mirrored Choice Original Surfaces, Thick Lavendar-Gray Patina. Accurately Graded, Saco River Collection. A lovely Seated half dollar with proof like fields and blemish free surfaces. This piece has the typical appearance of a proof in terms of in hand versus bright light performance. In hand, the surfaces are covered with semi-transparent lavendar-gray patina. Adding a light source and swirling the dollar leads to rose and light blue coloring over reflective fields. The lack of any blemishes is also an important highlight to consider. Housed in older NGC holder with standard ring insert. A top quality offering from the Saco River Collection.
Trade Dollars
Trade $1 1873S 1873-S
Gem $1725 Gem Original, Sparkling Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Eye Appeal, Accurately Graded, Wisconsin Collection. Clearly this is the finest Trade dollar handled to date at GFRC. First year of the Trade dollar issue with 703,000 struck at the San Francisco mint. The offered example, from the Wisconsin Collection, is a wonderful gem worthy of the most selective collector. Brilliant cartwheel luster is stunning and immediately captures the viewer's attention. Toning is faint gold on the obverse and light gray-gold on the reverse. Strike is complete with nice rounded stars and deeply impressed eagle feathers. The AU58 assigned grade is accurate as there is faint rub on the Liberty's upper shoulder and the upper eagle wing tips. However, the eye appeal is consistent with many MS62 graded examples given there are no blemishes to discuss. Housed in older PCGS blue label holder with standard ring insert. CAC approval is definitely warranted. A wonderful gem from the Wisconsin Collection that deserves special attention. In hand viewing at a coin show is advised.
Trade $1 1875CC 1875-CC
EF45 raw
Cleaned $435 Unobtrusive Chopmark, Cleaned/Retoned. Fields are toned an even ebony/gray and cover an old cleaning that is more noticeable on the reverse. There is a double character chopmark across Liberty's upper body. The 1875 date is the most affordable Carson City issue. Please email if there is interest and to discuss.
Trade $1 1875S 1875-S
AU55 raw
Original $415 Original Light Gray Patina, Soft Golden Luster, Accurately Graded. An attractive 1875 San Francisco strike for the selective collector building a type set or even date/mintmark set. Surfaces are original with soft golden reflective luster. Strike is typical and there are no blemishes to mention. Remember that Trade Dollar survival rate was impacted by Asia commerce and the melting of many Trade dollars for their bullion. Trade dollars have a weight of 27.22 grams as compared to 26.73 for a traditional United States $1 silver piece.
Trade $1 1877 1877
EF45 raw
Choice $285 Choice Original, Gun Metal Gray, Philadelpha Strike, Eye Appeal, Accurately Graded. A wonderful type coin with great eye appeal! Surfaces are steely gray with overlaid aquamarine and blues that perform so well under bright light. There are no distracting blemishes throughout major devices or the fields. The reverse rim does have two tiny compression points that are mentioned for 100% accuracy. A common date but in an uncommon state of preservation and perfect for a Whitman or Dansco album.
Trade $1 1877S 1877-S
VF30 raw
Choice $165 Original Gray, Southern Maine Collection. A perfectly original example with medium gray patina. Surface are blemish free. Accurately graded and an ideal example for a Dansco or Whitman album type set. Off the market for decades.
Trade $1 1877S 1877-S
EF45 raw
Original $235 Original Gray, Maine Collection. Toned a uniform light to medium gray. The fields and device are fully blemish free but there is a minor rim anomaly on the obverse at 11:00. Offers welcomed.
Trade $1 1877S 1877-S
EF45 raw
Market Acceptable $165 Ebony Gray Patina, Residual Luster, Value Priced. Surfaces are toned a uniform ebony gray with residual luster and golden hues appearing under bright light. Grading is accurate as the surfaces have limited wear and are full EF45 or better. I don't believe this piece is strictly original and have assigned a market acceptable quality rating. An interesting Trade Dollar type coin possibility at a value price.
Trade $1 1878S 1878-S
EF40 raw
Cleaned HOLD
Light Gray Patina, Old Clean, Hanes Park Collection. A nice "value" Trade Dollar that has seen an old clean and is slowly retoning back to even gray coloring. Rims and surfaces are blemish free. Perfect for an economy Dansco set where strict originality is not paramount.
Trade $1 1878S 1878-S
AU50 raw
Choice $315 Choice Crusty Original, Uniform Gun Metal Gray Patina, The Way a Strictly Original Trade Dollar Should Look!. I'm in love with this 1878-S Trade dollar as so darn crusty original and a case study in the appearance of completely unmolested silver surfaces. A no question AU example that has acquired thick gray-gold patina. Rims and fields are blemish free. A superb piece for fans of United States west coast history or a Dansco type set.