Gobrecht, Liberty Seated and Trade Dollars

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Gobrecht Dollars
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Liberty Seated Dollars
Seated $1 1844 1844
Choice $12500 New September 19! Rare Grade, Doubled Die Obverse, Golden Coloration, Partially Mirrored Fields . Consignor Price Reduction - Only 20,000 1844 dated Seated dollar were struck with a doubled obverse die which easily validates this offering as a circulation strike. With 10x, four stripes on each of the vertical shield lines is easily confirmed. This is a challenging date which is seldom offered at the Mint State level. PCGS population report indicates nine at grade with four finer. Light golden toning is evident on both sides with darker shades at the date and a horizontal toning band on the reverse. Partially mirrored fields result in reflective luster under angled lighting. A lovely example for the advanced collector. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder. This piece has proven difficult to photograph leading to the decision to employ the PCGD TruView for proper presentation.
Seated $1 1844 1844
Choice $2750 Choice Original. Multi-colored toning dominates the obverse of this early-date Seated dollar, with a band of aqua patina surrounding a copper and gray center. The reverse color is softer, with tan and blue-green shades in the fields. Both shields hide light crust. A few marks to the left of the eagle’s head are noted. Production was low in this year, 20,000 pieces, but the “rarity premium” for this issue is lower than perhaps it should be. PCGS has certified nearly three times as many 1843 dollars, yet the Guide Book similarly prices circulated examples of both dates. OC-1, the only die pair for this year. Although not completely clear from the image, this piece exhibits the quad stripe obverse, which confirms the business strike status. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) Dupont hologram holder.
Seated $1 1846 1846
Choice $3650 Superbly Preserved, Rose-Gray Obverse Patina, Pristine Steely Fields, Fully Struck. An attractive and well preserved 1846 Seated dollar that warrants attention. Steely fields issue notable reflectance under angled lighting. This a fully choice example with intermixed mottled aquamarine, rose, and gray shades on the obverse while the reverse sports patches of olive surrounded by midnight blues. Fields are essentially unabraded and most pleasing during a 10x inspection. Worthy of a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in new large font NGC holder. Please note that the images emphasize greenish shades while the coin in hand will exhibit strong rose tones.
Seated $1 1863 1863
Choice $2300 Choice Original, Wisconsin Collection.. Seated dollars circulated little at the time of issue, meaning that most survivors cluster around the XF/AU range. A check of the PCGS population report reveals that only 11% of the 1863 Seated dollar population resides in grades below VF. The present example thus represents an uncommon opportunity to acquire a scarce Civil War-dated piece at a more affordable level. This coin exhibits pleasing contrast between the medium-toned central figures and the surrounding, more deeply shaded fields. The “circulated cameo” look is popular among collectors, and, combined with the condition rarity, will create substantial bidder interest. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Seated $1 1871 1871
Gem $15400 Exceptional Eye Appeal, Partially Mirrored Fields, Pristine Surfaces, Osprey Collection. The Osprey Collection is back with a gem 1871 Motto Liberty Seated dollar offering that should garner considerable attention. Fields are partial mirrored with the associated reflective luster that explodes during bright light assessment. Surfaces are entirely pristine and unabraded which further enhanced viewing. The in-hand green and rose shades are transparent to the underlying luster. Please don't be fooled by the GFR images, this piece is far from a dark patina with full access to the mirrors with angled light. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder with CAC approval. CAC has approved 17 at grade with only five better at huge pricing premium to the offer example.
Trade Dollars
Trade $1 1876 1876
Original $1850 New September 19! Extremely Rare 1876 II/II Die Pairing, No Auction Records, Original Light Gray Surfaces, Steely Fields, Accurately Graded, Cumberland Country Collection. Consignor Price Reduction, September 2022. An extremely rare 1876 Type II/II design hub pairing that is without auctions records. In the new Whitman Mega Red Book, Bowers lists the die pairing without pricing estimates and indicates extremely rare in the footnotes. Most surviving 1876 Trade dollars will be found with Type I/II design hub. GFRC is most excited to handling an example of this major die variety rarity that has nice original surfaces. A light gray patina covers both sides. Under a light source, steely fields comes to life with light gold coloring on the obverse. Fields have a few scattered micro ticks but well within the range of what can be expected at the VF grade level. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with "Obv 2 Rev 2" specified on the label. A major die variety offering from the Cumberland County Collection. Please that the GFRC images illustrate light rose coloring on the lower obverse and reverse. This coloring is an artifact of the photography process and not on the coin. This piece is even light gray.
Trade $1 1876S 1876-S
Gem $5000 Remarkable Preservation, Glowing Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Wicked Good Eye Appeal. Consignor Price Reduction - One must see this amazing 1876-S Trade dollar to appreciate its remarkable preservation state as GFRC images are woefully inadequate. Yes, the Osprey Collection is back with another gem offering. This 1876 San Francisco Trade dollar was likely struck from Nevada mined silver. Most of the five million plus struck found their way to the Orient with few gem survivors. Let's start the description by pointing out that a micro mint frost is uniformly present across devices and fields. This metalized "skin" reflects a frosted sheen and swirling cartwheels. Obverse toning is a pretty light orange surrounded by transparent olive. Faint gold is seen on the reverse. A few micro ticks of no consequence located in the fields. Bottomline? This is a marvelous offering for a highly advanced collection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2021) holder with CAC approval.
Trade $1 1877 1877
Gem $3375 Gem Original, Swirling Cartwheel Luster, Copper-Blue Patina, Frosty Surfaces, Typical Strike, Gorgeous Eye Appeal, Osprey Collection. GFRC is incredibly proud to be offering this gorgeous 1877 Philadelphia struck Trade dollar. Upon initial inspection, the vibrant cartwheel luster and copper gold coloring jumps out and grabs your attention. Let start with a review of the obverse. Copper-rose toning covers most of the obverse center with a transition to sky blue at the star and date punch. Reverse coloring tilts more towards copper-gold with embedded aquamarine. Sky blue and orange-gold intermix at the peripheries. These colors are transparent to the underlying frosty luster. Fields have a few scattered micro ticks of no consequence. Finally, strike is typical with some weakness at the upper obverse stars. Overall, this 1877 would best fit into a collection of superior eye appealing toners. Accurately graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A splendid eye appealing offering from the Osprey Collection.
Trade $1 1877 1877
Original $450 Steely Luster, Light Copper-Gold Toning, Original Surfaces, Accurately Graded. By 1877, the Act of July 22, 1876 had demonetized the trade dollar resulting in this denomination circulating within the United States at a discount from face value. All active mints continued to strike Trade dollars during 1877 and 1878 before converting to Morgan dollars. This 1877 Philadelphia strike has light wear but still retains its steely luster. Overall coloring is light copper gold with embedded olive hues. Fields are sparsely abraded from time in circulation. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.5 (2012-2013) holder.
Trade $1 1877S 1877-S
Choice $535 Gun Metal Gray-Blue Patina, Partially Mirrored Fields, Reflective Luster, Attractive . A thoroughly pleasing 1877 San Francisco struck Trade dollar with uniform gun metal gray-blue patina as a starting point. Angled lighting exposes partially mirrored fields that radiate sharp reflective luster. Eye appeal is above average as compared to thickly crusty specimens that are often CAC approved. Worthy of special consideration. Housed in new large font NGC holder.