Morgan and Peace Dollars

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Morgan Dollars
Morgan $1 1878S 1878-S

Choice $300 New May 7! Light Gold, Steely Fields, Swirling Cartwheels, Near-Gem Original, CAC Approval. Price Reduction. A near-gem 1878-S Morgan that is sure to please fans of original toning and minimally abraded surfaces. Both sides are toned a light gold with the darker shades evident at the peripheries. Steely reflective luster is crisp along with dancing cartwheels under a light source. A clean cheek furthers adds to the overall eye appeal. Conservative graded and housed in new large font NGC holder with fresh CAC approval.
Morgan $1 1880S 1880-S

Gem $350 Gorgeous Toning, Partial Mirrored, Dancing Cartwheels, A Collection Highlight. Toner Morgan dollar enthusiast should carefully consider this new GFRC purchase. The 1880-S Morgan has it all. Let's start with partially mirrored fields that generate gobs of reflective luster and dancing cartwheels. Toning is superb with center rose and peripheral aquamarine. Surfaces, including the cheek, are entirely unabraded. This is one of those toners that is quietly beautiful rather than screaming with bright coloration. Worthy of special consideration. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Morgan $1 1881S 1881-S

Gem $265 New May 19! Prodigious Eye Appeal, Granular Frosted Luster, Peripheral Rainbow Toning. An atypical 1881-S Morgan offering with micro-granular frosted luster rather than those often found with with mirrored fields. Swirling cartwheels are key in accentuating the exceptional obverse coloration. A golden obverse center shifts to rose shades when placed under angled lighting along with the peripheral rainbow toning being enhanced. Rim gold is seen on a mostly untoned reverse. This offering is all above color and eye appeal with one mark on the cheek holder back full gem status. Housed in a pristine NGC Gen 7 (1997-2000) holder.
Morgan $1 1883CC 1883-CC

Choice $350 Popular Carson City Date, Brilliant Frosty Luster, Swirling Cartwheels. Extensive mint bloom is readily apparent on this popular 1883 Carson City struck Morgan dollar. Both sides offer brilliant luster and swirling cartwheels. Accurately graded. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder.
Morgan $1 1884CC 1884-CC

Choice HOLD
New April 7! Glowing White Reflectance, Partially Mirrored Fields, Pleasing Near-Gem. 1884 Carson City struck Morgan dollars are well known for their partially mirrored surfaces with a portion securing PL designation by the TPGs. This new example is a borderline specimen with brilliant white reflectance and partially mirrored fields. Fields are minimally abraded leading to a pleasing review under a light source. The overriding quality was rewarded with CAC approval. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Morgan $1 1885CC 1885-CC

Gem $1125 New April 10! Popular Carson City Date, Superb Toning, Partially Mirrored, CAC Approval. An impressive 1885 Carson City Morgan dollar that captured my attention at the Spring 2022 Baltimore show when offered. How I enjoy Carson City dollar issues when PL or semi-PL. This example has partial mirrors covered with mottled bluish-green and rose shades. Reflectance is sharp as is the cartwheel action. GFRC images accurate capture overall eye appeal and hints at the luster. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 holder with CAC approval.
Morgan $1 1885O 1885-O

Choice $175 Near-Gem Original, Flashy Luster, Rose-Gray Reverse Toning. An attractive 1885-O Morgan dollar with two personalities. The obverse brings flashy cartwheel luster and a peripheral gold ring while the reverse luster is more subdued by a rose-gray "skin". Cartwheel action is consistent on both sides regardless of the reverse coloration. Fairly graded and priced. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Morgan $1 1885O 1885-O

Choice $195 Dual Sided Toner, Multi-Color Pastel Shades, Near-Gem. A lovely dual sided toned 1885-O Morgan with underlying frosted luster. While typing this description, angled lighting exposes obverse rose with surround aquamarine and yellow gold nearest the rim. Rose coloration is more dominant on the reverse. Well preserved and pleasing. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Morgan $1 1885O 1885-O

Choice $175 New May 14! Frosted Luster, Attractive Multi-Color Ring Toning. Union Bridge Collection. Angled lighting exposes nicely frosted luster and active cartwheels on this 1885-O Union Bridge Collection release. The upper obverse rainbow colors are fully present on the reverse. Accurately graded with colorful eye appeal. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder.
Morgan $1 1886 1886

Gem $240 Brilliant Frosted Luster, Awesome Cartwheels, Gem Original. A well preserved 1886 Morgan with that all important (+) grade designation. A fully lustrous specimen with dazzling cartwheels. The obverse is struck from eroded dies that are hinting at the "orange peel" effect. Minimally abraded and accurately graded. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Morgan $1 1887 1887

Choice $155 Brilliant Frosty Luster, Peripheral Gold, Choice Original. Vibrant cartwheels and brilliant frosty luster are the main eye appeal ingredients for this lovely 1887 Morgan. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Morgan $1 1890O 1890-O

Choice $250 Choice Original, Watch Hill Collection. Frosty surfaces host powder blue hues on the obverse, with lilac hints, while the reverse exhibits golden-gray shades. Rims on both sides are more deeply toned. Feather detail is somewhat soft, as typical for this issue. Luster is ample, consistent with the grade. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder. The CDN retail guide is $286.
Morgan $1 1892CC 1892-CC

Choice HOLD
New May 15! Better Carson City Date, Partially Mirrored Fields, Angled Lighting Reflectance, Near-Gem, Twin Lakes Collection. A premium 1892 Carson City strike with noteworthy eye appeal. Angled lighting accentuates partially mirrored fields and the resulting reflective luster. Surfaces are deliciously preserved and essentially unabraded. A faint gray skin is consistent on both sides. Typical of the current state of the Twin Lakes Collection and the release of top quality duplicates. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Morgan $1 1893CC 1893-CC

Choice $375 Key Date, Honest Wear, CAC Approval. Have you checked the CAC population guide with respect to 1893-CC and 1893-S approved examples? Interestingly, the total populations for both dates are nearly identical at 629 and 635 respectively. However, the 1893-S commands a nearly 10x premium. This begs the question of the 1893-S being overpriced or the 1893-CC being undervalued. This well worn 1893-CC survivor is certainly an inexpensive acquisition. Housed in NGC Gen 17 (2004-2008) holder.
Morgan $1 1894O 1894-O

Choice $1075 New April 7! Superbly Original, Dusty Silver-Gray Patina, Frosted Luster, CAC Approval. 1894-O Morgan dollars are a bit challenging to evaluate. A few mint bag were released on the East coast during the 1950 followed by another small release in the early 1960s. Regardless, this date has proven to be rare in Mint State with AU58s being at the knee of the value curve. Further more, there is a wide disparity between certified quantities and those approved at CAC. The CDN CAC report shows a dramatic price increase starting at MS62 with five figure pricing at Choice Mint State. This new offering is certainly a compelling example with brilliant frosted luster and dusty silver-gray patina. Hurry, as I don't expect this piece to be around for long. Housed in new large font NGC holder with CAC approval.
Morgan $1 1901S 1901-S

Choice $425 Better Date, Crusty Gray Patina, Super Choice. Crusty surfaces and strict originality are the highlights of this better date 1901-S Morgan dollar. The obverse skin is quite crusty while the reverse golden shades remain semi-transparent to the underlying frosted luster. Liberty's cheek is well preserved and unabraded. A beautiful example at a competitive offer price. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder with CAC approval.
Morgan $1 1904O 1904-O

Choice $185 Brilliant Luster, Obverse Blues, Peripheral Gold, A Pretty Toner. A pretty 1904-O Morgan with brilliant frosted and dual sides coloration. Aquamarine-blue covers the obverse along with embedded rose. Mottled orange-gold decorates the reverse. GFRC images like the ability to communicate luster, especially on the obverse. Certain to please the new owner. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert.
Peace Dollars
Peace $1 1922D 1922-D
VAM 4 Doubled Motto
Original $395 VAM 4 Doubled Motto, Brilliant Frosty Luster, Twin Lakes Collection. I donít profess to be enlighted with respect to Morgan and Peace dollar VAMs. However, the doubling on the engravers initials and on (TR)UST is seen with my 10x loupe. Surfaces are strictly original with ample mint frost. Accurately graded due to some luster breaks on the center curls. Priced consistent with the PCGS price guide. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with VAM-4 Doubled Motto attribution on label.
Peace $1 1925 1925

Choice $85 Brilliant Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Attractive Example, Twin Lakes Collection. Sparkling frosted luster is immediately apparent under a bright light. Cartwheels are vibrant and pleasing to the eye. A premium example at a value grade. Housed in Gen 4.6 (213-2014) holder.
Peace $1 1926D 1926-D

Gem $13500 New April 22! Superb Gem, Frosty Luster, Satin Texture, Fully Struck, Osprey Collection. Price Reduction. A superb gem 1926-D Peace dollar that is sharply struck along with exceptional eye appeal. Frosty luster boldly uniform with a pleasing satin texture. Light iridescent toning can be seen with a glass. Device details are bold and exact with their definition. Surfaces are amazingly well preserved. An offering for the sophisticated collector building a top set of Peace dollars. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. The Osprey Collection locates yet another magnificent inventory offering for GFRC customers.