Mercury Dimes

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This is no ordinary Mercury Dime price list! Rather at Gerry Fortin Rare Coins, eye appealing coins are my focus. I am stocking mostly Gold CAC approved NGC and PCGS holdered dimes. Gold CAC stickers are nearly always found on early generation NGC Fatty holders and PCGS Rattler holders. Gold CAC Mercury dimes have very low populations and are well worth considering in terms of beauty and numismatic industry history. The initials FB = Full Bands.

There are 4 Coins for Sale. New coin(s) added on January 3, 2019

Photo Date Grade TPG GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Mercury  1938 1938
Choice $255 Watery Mirrors, Light Multi Color Patina, Accurately Graded, Saco River Collection. Watery mirrored fields are the highlight of this lovely 1938 proof Mercury dime. As is to be expected, the strike is hammered. There is faint multi color toning throughout the fields. Housed in transitional PCGS blue label holder with edge view insert. A quality selection from the Saco River Collection.
Mercury  1939D 1939-D
Gem $80 Old Time Gem Original Surfaces, Hammered Strike, Light Peripheral Rose-Gold Patina, Accurately Graded, Jim Poston Consignment. 10% Price Reduction October 7, 2018 - A super combination of 1939 Denver struck Merucry dime with full bands and pristine old PCGS old green holder (thick sidewall type). Accurately graded as MS65FB. A gem original dime with that old time look and faint peripheral patina. Yet another excellent offering from Jim Poston.
Mercury  1942/1 1942/1
Original $1500 New January 3! Popular 1942/1 Overdate, Steely Cartwheel Luster, Original Surfaces, Faint Gold Patina, Well Struck, Accurately Graded, Twins Lakes Collection. GFRC is pleased to be offering this wonderful slider 1942/1 overdate Mercury dime for advanced collectors. A steely lustrous example with bold cartwheels. A faint gold skin is seen on the reverse while the obverse is just steely reflective and untoned. Well struck on the obverse and just a touch away from full bands on the reverse. There are two obverse marks from a brief stay in circulation that hold this piece back for mint state. There is a rim mark at the point of the bust and another on the 19 digits. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. Another important AU58 offering from the Twins Lakes Collection to consider.
Mercury  1944D 1944-D
NGC Fatty
Gem $145 Gold CAC, Booming Luster and Original Toning, NGC Fatty Holder. There are (26) 1944-D Full Band Gold CAC approved dimes in MS64 and MS65 grades with none in MS66. This piece offers substantial mint bloom and booming luster due to being struck by eroded dies. Housed in early NGC Fatty holder with embossed NGC trademark on the reverse.