Mercury Dimes

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This is no ordinary Mercury Dime price list! Rather at Gerry Fortin Rare Coins, eye appealing coins are my focus. I am stocking mostly Gold CAC approved NGC and PCGS holdered dimes. Gold CAC stickers are nearly always found on early generation NGC Fatty holders and PCGS Rattler holders. Gold CAC Mercury dimes have very low populations and are well worth considering in terms of beauty and numismatic industry history. The initials FB = Full Bands.

There are 14 Coins for Sale. New coin(s) added on May 16, 2018

Photo Date Grade TPG GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Mercury  1921D 1921-D
Choice $450 New May 16! Choice Original, Iowa Collection. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with edge view insert. CAC approval. Part of the amazing Iowa Collection of strictly original numismatic properties.
Mercury  1931 1931
Gem $450 Gem Original, Full Bands, Satiny Cartwheel Luster, Golden-Green Patina, Fully Struck, Conservative Grading, Poston Collection. A gem 1831 Mercury dime with gorgeous light gold and green patina. Surfaces are heavily frosted and blemish free. Strike is hammered with full reverse bands. There is nothing to complain about and only positives. The full band designation brings a substantial pricing premium. Housed in PCGS old green holder with fresh CAC approval. Yet another quality offering from Jim Poston to consider.
Mercury  1936 1936
Full Bands
Gem $385 Glowing Satiny Luster, Hammered Strike, Gem Original, Colorado Collection. Creamy satiny luster dominates the eyes when viewing this MS67 example. A perfectly original piece with faint golden brown patina seen during a 10x loupe inspection. Reverse is deeply impressed with distinct center bands. Luster takes on a cartwheel nature under a light source. Accurately graded and housed in older PCGS blue label holder with standard ring insert. A coin for the selective collector.
Mercury  1936 1936
NGC Fatty
Gem $185 Gold CAC, Bold Luster, Faint Gray Patina, NGC Fatty Holder. Only (3) 1936 Mercury dimes have been awarded a Gold CAC sticker. All three are graded MS64 and currently in GFRC inventory. Housed in early NGC holder with embossed Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America on the reverse. A lovely dime with bold luster and some faint gray toning.
Mercury  1937 1937
PCGS Rattler
Gem $150 Gold CAC, Bold Satiny Luster, PCGS Rattler Holder. Only (7) 1937 holdered examples are known with Gold CAC and Full Bands. This piece is the only MS63 Full Bands examples approved and registered in the CAC pop report. Satiny luster is found on both obverse and reverse. Housed in PCGS rattler holder with dot matrix printed label.
Mercury  1938 1938
Choice $255 Watery Mirrors, Light Multi Color Patina, Accurately Graded, Saco River Collection. Watery mirrored fields are the highlight of this lovely 1938 proof Mercury dime. As is to be expected, the strike is hammered. There is faint multi color toning throughout the fields. Housed in transitional PCGS blue label holder with edge view insert. A quality selection from the Saco River Collection.
Mercury  1940 1940
PCGS Rattler
Gem $135 Gold CAC, Gem Frosty White Surfaces, So Undergraded, Rattler Holder. A lovely 1940 Philadelphia strike that was so originally undergraded by PCGS. Surfaces are nice and frosty with lots of metal stress lines radiating to the rims. There are no blemishes whatsoever. Housed in early PCGS rattler holder and definitely worthy of a Gold CAC bean.
Mercury  1940D 1940-D
Gem $165 Gold CAC, Brilliant Luster, PCGS OGH Holder. There are only (7) 1940-D Full Band dimes available with Gold CAC approval. This offering is unique and the only MS63 with Full Bands designation. This Mercury dime is grossly undergraded once viewed in hand. The brilliant luster and blemish free surfaces are consistent with at least the MS65 grade level and maybe even MS66. Housed in PCGS post rattler generation Old Green Holder with dot matrix printer label. This is really a stunning Mercury dime with Full Bands.
Mercury  1941 1941
Gem $40 Gem Original, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Gansu Collection. Housed in 2013 transition PCGS holder with blue label and edge view insert. From the Gansu Collection. Gansu is a collection assembed by Gerry Fortin during the 2010-2012 timeframe for a Chinese client. Now the coins are being repatriated to U.S. in liu of an collecting objective. Please help with a purchase.
Mercury  1941D 1941-D
PCGS Rattler
Gem $90 Gem Original, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Undergraded, Gold CAC, Gansu Collection. Housed in first generation PCGS rattler holder. From the Gansu Collection. Gansu is a collection assembed by Gerry Fortin during the 2010-2012 timeframe for a Chinese client. Now the coins are being repatriated to U.S. in liu of an collecting objective. Please help with a purchase.
Mercury  1943 1943
PCGS Rattler
Gem $155 Gold CAC, Beautiful Gold Patina, PCGS Rattler Holder. Hard to believe that there are only (7) total 1943 dimes with Gold CAC approval. The population is evenly split with (4) being without Full Bands and (3) with. Offered here is one of the four non Full Bands in Mercury dimes in MS63. Don't let the MS63 grade sway you as the toning is pretty and the eye appeal is strong and definitely better than the assigned MS63 on holder. Housed in early PCGS rattler holder.
Mercury  1943D 1943-D
PCGS Rattler
Gem $175 Gold CAC, Gem Frosty White Surfaces, Rattler Holder. This exceptional Denver struck 1943 dime offers uniform satiny white luster. Strike is well executed with distinctly defined bands. A reverse bag mark keeps this piece from MS66FB level. Housed in early PCGS rattler holder and definitely worthy of a Gold CAC bean.
Mercury  1944D 1944-D
NGC Fatty
Gem $145 Gold CAC, Booming Luster and Original Toning, NGC Fatty Holder. There are (26) 1944-D Full Band Gold CAC approved dimes in MS64 and MS65 grades with none in MS66. This piece offers substantial mint bloom and booming luster due to being struck by eroded dies. Housed in early NGC Fatty holder with embossed NGC trademark on the reverse.
Mercury  1945 1945
Gem $200 Gem Original, Brilliant Cartwheel Luster, Frosty Surfaces, Peripheral Gold Shades, Accurately Graded, Poston Collection. Attractive and pleasing are the best adjectives to describe this 1945 Mercury dime. Brilliant cartwheel luster dominates during bright light viewing. Surfaces have an even frosty texture. Peripheral gold is probably the result of storage in a paper album. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with CAC approval. CAC green bean recognizes eye appeal and originality. A quality offering from Jim Poston.