Mercury Dimes

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The initials FB = Full Bands.

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Photo Date Grade TPG GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Mercury  1916 1916
Gem $1450 New May 7! Superb Gem Original, Island Lake Collection.. Luster blasts from the surfaces of this inaugural-year example, and the in-hand flash is readily apparent, even without a focused light source. The original, frosty silver color is highlighted by hints of light tan patina, and the eye appeal is compelling. The CAC population is 414 pieces, with only nine coins finer, all at MS68. We make no claims to MS68 status for this example, but it is worth noting that that price increase between MS67 and MS68 is nearly ten-fold. The CAC price guide in MS67FB is $1,350. Housed in a PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Mercury  1916S 1916-S
Gem $850 Thick Mint Bloom, Complete Strike, White Gem, Mountaineer Collection. Start-up production of the new Adolf Weinman contemporary Liberty design amounted to over 10 million at the San Francisco mint. The Mountaineer consignor is releasing a white gem specimen that possess thick mint bloom on both sides. The "frost" is indeed consistent with a freshly prepared die rather than metal flow lines seen during later die states. 10x inspection is a pleasure given the complete strike. Overhead lighting ignites brilliant luster. This Mercury is all there for the grade. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder.
Mercury  1921D 1921-D
Choice $1650 New May 3! Key Date, Frosted Luster, Lightly Crusted Toning, Choice Surfaces. 1921 Denver struck Mercury dimes have the distinction of key date status with its mintage of only 1,080,000. PCGS has only certified 48 at this certified grade and a small quantity given the popularity of this 20th century series. GFRC continues to offer unquestionably original coins as is the case here. A light crusted gray skin protects the obverse while the reverse patina is less dense and more transparent to the underlying frosted luster. Reverse cartwheels are active when reviewing under angled lighting. An important opportunity for those who want their key dates to be perfect original and CAC approved. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder.
Mercury  1929S 1929-S
Gem $1575 Glowing Frosted Luster, Hammered Strike, Gem Original, Mountaineer Collection. A more "affordable" San Francisco struck Mercury dime than its immediate earlier predecessors. This 1929-S is downright awesome with glowing satiny luster that explodes off the surfaces. Strike is equally significant with deeply impressed motifs and Full Band designation, even with worn dies. If seeking a truly special better date Mercury in near condition census condition, this Mountaineer Collection offering is worth considering. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder with CAC approval.
Mercury  1942 1942
Gem $550 Exceptional Gem, Intense Frosted Luster, . Yet another case where GFRC images are unable to capture the beauty of a high end Mint State silver piece. This gorgeous 1942 Mercury exhibits intense frosted luster and dancing cartwheels. Obverse toning is a combination of mottled aquamarine-gold surrounded by burnt rose at the periphery. Some faint gold is seen on the reverse. This is a common date Mercury in an uncommon preservation state that will please the new owner. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Mercury  1943S 1943-S
Gem $400 Full Bands Certification, Thick Mint Bloom, Superb Eye Appeal. Delightful aquamarine and rose shades float on a thick layer of mint bloom on this 1943-S Mercury. Angled light viewing is a thrill given the rich luster and vibrant cartwheels. Strike is perfectly executed with bold motifs. Surfaces are absolutely pristine too. This Mercury being the total package and warrants careful inspection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Mercury  1944D 1944-D
Gem $200 New May 30! Brilliant Satiny Luster, Superb Gem, Full Bands Too. This 1944-D Mercury dime is way better in hand as compared to the GFRC images. The key reason is the inability to capture deep satiny luster as the contrast is limited for the camera. Trust me, the luster drips off this example and that it no BS. A premium example with pristine surfaces. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.