Shield, Libery V & Buffalo Nickels

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Shield Nickels
Shield  1866 1866
With Rays
Choice $325 Rays, Frosted Luster, Bold Shield Lines, Overall Choice. If assembling a 19th century type set, one must always locate the Rays and No Rays shield nickels. This AU55 offering presents frosted luster and bold obverse shield lines. Bright light luster is pleasing and uninterrupted. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.5 (2012-2013) holder.
Shield  1867 1867
With Rays
Choice $1500 New April 15! Near-Gem, Lightly Mirrored, Pewter-Gold Coloration, Quite Attractive. I won't profess to be anywhere near an expert on the Shield nickel design. However, this near-gem certainly brings on eye appeal that tickles my eyes. Those eyes gravitate first to the lightly mirrored obverse and its sharp reflectance. Reverse luster is a tad more on the steely side. Overall coloring is a pewter-gold with hints of rose at the right lighting angle. I like the coin so much that I bought it for inventory. Housed in a NGC Gen 9 (2001-2003) holder with CAC approval.
Shield  1868 1868
Reverse of 1867
Original $225 Pewter-Gold Surfaces, Steely Fields, Near-Choice, Mountaineer Collection. Faint gold combines with natural pewter shades to decorate this Eric P. Newman 1868 shield nickel. Fields present a steely texture with more brilliance on the reverse. Strike is fully executed from die crack free dies which can be refreshing. Long arcing die lines are visible in the lower shield for die variety specialists. Housed in newer NGC holder with Heritage Auction Eric P. Newman brown label. Label reads "1868 REV OF 67".
Shield  1871 1871
NGC Fatty
Choice $1725 New April 15! Popular Low Mintage Date, Brilliant Steely Luster, Vibrant Cartwheels, Worn Dies. 1871 shield nickel production was limited to only 561,000 pieces and a record low for the series at that time. This date is therefore popular and can be selectively acquired for its better date value. This CAC approved example ranks high on the eye appeal scale and the reason for adding to inventory. Both sides display bright steely luster with angled lighting. Cartwheel action is vibrant plus there are no visually distractions. Under 10x, the dies are moderately worn with reverse die cracks. CAC population at grade is only 6 with 26 finer at significantly higher premiums. Housed in NGC Gen 4 brown label holder with CAC approval.
Liberty V Nickels
Liberty V  1911 1911
Gem $425 Gem Original, Light Rose Gold Patina, Swirling Cartwheel Luster, Well Struck. Blemish Free, Accurately Graded, Philadelphia ANA Consignment . Bright light viewing of this 1911 Liberty or V Nickel is quite pleasing. Gem surfaces offer swirling cartwheels without uninterruption due to blemishes or heavy toning. Luster texture is closer to frosty for this piece. Well struck with sharp reverse wreath. Accurately graded and housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert. A quality consignment from the 2018 Philadelphia ANA show.
Buffalo Nickels
Buffalo  1913D 1913-D
Type 2
Choice $230 Type 2, Pewter-Gray, Eroded Dies, Scarce. A low mintage date that is challenging to locate in choice circulated grades. This AU55 specimen exhibits full originality with pewter-gray surfaces that are unabraded. GFRC images are accurate as to the in-hand circulated appearance. Freshly graded and housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2021) holder.
Buffalo  1913S 1913-S
Type 2
Original $825 Challenging Type 2 Mintmark, Crusty Patina, Glowing Luster. A popular and tough 1913 Type 2 San Francisco mint issue with thick golden toning. Bright light inspection reveals the underlying glowing mint luster. Well struck and 100% original. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Buffalo  1917D 1917-D
NGC Fatty
Choice $495 New April 21! Crusty Golden-Gray Patina, Peripheral Cartwheels, Scarcer Date, CAC Approval. The 1917-D Buffalo nickel date is considered to be scarce in circulated grades and very scarce at the Mint State level. A check of the CAC population report will make this apparent. This AU58 certified example sports crusty golden-gray patina that validate the strict originality. Under angled lighting, cartwheel action is pleasing with most of the luster radiating from the peripheries. Struck from eroded dies. Housed in NGC Gen 4 green label holder with CAC approval.
Buffalo  1919S 1919-S
Original $535 Scarce Semi-Key Dates, Light Champagne Toning, Heavily Eroded Dies, Twin Lakes Collection. It is difficult to believe, but the beginning of 1919 brought the 18th Amendment which prohibited alcohol. The Prohibition Era arrived while the San Francisco Mint struck 7,000,000 Buffalo nickels that mostly went into circulation. Regardless of the substantial mintage, this date is a semi-key date and scarce. The Twin Lakes Collection is back with an AU58 survivor struck from heavily eroded dies. The obverse has light champagne toning while the reverse is a light gray. Both side exhibit steely luster during bright light inspection. Die erosion is severe at the denomination and mintmark. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) Dupont hologram holder.
Buffalo  1927 1927
Choice $140 New April 21! Rose-Gold Colors, Moderate Luster, CAC Pop 1!. For those assembling a Buffalo nickel set and demanding CAC approval, this 1927 offering is a compelling value. Rose-gold toning is readily apparent under angled lighting as a starting point. Luster is brilliant with some cartwheel action. This piece is a CAC population 1 at the certified grade and an interesting value for those on a budget. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 holder.
Buffalo  1929S 1929-S
Gem $525 New April 21! Brilliant Gray-Pewter Luster, Scarce Date at Gem, CAC Approval. A thoroughly attractive 1929 San Francisco strike that sports lovely pewter-gray surfaces and luster. Struck with late die state dies as evident by heavy metal flow lines into the rims. A 10x check verified the unabraded surfaces. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 holder with CAC approval.
Buffalo  1937 1937
Gem $1685 New April 12! Gorgeous Buffalo Proof Type Candidate, Chrome with Pastel Gold and Blue, CAC Approval. The Buffalo nickel mintage era should limited proof strikes. One can only find the early 1913 through 1916 dates followed by a long absence through 1936. 1937 brought the final year of proof strikes with 5,769 made. Those with Cameo designation sell for huge premiums. GFRC is pleased to be offering this gorgeous 1937 specimen with an overall chrome/pewter coloration overlaid with pastel gold and blues. Mirrored surfaces are fully unabraded. A pleasing example that belongs in an advanced collection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 holder with CAC approval.
Buffalo  1938D 1938-D
Gem $50 Copper Gold Patina, Gem Original, Accurately Graded. Housed in new large font NGC holder. For fans of heavily toned Buffalo nickels. Luster provides nice contrast with the copper-gold coloring.