Shield, Libery V & Buffalo Nickels

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Shield Nickels
Shield  1866 1866
AU53 raw
Original $225 Strictly Original, Uniform Strike, Attractive. A strictly original example of the first year of issue. The obverse offers a nice uniform strike and sharp rim edges consistent with assigned grade. Reverse strike is also uniform. Overall surfaces are blemish free. Purchased from the Hamden Collection, a very selective individual who built an noteworthy type set and let GFRC handle the disbursement.
Shield  1867 1867
Original $115 Rays, Original, Accurately Graded, Woodlands Collection. Definitely an original gray piece with just honest wear. Surfaces are completely blemish free and attractive. Housed in older blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert.
Shield  1869 1869
Choice $350 Choice Original, Proof Like, Washington State Collection. One immediately notes the lightly mirror surfaces when first inspecting this 1869 shield nickel. The reverse is especially proof like with heavy die polished lines running behind the numerical 5 digit and stars. Strike is quite good with all horizontal and vertical shield lines being well defined. This piece is essentially untoned and housed in new NGC holder.
Shield  1879/8 1879/8
Gem $1025 Gem Original, 1879/8 Overdate Designation, Poetic Candy Collection. The 1879/8 overdate designation is seen on a subset of 1879 Shield proof nickels. Though PCGS recognized the overdate, other numismatists believe this is only a repunched date. Regardless, this filled 9 variety is rare and deserves attention when offered. This specimen has been off the market for decades and resides in early "squishy" generation PCGS holder. Surfaces are entirely blemish free and provide substantial steely gray reflections. Strike is well executed throughout obverse and reverse. Typical old time quality from the Poetic Candy collection. Housed in early PCGS old green holder. Please don't miss this opportunity given the CAC approval.
Shield  1882 1882
Choice $150 Choice Original, Strong Luster, Carmel Collection. An attractive example with ample remaining luster. Faint rub is seen consistent with the assigned AU58 grade. Surfaces are entirely blemish free. A typical shield nickel with heavy die cracks and die erosion. The entire top loop of the 2 digit in the date in filled while the two 8 digits have partially filled upper loops. Housed in 2013 generation blue label PCGS holder with edge view insert. A perfect type coin for the selective collector.
Shield  1883 1883
MS64 raw
Choice $235 Super Uniform Strike, Bold Cartwheel Luster, Choice Original, Great Type Coin . Last year of design and a wonderful eye catching example that is perfect for a type coin collection. Crisp cartwheel luster dominates the eyes while the strike is perfectly uniform and deeply impressed. A top quality offering at a reasonable price.
Shield  1883 1883
PF63 raw
Choice $330 Choice Original Proof, Hamden Collection, Formerly NGC PF63. Purchased from Hamden Collection and a choice example for the grade. The Hamden collector is a purist and obviously purchases the coin and not the holder since all coins are cracked out and placed in Dansco album. This lovely proof shield nickel was previously certified as NGC PF63 with the label being sold with the coin. A nice proof strike with few blemishes for the assigned grade.
Liberty V Nickels
Liberty V  1884 1884
Choice New Price
Choice Original, Eye Appeal, 2nd Year Issue, Wisconsin Collection. Sitting in a bank box for years and now fresh to market effective early February 2016. Surfaces are choice with cartwheel luster under bright light. There are no blemishes whatsoever and strike is full. If there is light rub on this lovely V nickel, then someone must point it to me at a future coin show. So typical of Wisconsin consignment quality. Housed in early NGC holder. Holder is also in pristine condition.
Liberty V  1886 1886
Original $100 Key Date, Honest Wear, Accurately Graded, Colorado Collection. Series key date with lots of honest wear. A decent filler for that hole in your Liberty Nickel set at a reasonable price. Freshly graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder.
Liberty V  1894 1894
Gem $585 Gem Original, Watery Mirrors, Poetic Candy Collection. off the market for decades. This is a gem original proof with watery mirrors that glow under bright light. Surfaces offer faint rose patina under bright light. Typical old time quality from the Poetic Candy collection. Housed in early PCGS old green holder. The Gold CAC bean validates that the preservation state of this outstanding proof V nickel is beyond that of PR64. I believe the asking price is fair for everyone.
Liberty V  1896 1896
Original $95 Original Gray, Accurately Graded, Woodlands Collection. Definitely an original gray piece with just honest wear. Surfaces are completely blemish free. The contrast between fields and darker device outlines provides for decent eye appeal. Housed in older blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert.
Liberty V  1903 1903
Gem $450 Gem Original, Bright Mirrors, Carmel Collection. Bold mirrors are immediately seen during in hand viewing while the fields become highly reflective under bright. Surfaces are untoned and blemish free as would be expected for a gem designation. Mintage is only 1,790 pieces. This example offers top quality at the optimum price point as a PR66 designation would result in an $800 market price. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. A perfect proof type coin for the selective collector.
Liberty V  1912 1912
Choice $215 Choice Original, Light Gold Luster, Accurately Graded, Seal Beach Collection. This lovely 1912 V nickel offers pristine surfaces and light golden toning. The combination of Seal Beach Collection quality and the PCGS early holder gives this offering lots of character. Housed in PCGS old green holder. If you've been seeking a special mint state Liberty nickel for a type set, then please consider this Seal Beach Collection piece.
Buffalo Nickels
Buffalo  1913D 1913-D
Type I
Choice HOLD
Choice Original, Steely Golden Surfaces, Accurately Graded. Pristine surfaces and an adequate amount of luster for the assigned graded. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A nice Type I design type coin.
Buffalo  1935 1935
Gem $175 Gem Original, Satiny Luster, Accurately Graded. A quality later date Buffalo nickel that is accurately graded at the MS66 level. Satiny luster is predominate. Housed in 2014 generation PCGS holder.
Buffalo  1936 1936
Gem $2450 Superb Gem Original, Poetic Candy Collection. A superb offering that has been off the market for decades and just recently reached the light of day. Housed in 1st generation PCGS Rattler holder. CAC Gold bean validates the old time collection quality and conservative grading standards of the 1980s.
Buffalo  1937 1937
NGC Fatty
Gem $115 Superb Gem Original, Steely Chrome Luster, Eye Appeal, Conservative Grading, Perfect Buffalo Type Coin.. A superb gem with steely chrome patina and huge eye appeal. Every obverse and reverse die polish line has been transferred to the lovely 1937 Philadelphia strike. Housed in old NGC fatty holder with CAC approval. A perfect type coin for the selective collector.
Buffalo  1937 1937
Gem $1650 New January 11! Superb Gem Proof, Glassy Mirrored Surfaces, Stunning Eye Appeal, Accurately Graded, Winesteven Collection. Glassy-mirrored fields and sharply struck devices are dominant on this brilliant-finish proof Buffalo nickel. A fully detailed superb gem strike that is so impressive to view. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. CAC approval validates the above average surfaces and staggering eye appeal. A top quality offering from the Winesteven Collection.