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Standing Liberty and Washington Quarters

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Standing Liberty Quarters
Standing Liberty  1917 1917
Type 1
Original $200 Original Luster, Light Golden Gray Patina, Accurately Graded. If a fan of strict originality, then please consider this attractive 1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty half. This silver quarter has never been messed with as the surfaces original mint frost and gray regions on the lower leg/knee where rub occurred. Luster is glowing with golden hues. A close 10x loupe inspection revealed a few scattered blemishes that are fully toned over and in no way distracting. This piece is accurately graded at the AU58 level. Housed in older blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert.
Standing Liberty  1920 1920
Choice $345 Choice Original, Gray-Brown Toning, Accurately Graded, Grey Soldier Collection. Most Standing Liberty quarters seen will have frosty luster with many being dipped in the past. This example, from the Grey Soldier Collection, is atypical and perfect of collectors of strictly original silver coinage. Luster has a satiny texture and accentuates the brown-gray obverse rim toning and the golden-olive coloring on the reverse. Strike is nearly complete with bold shield and revets but the head lacks definition of ear details. There is a blemish on the upper thigh that is mentioned for 100% accuracy. Housed in 2013 generation transitional PCGS holder with blue label and edge view insert. CAC approval validates the originality and accurate grading.
Standing Liberty  1920 1920
AU53 raw
Original $105 Strictly Original, Frosty Luster, Peripheral Gold, Typical Strike, Gansu Collection. Lots of eye appeal to be had on this attractive 1920 Standing Liberty quarter. Frosty luster is apparent when viewing under a light source. Surfaces are strictly original with no significant blemishes to note. Accurately graded. From the Gansu Collection, which was assembled by Gerry Fortin for a Chinese collector during the 2011-2013 timeframe. Now this collection has returned back to the United States for divestment.
Standing Liberty  1924D 1924-D
Choice $385 Date On Pedestal, Lustrous Surfaces, Accurately Graded, Oregon Beaver Collection. Frosty cartwheel luster is immediately noted when first viewing this lovely 1924 Denver strike. Strike is typical for the date with weakness at the head and upper pedestal. A close 10x loupe inspection revealed no blemishes whatsoever; rather heavily frosted surfaces. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A lustrous offering from the Oregon Beaver Collection with no CAC attempt.
Standing Liberty  1924S 1924-S
AU53 raw
Original HOLD
Near Full Head, Scarce, Original Surfaces and Luster. Natural faint gray toning over lustrous surfaces. Strike is above average and within striking distance of full head designation. Scarce this nice.
Standing Liberty  1929 1929
AU55 raw
Original HOLD
Original Frosty Luster, Typical Strike, Gansu Collection. A quality offering from the Gansu Collection. Surfaces emit ample frosty luster with just a trace of gold patina at the rims. Accurately graded and fairly priced for the overall quality. Part of a collection assembed by Gerry Fortin for a Chinese collector during the 2011-2013 timeframe.
Standing Liberty  1929S 1929-S
AU58 raw
Original $135 Nearly Full Head, Original Frosty Luster, Gansu Collection. A boldly struck 1929 San Francisco example with brilliant frosty luster. So close to full head designation. From the Gansu Collection in mainland China. A collection assembed by Gerry Fortin for a Chinese client during the 2011-2013 timeframe.
Standing Liberty  1930 1930
Full Head
Choice $350 Choice Original, Creamy Luster, Full Head, Seal Beach Collection. Another lovely offering from the Seal Beach Collection that will immediately catch your attention. The PCGS Full Head (FH) designation is warranted on this 1930 Philadelphia strike that offers rich creamy luster. All shield rivets are fully defined as is Liberty's head. There are several micro blemishes but none worth discussing. Accurately graded with significant flashy eye appeal. Housed in PCGS old green holder.
Standing Liberty  1930 1930
Original $200 Near Choice, Frosty Light Aquamarine Luster, Accurately Graded, Saco River Collection. A no question mint state example with strong strike. Frosty cartwheel luster is dominant when viewed under a light source. There are subtle pastel green shades under a 10x loupe that GFRC photography has captured. These light green shades are not as obvious during in hand and bright light viewing. A 10x loupe inspection revealed no blemishes whatsoever. This is a quality piece that would please the selective collector. Housed in older PCGS blue label holder with standard ring insert. Another excellent offering from the Saco River Collection.
Standing Liberty  1930 1930
MS62 raw
Original $135 Brilliant Frosty Luster, Typical Strike, Accurately Graded, Gansu Collection. Frosty cartwheel luster dominates when viewed under a light source. Strike is typica for the date. Overall, an attrative example from the Gansu Collection. This collection was assembled by Gerry Fortin for a Chinese collector during the 2011-2013 timeframe. Now the collection moves back to the United States as part of a divestment strategy.
Washington Quarters
Washington  1942 1942
Gem $195 New July 18! Superb Gem Proof, Bold Watery Mirrors, Attractive Rim Toning, Santa Fe Collection. A superior 1942 proof Washington quarter with bold watery fields throughout. Accurately graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. Yet another quality offering from the Santa Fe Collection.
Washington  1942S 1942-S
Choice $110 Very Choice Original, So Undergraded. Grading Washington quarters can be challenging but when a near gem original piece appears in PCGS old green holder, I will not hesitate to add to inventory. This example is strictly original (never dipped) with faint gold patina and the proper "look" to be expected from silver coin that has not been messed with. Struck from heavily polished obverse die with die striation lines across left and right fields. This piece is full MS64 or better. Housed in PCGS old green holder. I would expect this quarter to easily receive CAC approval if that is your path.
Washington  1946D 1946-D
Choice HOLD
Choice Original, Bold Frosty Luster. An essentially perfect example with bold frosty luster that immediately catches one's eye. Faint gold is seen at the rims when viewed under bright. Housed in early NGC holder with standard ring insert.
Washington  1946S 1946-S
MS64 raw
Choice $25 Nearly Gem Original, Maine Collection. Fresh to market after sitting in Wayte Raymond holder for several decades. Bold luster highlights the light even gold patina.
Washington  1947S 1947-S
MS63 raw
Choice $29 Pretty Toning and Attractive. Bold luster is the main attribute of this lovely Washington quarter along with a gold ring at the obverse rim.
Washington  1949 1949
Gem $90 Gem Original, Old Album Patina, Accurately Graded. A lovely gem that is strictly original. Eye appeal results from a combination of bold original luster and old album rose/blue toning at the rims. Housed in 2014 generation PCGS holder.
Washington  1950S 1950-S
MS64 raw
Choice $22 Bold Satiny Luster, Attractive, Good Value. A strong value given the bold satiny luster throughout obverse and reverse.
Washington  1952 1952
MS63 raw
Choice $22 Rose/Blue Obverse Toning, Strong Luster. Super eye appeal on this lively 1952 Washington quarter. Luster is full at the MS63/64 level with rose and deep blue patina covering the obverse. Reverse has light gold at the rims. Inexpensive while pretty.
Washington  1952D 1952-D
MS64 raw
Choice $30 Bold Satiny Luster, Attractive. Hand picked for GFRC inventory due to strong satiny luster and no blemishes. Lots of eye appeal and decent value for the Dansco set collector,
Washington  1954 1954
MS63 raw
Choice $16 Light Gold Patina, Cartwheel Luster, Attractive. Struck from early die state die that exhibits lots of die polish lines. Luster is cartwheel in nature. Fairly graded and good value.
Washington  1956 1956
MS63 raw
Choice $20 Choice Surfaces, Old Album Blue Rim Toning. A superior example hand picked for GFRC inventory due to the gorgeous toning.