Standing Liberty and Washington Quarters

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Standing Liberty Quarters
Standing Liberty  1916 1916
Choice $13800 Choice Original, Island City Collection.. The Island City collection of Standing Liberty quarters kicks off with this 1916 issue, the rarity of which is well-known even by collectors focused on other series. The Philadelphia Mint produced 52,000 pieces in this year, and this is the unquestioned series key, rivaled only by the 1918/7-S overdate. This piece exhibits light gold toning with bits of crust in the protected areas, including the obverse beading and reverse stars. The head is softly impressed, typical for the issue. CAC has approved 238 pieces and assigns a value of $13,200 in AU53. This piece is surprisingly advanced in the census, with only 20 pieces in Mint State reported by CAC. Housed in a PCGS Gen 3.1 (1993-1998) old green label holder with CAC approval. PCGS #5705.
Standing Liberty  1917 1917
Type 1
Gem $975 Satiny Gem, Light Pewter-Gold, Picturesque Strike, CAC Approval. A marvelous gem 1917 Type 1 quarter with both Full Head and (+) certification along with CAC approval. Adding this piece to inventory was a no-brainer given the picturesque presentation of Hermon MacNeil's lady Liberty. Gleaning satiny luster radiates from "pebbled" surfaces while the cartwheels are bold and vibrant. Let's issue a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation and see how long this one lacks on the price list. A fine selection for a type set. Housed in new large font NGC holder with CAC approval
Standing Liberty  1917 1917
Type 2
Choice $575 Type 2, Granular Frosted Luster, Ideal for Type Set. Finely textured granular frosted luster becomes readily apparent when first viewing this strictly original 1917 Type 2 Philadelphia strike. Light copper-gold partially covers the obverse and in no way impedes the underlying radiance. Strike is 100% complete with bold head details, a raise outer shield edge, add bold rivets. If searching for a quality example for a type set without wishing to pay the CAC green bean premiums, this newly purchase lot might be the perfect fit for you. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Standing Liberty  1917 1917
Type 2
Choice $250 Type 2, Superbly Original, Frosted Luster, Island City Collection.. If searching for a first rate 1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty quarter with a full head and CAC approval for a type set, then this Island City specimen will please even the most selective collector. A near-gem at grade with uninterrupted frosty luster and swirling cartwheels. Surfaces are absolutely pristine. Coloring is a faint aquamarine-gold that has been amplified during GFRC photography. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval. Purchased from GFRC during June 2020. PCGS #5715.
Standing Liberty  1917D 1917-D
Type 1, Doubled Die Reverse
Choice $5995 New March 29! Doubled Die Reverse, Condition Census, Full Head, Frosted Luster, CAC Approved. GFRC is excited to be offering a condition census 1917-D Type 1 Doubled Die Reverse Standing quarter for your consideration. This offering is the second finest known as the CAC population report indicates a single example finer at MS65FH. The reverse doubling is located to the left of E PLURIBUS with a long vertical die crack from the rim through S(T)ATES to the I in AMERICA. Surfaces are pristine and present granular frosted luster under a bright light. Given the Full Head designation, the strike is complete with bold shield rivets. This lot originates from a consignor. Both PCGS and CAC have not documented a price guide value at this lofty grade level. I was able to locate a PCGS guide number of $2750 at AU58 for a non-FH example as a reference point. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder with CAC approval and Type 1 DDR FS-801 variety attribution on the label. Please be aware that the CAC population report does not list this MS64FH example. I've contacted CAC and requested that this omission be corrected.
Standing Liberty  1917S 1917-S
Type 1 Reverse
Choice $1650 New April 6! Type 1, Satiny Luster, Lightly Toned, Choice Surfaces, Lakeland Collection. How I much prefer the innovative Type 1 Hermon MacNeil artistry over the subsequent Type 2 effort. This Lakeland Collection 1917-S example sports a light gray patina on the obverse with a thicker skin and darker shades on the reverse. Under a bright light, one sees satiny radiance and vibrant cartwheels. The full head strike is simply outstanding for this challenging San Francisco issue. Fairly priced too! Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Standing Liberty  1917S 1917-S
Type 2
Choice $750 Type 2, Near-Gem Original, Island City Collection.. An old saying holds that Liberty's breast was covered on the Type II design in response to public outrage, but there is no contemporary evidence to support this. Roger Burdette's research suggests the actual rationale was to depict a more militaristic figure of Liberty. This example reveals bits of lemon-gold color in the fields, with russet patina gathering at the rims. Liberty's head is soft, while the shield rivets are all defined. CAC notes 69 coins total, with 12 pieces in MS64 and 20 examples finer. The CAC guide value in MS64 is $686. Housed in a PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) Dupont hologram holder with CAC approval. PCGS #5719.
Standing Liberty  1920 1920
Choice $435 Consignor Pricing Reduction. So Close to Full Head, Light Copper Patina, Frosted Luster, A Pretty Piece, Lakeland Collection. Consignor Pricing Reduction. Please don't let the new gold label ANACS holder be an impediment for a purchase as this 1920 Standing Liberty quarter is a quality piece. Consistent mint bloom leads to frosted luster and vibrant cartwheels. Please look carefully at the GFRC images to view the head and shield rivets. Strike is so close to Full Head designation as the shield edge and rivets are boldly struck. The ear hole is also visible with only the top hair details not fully impressed. Coloration is a pretty light copper. Accurately graded and pleasing.
Standing Liberty  1923S 1923-S
Choice $2050 Better Standing Liberty Sate, Steely Frosted Luster, Peripheral Gold, CAC Approval. 1923 San Francisco struck Standing quarters amounted to 1,360,000. However, heavy circulation has limited availability for the host of collectors who pursue this 20th century series. This CAC approved example is impressive for its residual luster than emanates from fields best described as steely-frosted. Wear on the highest points is limited leaving bold devices. Peripheral copper-gold on the obverse nicely framed the light center. Surfaces are free of any notable marks. Overall a premium piece and worthy of CAC approval. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder.
Standing Liberty  1924S 1924-S
Iridescent Toning, Thick Frosted Luster, A Color Cavalcade. Some GFRC new purchases leaned themselves better to in-hand viewing rather than photographic presentation. This 1924-S quarter is clearly one of those situation where the camera sees darker surfaces while a bright light exposes a color cavalcade. Every color of the rainbow is present as lighting activates the full color spectrum that includes yellow gold, rose, and various green and blue hues. Luster is in the frosted camp with active cartwheels. If afraid that this gem will sell at a coin show if collectors don't trust this description. This quarter dollar is ideal for those that enjoy colorful patina and sharp luster. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2023) holder with CAC approval.
Standing Liberty  1926D 1926-D
Gem $475 Gem Original, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Speckled Copper-Orange Peripheral Toning. This gem 1926-D Standing quarter appears as if minted yesterday other than being stored in a paper roll that resulting in the rim copper-orange toning at the rims. This speckled toning extends into the obverse as illustrated. Surfaces are frosty brilliant and without aberrations. An unquestionable gem with character. Housed in new large font NGC holder with the all important (+) grade that is deserved.
Standing Liberty  1926D 1926-D
Choice $475 Eroded Dies, Brilliant Satiny White Luster, Typical Strike. GFRC clients who don't win lots in the Island City auction sale may wish to acquire this heavily frosted 1926-D Standing Liberty quarter as a consolation prize. Given the excessive die wear, satiny white luster erupts from every nook and cranny on this near-gem example. Strike is typical for the date. A long die crack originates from the olive branch steam and proceeds through I(N) to the rim. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval.
Standing Liberty  1927 1927
Choice $435 Choice Original, Island City Collection.. This richly toned example exhibits gold-olive patina in the protected areas, accompanied by a splash of charcoal hue, a pleasing combination for an issue difficult to locate with original color. Ample frost highlights the toning palette, and the overall eye appeal is healthy. Although not designated Full Head, the facial features are recognizable. CAC notes 70 coins total, with 12 pieces in MS64 and 31 examples finer. CAC assigns a value of $437 in MS64. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval. PCGS #5760.
Standing Liberty  1929 1929
Choice $825 Full Head Strike, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels. A well preserved 1929 Standing quarter that is fully struck with the outer and inner shield circles boldly outlined. Two rivets lack full separation while the head is complete. Bold strikes on later date mintages can be challenging to locate. This is a brilliant frosted example with faint peripheral gold that extends into the obverse. CAC has approved 39 at the certified grade with a 50% CDN guide price jump to the next grade. CAC MS64FH is $815 as reference. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval. The holder is well worn at the upper obverse and at the lower reverse. Two reverse haze spots are evident on the GFRC image.
Washington Quarters
Washington  1961 1961
Gem $325 Intensely Toned, Exceptionally Rainbowed Reverse, Incredible for Type . I've got to start this description with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation as I've blown away by the coloration when placed under a bright light. GFRC images just begin to scratch the surface and cannot illustrate the intensely rainbowed reverse. Mirrors have a watery texture and are a fitting backdrop to a host of colors that shift in and out when modulating the coin. The obverse hosts violet, pink, rose and blue shades while the reverse exhibits bullseye rainbow toning that is quite transparent. Forget the guide books as this piece is in a class of its own and warrants a strong premium. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.