Liberty Seated Double Dimes

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Variety attributions are listed with BF numbers from Lane Brunner's and John Frost's variety reference website.

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Photo Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 20C 1875 1875

Original $400 Original, Conservative Grading. Considerable remaining details for the VF30 assigned grade on this nice orginal piece. Obverse is toned an even light to medium gray with no blemishes. Reverse has old album toning with rainbow coloring; green/blues in the eagle that migrate to rose then deep red and blue at the upper rim. One can easily find 1875-S and 1875-CC examples at most coin shows but try to locate the underrated 1875 and 1876 dates. Mintage is only 36,910.
Seated 20C 1875CC 1875-CC
Choice $850 New May 7! Choice Original, Mountain View Collection.. Aquamarine-gold and rose hues are quite pleasing while the fields are unabraded on the 1875-CC BF-2 double dime. Bright light inspection exposes residual steely luster. The overall presentation is above average. The CAC price guide is $858 as reference. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert and CAC approval.
Seated 20C 1875S 1875-S
Original $435 New May 10! Double Dime Type Candidate, Satiny Luster, Pewter-Gold Coloration. Sadly, the double dime only circulated for two years due to confusion with the slightly larger quarter denomination. 1875 San Francisco mintage was substantial at 1,155,000 pieces making the date ideal for type set collectors. This example is the BF-9 die variety and offers thick satiny luster that is consistent on both sides. Coloration is best described as pewter-gold. I see residual mint frost through the peripheries. Overall strike is excellent with a nicely raised and complete LIBERTY on the scroll. Fairly priced and seeking a new home. Housed in new large font NGC holder.