Liberty Seated Quarters

1838 to 1855

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Pricing Comments:Liberty Seated quarters are probably the most under valued seated coinage denomination. The full date and mintmark set is extremely difficult to complete due to length and individual date rarities. Weak strikes are also an ongoing issue for many dates including weak head and breast details and incomplete definition of reverse feathers. You will find competitive retail asking prices for nice original and problem free coins. Quarters with small issues will be discounted accordingly.

Rotated Reverses:Reverse images are best effort to capture the actual reverse rotation with respect to obverse position. If a rotated reverse is seen in the images, then this is how the quarter appeared during photography and the descriptions may not include specific comments as to the observation.

Top 25 Varieties Information:Just click on the Top 25 Variety # to access detailed information published by Greg Johnson, noted Seated quarter varieties expert.

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Photo Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 25C 1839 1839
No Drapery
Briggs 1-A
Choice $2750 Open Claws, Partially Mirrored Obverse, Brilliant Radiance. Stocking quality for No Drapery Liberty Seated quarters has proven to be an ongoing challenges as so few reach the market place. This newly acquired 1839 example is quite eye catching with a lightly mirrored obverse and frosted reverse. During bright light review, undisturbed luster originates from both side. The certified grade could have been influenced by a faint diagonal rollier line that can be seen on the obverse image. Strike is so typical of the No Drapery era with weakness at the top of Liberty's head and those in the right field. Both in-hand and bright light eye appeal are quite pleasing and immediately compelled me to add to inventory. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert.
Seated 25C 1840 1840
With Drapery
Briggs 1-A
Choice $4950 New May 1! Drapery Type, Mirrored Fields, Grayish-Blue, Choice Overall, Quito Collection. Consignor Price Reduction. During the 1840 design hub transition from No Drapery to Drapery, the Philadelphia mint only struck the With Drapery design and produced 188,127 pieces. This date is accepted as being rare in Mint State with specimens being struck by heavily polished dies. The result is a mirrored finish in the fields. This same die finish has also been noted on 1840 Drapery Seated dimes. While inspecting with a 10x under angled lighting, diagonal die polished lines are evident on the obverse and behind all the reverse devices. A medium bluish-gray patina covers the obverse while the same coloration is decorated by peripheral copper gold on the reverse. A truly choice and pleasing example for the passionate Seated quarter collector. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Seated 25C 1840O 1840-O
With Drapery, Large O
Choice HOLD
Large O, Circulated Cameo Eye Appeal, Choice Original.. The 1840-O Drapery Large O die variety continues to grow in popularity as now listed in Cherrypickers. Upon publishing his 1992 Encyclopedia on the Seated quarter series, Briggs noted this variety to be R6 in all grades with only 16 verified. Briggs also notes that the reverse exhibits a double set of denticles that give the appearance of diagonal spurs running off the corners of the second cut denticles. We are pleased to be offering this well preserved specimen with crusty gray fields and notable circulated cameo eye appeal. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2024) holder. #395925
Seated 25C 1841O 1841-O
Briggs 3-D
Original $1485 New May 1! Repunched 1, Steely-Frosted Luster, Near-Choice Original, Quito Collection. Consignor Price Reduction. Light rose-gray skin nicely decorates the obverse of this 1841-O Seated quarter while the reverse has light gold hues. Bright light inspection exposes steely-frosted luster. The gown line and left facing breast are weakly struck as are the lower left eagle's leg and arrow feathers. Yet another Quito Collection release. Housed in PCGS Gen 3.1 (1993-1998) old green holder. Please note that the holder has a reverse edge chip on the upper left.
Seated 25C 1843O 1843-O
Large O
Briggs 3-F
Original $750 Large O. Near-Choice Original.. Briggs rates the 1843-O large O die pairing as an R6 rarity at the offered grade. This reverse is also known for multiple die rust pits at the mintmark and besides the upper right facing wing. The Liberty Seated Collectors Club has placed this variety into its Top 25 given its popularity. We are pleased to be offering an evenly worn example with light gray toning that shifts to blue shades at the rims. A few scattered ticks of no consequence are seen with 10x. An opportunity to acquire a key variety that is listed in all leading numismatic catalogs and price guides. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2024) holder. #395927
Seated 25C 1843O 1843-O
Large O
VG08 raw
Top 25: #5
Briggs 3-F
Original $450 Large O, Original, Medium Gray. A difficult variety to locate considering the obvious Large O mintmark. Offered example is toned a medium to darker gray with strong rims. A close inspection of the reeding indicates some smoothing over and a few small bumps that are seen on the obverse image.
Seated 25C 1845 1845
Briggs 4-D
Choice $7250 New April 24! Lone Certified Proof Like Example, Sharply Mirrored Fields, Mottled Aquamarine-Blue Hues. This 1845 Briggs 4-D specimen is truly unique during GFRC's tenure and that of PCGS. This is the lone No Motto Seated quarter to gain a PCGS Proof Like certification given the sharp mirrors on both sides. The bright light visuals are truly compelling with intense reflectance and light toning. Most numismatists would assume that this lot is a proof strike until checking the Briggs encyclopedia. Reported proof strikes will be found with a repunched date per Briggs 5-E listing. Mottled aquamarine-blue hues decorate the obverse while the reverse features copper-gold at the rim. The overall strike is deeply impressed and pleasing. A careful 10x inspection revealed two stray micro-lines below the left eagle claw as the only aberration requiring mention. This is a unique lot that belongs in the most advanced Seated quarter sets under construction. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2024) holder.
Seated 25C 1845 1845
Briggs 3-C
Choice $1250 New April 24! Repunched Date, Steely Reflectance, Complete Strike, Choice Original. This 1845 Briggs 3-C lot brought a trip back to the Briggs Encyclopedia with some warranted commentary. Briggs list this variety as Large 5 over Small 5 which is incorrect if one looks carefully at the 5 digit and punch layout. Though there appears to be a shorter flag on the earlier 5 digit punch, what we are seeing is the top of the punch whereby the flag of the 5 digit is shorter than at the base. This fact becomes easily seen with a 10x and understanding of how the date punch is constructed and inverted before being punched into the working die. This new example presents steely fields and consistent reflectance on both sides. The originality is unquestionable. Under a bright light, the obverse center shifts to an orange shade with faint gray in the fields. The reverse is a more consistent light gray. Some cartwheel is seen with strong movement on the reverse. The strike is complete with fully detailed head and star center points. The reverse eagle is crisp and deeply impressed. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder.
Seated 25C 1849O 1849-O
Briggs 1-A
Choice $5125 New May 1! New Orleans Key Date, Crusty Gray Patina, Choice Original Surfaces, Quito Collection. Consignor Price Reduction. The mintage for 1849 New Orleans strikes is unrecorded with Briggs estimating a mintage of 16,000 pieces. Few example ever reach the marketplace. The CAC population report further illustrates the dilemma facing collectors as only 17 have been approved in all grades with more than half grading between FA02 and F12. GFRC is pleased to report that the Quito Collection is releasing the single approved F15 specimen. This example is strictly original with consistent crusty gray patina on both sides. Surfaces are essentially unabraded and quite pleasing when one considers the amount of time in circulation and the opportunities for mistreatment. Honestly, the "price guides" are just that for this date as the overwhelming challenge is locating an example, let along a choice CAC approved specimen. Let's see how long this offering lasts on the 30 Day Price List. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.1 (2003-2004) holder with CAC approval.
Seated 25C 1851O 1851-O
Briggs 1-B
Original $750 Better New Orleans Date, Uniform Gray Patina, Southern Texas Collection. A scarce New Orleans date with mintage of only 88,000 pieces. Two reverse dies were paired with a single obverse to produce the coinage. The mintage circulated extensively in the deep South leading to few higher grade circulated survivors. The Southern Texas has released this accurately grade example with even wear and uniform gray patina. A few scattered marks are noted on the reverse. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Seated 25C 1852 1852
Briggs 1-A
Gem $22500 New May 1! Superb Gem Original, Condition Census, Repunched Date, Quito Collection. Consignor Price Reduction. The Quito Collection continues his releases of some amazing Liberty Seated quarters. Mintage of the 1852 date is 177,060 with PCGS having certified eight pieces between MS65, MS65+, and MS66, with none finer. The Quito lot is one of four certified at PCGS along with one of four approved at CAC. When checking CoinFacts and reviewing the Eugene Gardner specimen, which is the CoinFacts plate coin, it is readily apparent that the Quito specimen is superior to the Gardner coin in terms of strike and undisturbed luster. DLRC last sold the Gardner lot during August 2017 with CAC approval for $21,500. Previously, the same lot sold in Heritage's 2015 Gardner Sale, without CAC approval, for $18,800. You are invited to visit CoinFacts and the auction records to validate my findings. Bottom line, the Quito Collection specimen is exceptional and superior to the Gardner pedigreed example. This piece is an unmitigated "luster bomb" with old time light gold toning. This lot is worthy of the finest Seated coinage collections under construction. Housed in PCGS Gen 3.0 (1990-1993) holder with CAC approval.
Seated 25C 1852O 1852-O
Briggs 1-A
Original $2700 New April 19! Original, Saw Mill Run Collection.. Consignor Price Reduction. Along with the 1849-O, 1851-O, and 1891-O issues, the 1852-O is among the key dates in the New Orleans Seated quarter set. Silver-gray fields grace this example, highlighted by bits of charcoal patina evident in the protected areas. The strike is typical for the issue, with softly impressed stars. Strike, as opposed to circulation wear, is sometimes challenging to judge on mid-grade coins, but a careful examination of other 1852-O quarters quickly reveals similar characteristics. This piece is remarkably advanced in the condition census. PCGS has certified 104 pieces in all grades, with 12 pieces at the EF level, six coins in AU, and just two examples in Mint State. The PCGS price guide value is $3,000. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.1 (2002-2004) holder. PCGS #5420.
Seated 25C 1853 1853
Arrows & Rays

Original $225 Arrow & Rays Circulated Type, Steely-Frosted Luster, Light Olive-Gray. Consigor Buyout! Price Reduction. Crazy Joe is back with a new Seated quarter consignment that focuses on circulated Arrows type dates. This 1853 A&R lot offers steely obverse luster while the reverse tends more towards frosty. The reverse cartwheel is particularly vibrant. Toning is best described as light olive-gray without getting into exotic colors. Surfaces are evenly worn with light rub in the right obverse field. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder.
Seated 25C 1853O 1853-O
Arrows & Rays
Original $1300 Original, Eclectic Collection.. The filled-O reverse becomes scarce at higher grade levels, and it would be challenging to duplicate the current EF45 offering. This piece exhibits a middle die state, with the mintmark partially filled to the right. Greg Johnson's excellent article in Gobrecht Journal #118 (November 2013) features no less than six illustrations, which demonstrate the progressive deterioration as the mintmark internally collapses on the die face. As Briggs notes, this (Briggs 3-E) variety does not come well struck, as attested to by the weak stars and feathers, in addition to an overall lack of sharpness. Still, for the 1853-O die variety collector, this is an important example. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder.
Seated 25C 1854O 1854-O
With Arrows
Briggs 1-B
Choice $3150 New May 1! With Arrows Type, Granular Frosted Luster, Choice Overall, Quito Collection. Consignor Price Reduction. Bright light inspection of this Quito 1854-O Arrows quarter reveals granular frosted luster and vibrant cartwheels. These "creamy" surfaces are very reflective and certainly pleasing. The strike could be considered as delicate though complete. Both die are rusted, as the obverse exhibits rust pits above the knees, to the left of the root, and within the shield. The reverse eagle is entirely rusted along with the denomination. Dies are also lightly clashed. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2023) holder.
Seated 25C 1854O 1854-O
With Arrows
VF30 raw
Briggs 3-B
Original $385 Crumbled Die Obverse, Original Medium Gray Toning, Very Scarce Top 25 Seated Quarter Variety, Cleveland Collection . Consignor Price Reduction. The Crumbled Die obverse is many time more elusive that its Huge O counterpart but priced at a lower level. This example is one of the few encountered since operating GFRC. Die erosion around the date digits is severe with a broken right arrow typical of a very late die state. Surfaces are covered with gun metal gray patina and two blemishes to note for 100% disclosure. There is one chatter mark in the left obverse field by star 3 and some impact on the lower left facing forearm along with an ancient rim bruise by star 6. A raw specimen that is fairly graded at the VF30 level. An important Top 25 Seated Quarter variety duplicate from the Cleveland Collection. Considering the asking price, there is much rarity value here as this die variety becomes more well known and popular.
Seated 25C 1855 1855
With Arrows

Choice $1750 New May 23! Better With Arrows Date, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Untoned, Near-Gem Original. 1855 Seated quarters are constant demand as a better With Arrows Date with a meager pricing premium over the "common" 1853 A&R and 1854 Philadelphia issues. This offering is yet another release from decades of storage in a Florida bank box. A richly frosted example with creamy surfaces with close to pristine surfaces. With a 10x, faint vertical die polish lines are noted on the lower obverse. The strike is typical for the date with some weakness at the eagle's left facing left. This lot has been to CAC and was not approved most likely due to the untoned white surfaces. Housed in NGC Gen 10 (2003) holder. A very short production holder type with unique NGC label.
Seated 25C 1855 1855
With Arrows

Original $275 Arrows Type, Granular Frosted Luster, Mottled Olive-Gold Toning. Consigor Buyout! Price Reduction. The 1855 With Arrows date is much better than its earlier predecessors. Crazy Joe is letting loose a well preserved example that is accurately graded. Surfaces are layered with an olive-gold patina that could be best described as mottled. The underlying luster has a granular frosted textures. This piece is unquestionable original with pleasing bright light radiance. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Seated 25C 1855S 1855-S
With Arrows
AU Details PCGS
Briggs 1-A
Original $900 Original, Eclectic Collection.. Ample luster is evident in the protected areas of this better-date San Francisco piece. While not as highly coveted as the 1855-S half dollar, this remains a scarce issue with a population of 128 pieces in all grades at PCGS. Smoky patina fills the fields of this coin, with crust evident in the reverse shield. A field line is noted, running from star 4 to 7. Briggs 1-A, with feather detail removed to accommodate the top of the mintmark. Housed in a PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder, AU Details, Scratch notation.
Seated 25C 1855S 1855-S
With Arrows

Choice $600 First Year San Francisco Issue, Choice Original, Undergraded. Consigor Buyout! Price Reduction. Crazy Joe rounds his consignment with a choice 1855-S quarter that has been obviously undergraded. Astute Seated quarter collectors should check the images and draw their own conclusions. Please check the full upper leg, near complete gown line (due to strike), and the raised scroll. The is certainly an initial year San Francisco strike with weak reverse devices. Under the dirty gray patina one will find steely fields. After checking with a 10x, I'm in on the fact that the surfaces are perfectly original. A better Seated quarter date that warrants a notable premium when fully choice. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.