Walking Liberty Halves

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Walking Liberty 50C 1916 1916
Choice $915 First Year Issue, Brilliant Frosted Luster, CAC Approval, Twin Lakes Collection. A nicely frosted 1916 Walking Liberty half with brilliant luster during bright light inspection. Light peripheral gold toning is noted on both sides. Essentially unabraded with a single contact mark at the obverse stem end that is well hidden. Typically struck for the 1916 issue. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) Dupont hologram holder with CAC approval.
Walking Liberty 50C 1916D 1916-D
Gem $3250 First Year Denver Design Issue, Pretty Golden-Rose Shades, Gem Original. The 1916 Philadelphia and Denver struck Walking Liberty halves have comparable rarity in the higher Mint State grades. I could not resist adding this notable gem Denver example to inventory. A well frosted example with radiant luster and the expected cartwheels given a moderate golden patina that turns to rose closer to the peripheries. If luster and superb eye appeal are your cup of tea, this new offering might warrant a closer look. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2023) holder with CAC approval.
Walking Liberty 50C 1923S 1923-S
Choice $4250 Dirty Gray Patina, Frosted Luster, Choice Original, Important Grade, Twin Lakes Collection. Consignor Price Reduction. From 1923 to 1928, the San Francisco mint issued coinage for only three years; 1923-S, 1927-S, and 1928-S. The 1923-S is the better date among the three with an AU58 CAC approved example being released by Twin Lakes. This is a light gray toned example with the typical high rims and "dished" appearance. Frosted luster originates from granular textured mint bloom. Fields are pristine and pleasing. Everyman set builders should take a close look at this choice example. Priced at the CDN CAC Guide. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder.
Walking Liberty 50C 1929D 1929-D
Choice $500 New May 4! Beautifully Preserved, Frosted Luster, Peripheral Gold, CAC Approval. The 1929-D Walker date is a middle of the road issue given its mintage of only one million. While not as rare as the 1929-S and similar to the 1933-S, this date commands a reason premium in higher grades. This Running Boar release excels in terms of originality with its natural light gold patina overall and darker shades at the peripheries. Luster is best described as granular frosted. There is light rub on the right facing breast but little else. A lovely piece that is certain to please the new owner. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2023) holder with CAC approval.
Walking Liberty 50C 1933S 1933-S
Choice $2875 Scarce at Grade, Crusty Patina, Hammered Strike, Lakeland Collection. As a Great Depression issue, 1933-S strikes were not saved in any substantial quantities leading to scarcity in Mint State. CAC has only approved 42 examples at the offered grade level with 94 finer. This is noteworthy given a mintage of 1,786,000. The Lakeland Collection is releasing a near-gem original example that has thick gray patina. Luster features frosted texture though muted by the thick patina. Strike is absolutely hammered with deeply impressed skirt lines, thumb, and head details. Collectors who value strict originality over brilliant frosted luster should carefully consider this example. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2023) holder with CAC approval.
Walking Liberty 50C 1934D 1934-D
Choice $600 New May 7! Near-Gem Original.. Coin collecting came into its own in the 1930s, with the advent of coin boards that sold into the millions. Most people pursued lower denomination pieces, typically cents, but the coin mania bled into higher denominations as well. Today, Mint State examples from this era are more affordable than those of the previous decade, especially for Branch Mint issues. This frosty 1934-D half is largely untoned with only a few bits of deeper patina evident. CAC notes 197 pieces total. The CAC price guide value is $406. Housed in a PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Walking Liberty 50C 1935 1935
Gem $275 Gem Original, Luster, Perpherial Gold Toning, Union Bridge Collection. This Union Bridge 1935 Walking Liberty half resides in an ANACS old white holders with accurate grading. A frosted lustrous piece with peripheral gold toning and hints of ebony at the extreme obverse rim. A gem grade earlier Philadelphia strike that offers ample eye appeal. Housed in ANACS old white holder
Walking Liberty 50C 1936 1936
Gem $6000 New May 7! Gem Original, Island Lake Collection.. This is stunning proof Walker with deep, glassy fields and icy central figures. The familiar "black and white" effect is readily evident as the coin is tilted under a light. The Mint produced 3,901 examples in this year, the lowest total in the proof Walker series, and CAC has certified only 35 of these finer, all at the PR67 level. The CAC price guide value is $5,750. This piece originates from the Island Lake collection, an especially picky consignor with an instinctive eye for the best coins. Housed in a new large font NGC holder with CAC approval.
Walking Liberty 50C 1937D 1937-D
Gem $900 Brilliant Frosted Luster, Light Copper-Gold Toning, Complete Strike, Lakeland Collection. The 1937-D and 1937-S Walking Liberty dates are equally scarce in Mint State with mintages of 1,676,000 and 2,090,000. Truly original and undipped example are scarce in full gem based on CAC approval rates. CAC has approved 103 Denver strikes at the MS65 grade. This example screams originality with its brilliant frosted luster and faint copper-gold toning. Bright light exposure releases frosted luster and vibrant cartwheels. Strike is nearly complete with just a touch of definition weakness at the thumb. Surfaces are pristine with some die polished lines seen during 10x review. A classic gem that warranted close scrutiny. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Walking Liberty 50C 1940 1940
Gem $600 New April 20! Brilliant Watery Mirrors, Gem Original, Fully Struck, Island Lake Collection. One benefit for handling super gem Walking Liberty proofs is the ability to see the entire extent of a full strike. Case in point is this gorgeous 1940 proof half with deeply impressed motifs that showcase the beauty of the Adolph Weinman contemporary design. Skirt lines are fully defined along with the thumb and fore finger on the right facing hand. This untoned piece presents watery mirrors and brilliant reflectance to boot! With nearly all of the Island Lake Collection offerings being CAC approved, I'm unable to locate a specific reason for why this one does not sport a green bean as the overall presentation is quite high. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Walking Liberty 50C 1943D 1943-D
Gem $1750 Brilliant Frosted Luster, Complete Strike, Pristine Surfaces, Lakeland Collection. Approaching "perfection" best describes this superb gem 1943-D Walking Liberty half dollar. Creamy mint frost covers both sides along with faint gold patina that is a touch deeper at the rims. Thick frosted luster appears when placed under angled lighting along with vibrant cartwheels. Strike is hammered with all device details deeply impressed including the top most skirt lines and thumb. Finally, the surfaces are entirely pristine without tiny abrasions during 10x review. The certified MS67+ grade and CAC approval place this Lakeland Collection offering at the condition census as CAC has yet to approved a single MS68. Pricing a coin at this quality level is challenging. The PCGS price guide number of MS67+ is $2750 with auction records consistent with the offer price. A superb gem for those building the finest registry sets. Housed in new large font NGC holder with CAC approval.
Walking Liberty 50C 1945S 1945-S
Gem $450 Brilliant Frosted Luster, Peripheral Copper-Gold, Gem Original, Lakeland Collection. Brilliant frosted luster and vibrant cartwheels are promptly noted when placing this superb gem 1945-S half dollar under angled lighting. Mint frost is continuous on both side along with unabraded surfaces. Rims are sharp and without a single contact mark. Peripheral copper-gold toning is stronger on the obverse but also evident on the reverse. Center obverse strike is incomplete with missing upper skirt lines and partial thumb. Housed in new large font NGC holder.