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At GFRC, a JUST BUY IT NOW designation is special and not taken lightly. When examining early silver type and United States gold in volume, gems or better value offerings quickly become apparent. These are no-brainer offerings that should be immediately scooped up at the asking prices based on my years of experience. When I find a coin compelling and potentially worthy of my collection, then the JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is added to a listing.

There are 18 JUST BUY IT NOW Coins for Sale. New coin(s) added on May 31, 2023

Photo Type Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Half & 1, 2 and 3 Cents
Indian 1C 1871 Indian 1C 1871
Bold N

Choice $785 Semi-Key Date, Thick Chocolate-Brown Skin, Well Struck, CAC Approval. A low mintage issue with suggestions that a portion of the mintage was melted during the mid to late 1870s. This semi-key date offering is superb for the grade and a near-gem. Surfaces are covered with a uniform chocolate-brown "skin". Fields are unabraded with some light verdigris surrounding the reverse motifs. I'm going with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation given the overall eye appeal. Ideal for a very selective AU58 CAC collector. Housed in new NGC large font holder with CAC approval.
5 Cents
Seated 5C 1856 Seated 5C 1856

Gem $650 Exceptional Eye Appeal, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Gem Original, Mirror Collection. Let's start this description with an immediate JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation as this is one of the finest 1856 half dimes I've seen while operating GFRC. This date typically comes weakly or unevenly struck with partial denticles. The Mirror Collection has released a splendid example with tons of eye appeal. Luster is brilliant and richly frosted. The obverse strike is hammered but with the usual partial or missing denticles. Delicate motifs are seen on the reverse and are a function of a shallow working die hub rather than strike weakness. Just a fantastic example that will be appreciated for years. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with fresh CAC approval.
Liberty V 5C 1905 Liberty V 5C 1905

Gem $550 Ideal Liberty 5c Type, Dazzling Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Fully Struck. If attempting an early type set and searching for the right Liberty nickel, this 1905 gem example might fit the bill! A superb survivor with dazzling frosted luster and swirling cartwheels. This piece certainly rocks under a bright light and is an exciting viewing experience. Faint gold toning is more prevalent on the obverse. Strike is fully executed. This offering has eye appeal of a higher grade but a small mark on the reverse explains the certified grade per technical standards. I'm so impressed with this piece that a JUST BUY IT NOW call is necessary. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder with CAC approval.
Buffalo 5C 1913 Buffalo 5C 1913
Type 1

Gem $350 New May 30! Type 1 Design, Frosted Pewter Eye Appeal, Superb Gem . This new acquisition, from a well established New Hampshire collection, is an absolute gem and will please the most selective collector. This 1913 Type 1 has sharply frosted surfaces along with the expected cartwheel at the grade level. In hand pewter coloration nicely shifts to center rose and peripheral blue-gray. Another JUST BUY IT NOW call out is necessary. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
10 Cents
Seated 10C 1875 Seated 10C 1875
Choice $625 Rare Misplaced 5 in Base Variety, Reflective Luster, Near-Gem. As a collector assembling the later published The Definitive Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors, I searched for over a decade for the 1875 F-106 misplaced 5 in the base specimen. The Greer plate coin was the only example known to me. Since operating GFRC, I've seen a few others including an MS65 specimen. I remain thrilled to be handling this lovely MS64 example for a second time. A fully struck specimen with lightly mirrored fields and a semi-transparent layer of faint gray-rose patina. The misplaced 5 digit is well defined in the base. I'm going with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation at the asking price. Treat yourself and add this special offering to a collection! Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Seated 10C 1889 Seated 10C 1889
Gem $675 Glowing Satiny Luster, Superb Bright Light Eye Appeal, Lakeland Collection. A marvelous 1889 unlisted Seated dime that warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. When I first laid eyes on this piece, the immediate thought was a CAC submission given the gem surfaces, glowing satiny luster, and oh, the beautiful toning. This dime brings on the eye appeal. The GFRC images suggest obverse finger print toning which is correct. However, my images are again worse case with the coin in hand showcasing more uniform obverse toning. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder.
20 Cents
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.
25 Cents
Seated 25C 1860 Seated 25C 1860

$600 Type II/I Design Hubs, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Light Gold Patina, Conservative Grading. Ex. Saw Mill Run Collection. A superbly toned 1860 Philadelphia strike with wonderful preservation that deserves a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. The steely frosted luster offers considerable reflectance under angled lighting. Cartwheels are vibrant and certainly pleasing. Toning has subtle golden-rose hues with deeper shades on the obverse. Struck from Type II obverse and Type I reverse design hubbed dies. Strike is nearly complete with a touch of weakness at the top of Liberty's head and surrounding two stars. Conservatively graded as I've seen similar in AU58 holders. A quality offering that should not last long on the price list regardless of the premium. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder.
50 Cents
Seated 50C 1859 Seated 50C 1859

Choice $400 New May 10! Old Time Eye Appeal, Golden-Gray Toning, Steely Fields. Let's go with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation for this above average 1859 half. This is a piece that I would not hesitate to send to CAC for evaluation as that nice. However, the economics are currently not compelling. 'Superb" best describes the presentation as the golden-gray toning is enhance by steely fields and undistracted luster. Under a bright light, the obverse shifts to rose-gray while the reverse shows a predominance of gold. Fields are essentially unabraded while the top obverse strike has weakness. I love this survivor and you will too! Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Seated 50C 1873 Seated 50C 1873
With Arrows

Choice $360 New May 31! With Arrows Type, Superb Eye Appeal, Steely Luster, Bright Light Rainbow Toning Rings. This GFRC buyback 1873 Seated half warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. In-hand coin gray coloration gives way to pastel rainbow ring toning under a light source. Steely fields still retain a reasonable amount of reflective luster. Well struck with some light chatter in the fields that is acceptable in light of the superb eye appeal at grade. Worthy of a visit to CAC for their inspection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Seated 50C 1890 Seated 50C 1890

Gem $8250 Popular Later Date, Luscious Coloration and Luster, Superb Gem Original, Mountaineer Collection. It was certainly a thrill to receive this superb gem 1890 Seated half dollar via the Mountaineer Collection. "Luscious" comes to mind when viewing this piece under a bright light as so well balanced. Strike, luster, and toning are ideally matched and equally pleasing. Immediately obvious is the rich frosted luster that is entirely uninterrupted with field anomalies. Cartwheels are as expected for an MS66 certified and CAC approved half. Finally, the rose and blues gently grace the completely strike motifs. This gem has the look that will please the most selective specialist. I don't often issue a JUST BUY IT NOW for a higher four figure coin but this piece deserves the nod. Housed in PCGS Gen 3.1 (1993-1998) old green holder with CAC approval.
Barber 50C 1902 Barber 50C 1902

Choice $650 New April 23! Super Eye Appeal, Swirling Steely Cartwheels, Choice Surfaces, Black Point Collection. Though this superb 1902 Barber half is not CAC approved, I'm fearless and calling a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Contrary to many of the halves in the new Black Point consignment, this piece is partially mirrored rather than exhibiting soft granular frost. Cartwheels are vibrant while a 10x check verified faint rub on the cheek and lower bust. Bottom line, the light mirrors and peripheral copper-gold toning tender an enjoyable viewing experience. This one has been graded properly and is housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2023) holder.
1 Dollar
Seated $1 1846 Seated $1 1846

Choice $3650 Superbly Preserved, Rose-Gray Obverse Patina, Pristine Steely Fields, Fully Struck. An attractive and well preserved 1846 Seated dollar that warrants attention. Steely fields issue notable reflectance under angled lighting. This a fully choice example with intermixed mottled aquamarine, rose, and gray shades on the obverse while the reverse sports patches of olive surrounded by midnight blues. Fields are essentially unabraded and most pleasing during a 10x inspection. Worthy of a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in new large font NGC holder. Please note that the images emphasize greenish shades while the coin in hand will exhibit strong rose tones.
Trade $1 1877 Trade $1 1877

Choice $845 New May 25! Tougher Philadelphia Strike, Golden-Gray Patina, Frosty Luster, CAC Approval. This 1877 Philadelphia struck Trade dollar is all that one could ask for when CAC approved. Both sides are covered with a golden-gray "skin" that screams originality. Surfaces are well preserved and choice. Bright light inspection exposes frosty golden luster with some cartwheel action. This piece is so appealing that a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is hereby made! Priced a tad below the CAC price guide. Housed in new large font NGC holder with edge view insert.
Gold G$2.5 1899 Gold G$2.5 1899

Gem $1000 New May 4! Brilliant Frosted Luster, Gem Original, Why No Gold CAC?. Intense frosted luster drips from this gem 1899 $2.5 Liberty gold offering from the Running Boar Collection. The cartwheels are equally amazing. The "why no Gold CAC bean" question was rhetorical and to stimulate interest. A 10x review revealed a few faint reverse micro-lines that are holding back a two full point higher grade. I've seen MS64s that did not have this level of luster and blatantly pleasing eye appeal. This lot is a no question JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in pristine NGC Gen 7 (1997-2000) holder with CAC approval.
Gold G$2.5 1906 Gold G$2.5 1906

Gem $985 New May 20! Superb Eye Appeal, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, A Gem, Wisconsin Gold Collection.. Let's go with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation for this eye catching 1906 $2.5 Liberty strike. This piece is very well balanced and will please the buyer for sure. Immediately noted is the brilliant frosted luster that radiates from honey green-gold surfaces. Swirling cartwheels arrive with angled lighting. Surfaces are close to pristine with a single well hidden chat line holding back full gem certification. Not sent to CAC by GFRC or the Wisconsin Gold consignor and moving directly to the price list. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder.
Gold G$3 1878 Gold G$3 1878

Choice $2650 Ideal for $3 Gold Type, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Honey Green-Gold Coloration, CAC Approval. 1878 Philadelphia struck $3 gold was produced to the tune of 82,304 pieces, a fairly low number by silver coinage standards but not for $3 gold. This "high" mintage leads to not date or rarity premium and perfect candidate for a U.S. gold type set. Next is the fact that this is a premium example that warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Frosty luster is thoroughly eye catching as are the smooth green-gold fields. The kind CAC staff agreed and awarded this piece a green bean. I'm tight on this coin so please consider my profit as a finder's fee. This one is 100% guaranteed to please. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2023) holder with CAC approval.
Gold G$5 1909S Gold G$5 1909-S
NGC Fatty

Choice $11500 New May 1! Spectacular Eye Appeal, Rich Orange Gold, Steely Luster, Just Remarkable. The Osprey Collection has out done himself with this spectacular 1909-S $5 gold piece. Maybe I'm just a hardcore fan of deep orange gold coloration but this offering warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. The fields are steely sharp under angled lighting with bright orange reflectance. CAC population stands at only 64 total and 15 at grade. CAC price guide is $11,400 at grade and consistent with the offer price. Housed in NGC Gen 4 no line brown label Fatty holder with CAC approval.
Gold G$5 1911 Gold G$5 1911

Choice $4175 Gorgeous Orange Satiny Luster, Near-Gem Eye Appeal, Osprey Collection. 1911 brought the dedication of the New York Public Library with William Taft as president. Over at the Philadelphia Mint, half eagle gold production resulted in 915,000 strikes. The 1911 $5 Indian is typically seen in the lower Mint State grades with availability dropping off at the near-gem level. CAC has approved a total of 108 at the MS64 grade, making this offering ideal for a type set since no date rarity premium. This Osprey Collection offering is super choice with intense orange satiny luster. Bright light inspection exposes the background green-gold coloration. Strike is all there too. An impressive example that warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder with CAC approval.
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.