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Liberty Seated Dime Varieties LEGAL DISCLOSURE

All "Suggested Premiums" are defined on a BEST EFFORT basis by the author. BEST EFFORT means the "Suggested Premiums" are based on the author's understanding, at the time of the creation of this numismatic documentation, of each variety's rarity and the current pricing premiums that these varieties are commanding or could be commanding in the current market place based on existing or perceived availability. As with any numismatic pricing guide, the stated Pricing or "Suggested Premiums" are subject to change based on variability in collector demand, availability of specimens for sale, and general numismatic and/or economic conditions. The author, in no way, makes any offer or guarantee to buy or sell the listed Seated Dime varieties at the "Suggested Premiums".



Continued reporting of unlisted varieties within the scope of this website and book to the author will be appreciated. All correspondence should occur via email at Scans of unlisted varieties are useful and should accompany the correspondence.




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