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Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Gold G$2.5 1907 Gold G$2.5 1907

Choice $500 Near-Gem Original, Rich Frosty Luster, Hammered Strike, Chicago ANA New Purchase. 1907 brought the final year of Philadelphia struck $2.5 quarter eagles. Mintage is a reasonable 336,294 with a host of survivors in all Mint States grades. The date is therefore a prime target for type set collectors at common date pricing levels. The challenge is always locating the best possible specimens with above average surfaces and eye appeal. This lovely 1907 quarter eagle offering is a near-gem with moderate orange gold patina and a hammered strike. Frosty luster and active cartwheels are consistent with the assigned grade. Housed in Gen 4.1 (2002-2004) holder.