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Seated 50C 1875CC Seated 50C 1875-CC
Choice SOLD
New May 27! Rare Die Variety, Proof Like, Complete Strike, Murphys Collection. Regardless of one's opinion on the status of so-called branch Mint proofs, there is no denying that the Carson City Mint produced highly prooflike coinage in the mid-1870s. This piece is a prime example with flashy, mirrorlike fields that easily merit a PL designation, although this piece is not certified as such. The frosty devices contrast boldly with the mirrored fields, and one easily perceives a "black and white" feel when tilting the coin. The strike is superb with fully outlined stars and exquisite feather detail. WB-1, which Bugert rates as R-6, identified by the prominent lump in the obverse shield horizontals. Housed in an old NGC holder with CAC approval. This is an eye-catching piece and will attract considerable attention. December 1969