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Seated 25C 1891 Seated 25C 1891
Choice SOLD
Misplaced Date, Choice Original, Eclectic Collection.. The FS-301 (Briggs 7-G) quarter exhibits misplaced 8 and 9 punches in the obverse dentils, below the date. While dies were mass produced in this era, the application of dates and mintmarks remained a manual operation, leading to all manner of variance in the individual dies. This lustrous piece exhibits only wear at the high points, while a sprinkle of grey patina fills the stars, date, and legend. Stars to the right are softly struck, while nearly all of the claw joints are distinctly impressed. Moderate die clashing is evident on both sides. The CAC population is 108 pieces in all grades. Housed in an NGC Gen 5 (1992-1995) holder. December 1969