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Seated 50C 1861O Seated 50C 1861-O
Choice SOLD
Louisiana Administration W-4, Near-Gem, Newtown Collection. The Newtown consignment offers a wide variety of 1861-O halves and represents an excellent opportunity to start or continuing building a set of the 15 die marriages. This W-4 is characterized by an upward sloping date and a reverse die crack connecting ST and ATES. This piece was struck under Louisiana state control, one of six such varieties (W-3 through W-8). The obverse reveals a splash of evergreen patina, while the reverse is more deeply shaded. Bits of charcoal and russet patina additionally reside at the rims, while central devices exhibit original silver color. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.6 (2003-2004) holder. December 1969