Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 25C 1891S Seated 25C 1891-S

Gem $425 New June 27! Gem Original, Former Saw Mill Run and Tenafly Collections.. Despite a mintage over two million pieces, choice survivors are few and the CAC population stands at 38 pieces in all grades. This gem 1891-S quarter originates from both the Saw Mill Run and Tenafly Collection and deserves similar placement after a buyback. Eye appeal is that of Choice Mint State. Shimmering cartwheels and intermixed olive-rose and gold toning are delightful during bright light inspection. No long description is required as first sold by GFRC as a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval.