An undertaking of this magnitude requires collaboration. Many individuals contributed directly or indirectly to the long process of assembling and publishing the known die varieties for Liberty Seated dimes. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to those important individuals who helped make this numismatic research project possible.

To Brian Greer: Thank-you for the mentorship during the early 1990's. By recruiting me to work with you on Liberty Seated Collector Club (LSCC) population surveys, I gain my initial exposure and passion for Liberty Seated Dimes. When you gave me the opportunity to include a few of my discovered varieties in your Seated Dime book, the embryonic desire to construct a comprehensive catalog of Seated Dime varieties was formed. Finally, thank-you for allowing me to use the formats and rarity information from your "Complete Guide To Liberty Seated Dimes". It is my sincere hope that Liberty Seated Dime specialist will find continuity between your book and this web-book based on the generous offer to permit the usage of existing formats.

To Kam Ahwash: Your Encyclopedia Of United States - Liberty Seated Dimes has become my numismatic bible and a source of inspiration for continuing to press forward with this endeavor. I only wish that we could have met before your untimely death to acknowledge the motivation that your pioneering work provided.

To Bob Levi: Bob owned a local coin shop in South Portland, Maine called "Maine Gold and Silver". It was Bob Levi who supplied me with access to nice Seated dimes in the late 1980's. Bob offered me the opportunity to buy a significant amount of his completed Seated Dime set. There were jewels in that set, many of which I still own today. Of course, I will never forget the day that Bob offered his 1874-CC dime in choice EF for $5000. That amount of money, at the time, was well beyond my budget. I only wish that I had met Jim O'Donnell earlier.

To Chris Pilliod: Chris, thank-you for teaching me how to properly grade Liberty Seated Dimes. I will always remember the times we spent together at major shows and coin auction previews. Your understanding of the metallurgy of United State coinage is unsurpassed. Your friendship and support over the years will always be remembered. Your ongoing feedback on the quality of this project has improved the final outcome.

To John McCloskey: As President of the LSCC, you have had a significant influence on the quality of this project. Your literary standards for the Gobrecht Journal are unsurpassed. Your patience with my submissions to the Gobrecht Journal was beyond the call of duty as editor. Those standards have motivated me to seek a comprehensive outcome for my Seated Dime variety research. Finally, I thank-you for the important feedback that you provided during the early phase of this project and the opportunity to highlight the computerized approach for the book at the LSCC meeting during the 2001 ANA convention.

To Jim O'Donnell: Thank-you for the mentorship on Liberty Seated Dime rarities. Your knowledge of mint state Seated Dime rarities has guided many of acquisitions over the years. I will never forget the comment, "The ones (mint state Seated Dimes) that hurt most financially are the important rarities and are the long term valuable purchases". Our hours of general discussions at the major coin shows have been thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. (Jim's death was a significant loss to the Liberty Seated Collector Club and numismatic history).

To Kevin Zeitler: The depth of the New Orleans Seated Dime research in this book is attributed to the help from Kevin. Kevin shared both his knowledge of the New Orleans Seated Dimes and his collection in support of the web-book research. My sincere thanks for the help and the numerous phone conversations, where we compared notes on the latest important dimes to hit the auction block.

To Michael Fey: Thank-you for the advice and feedback on the book project as it was nearing the point of completion. Your publishing guidance inspired the creation of the Major 100 Die Varieties listing for Seated Dimes. Your thoughts on promoting the project influenced the final format of the website. Your continued feedback after the release of the web-book has been thoroughly appreciated.

To Paul Bradley: Thank-you for volunteering to proof read the entire early web-book content. Your numerous emails suggesting improvement and edits were very beneficial towards the quality of the web-book lunch during 2004. Also thank-you for sharing numerous dimes as plate coins.

To Tim Cook: Thank-you for sharing your dimes for incremental research. Tim, there is no question that your Seated Dime variety collection is one of the finest in existence. It was my pleasure to be able to examine many of your dimes and to include several as part of the web-book reference.

To Heritage Rare Coins: Thank-you for the use of the "Auction Archives" and the permission to include photographs from the archives into this book. The pioneering Heritage approach for using the web as a numismatic marketing vehicle provided me with the vision to move forward with a web-book publishing format.

To Paul Gurney and Tim Dietz: The staff of Tim Dietz Associates has been incredibly supportive and insightful as the publishing concepts for the book evolved. Your guidance and recommendations simplified the process. Paul, you have been an incredible pleasure to work with, sharing files and emails at all times of the day and night as we worked to hit the ANA 2004 deadline. Many thanks Paul, for your efforts.

To My Wife, Diane: Thank-you for the years of patience that you have shown while I developed this Liberty Seated Dime die variety collection and the ensuing book. You provided the understanding and support for the time and financial commitments to complete this project. You are a loving wife who gave her husband the space to pursue his dream.

To my important sources of Liberty Seated dimes, thank-you.

Chris Pilliod, Brian Greer, Bob Levi, Jason Carter, Jim O'Donnell, Heritage Rare Coins, Kevin Zeitler, Liz Coggins and Gail Watson at JJ Teaparty, Dr. Eugene Bruder, eBay Community, Terry Searcy, Harry Smith, Stack's, Alpine, Bowers and Merena, and Superior Galleries.

Thank you to individuals who shared their Liberty Seated dimes as plate coins.

Mike Atkins, Paul Bradley, Tim Cook, John McCloskey, Lynn Ourso, Dan Pintar, Jim Smith, Kevin Zeitler.


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