Goonybird - Sky Shriek

Kit# 0855


Designer: Wayne Kellner and Mike Dorffler

Production Years: 1973-1975

Retail Pricing Range: $2.50

Rarity: Very Rare in Shrink Wrapped Condition, Moderately Rare in Opened Box Condition

Description: Estes released a group of six model rockets in 1973 called the Goonybirds and described them as the "Zaniest flying freaks in the universe". The Goonybirds were a goofy line of rocket kits designed to appeal to kids. The design were cartoon like. The model rocket community had mixed reaction to these offerings. They were loved or hated. Since their release and demise during 1975, sport rocketeers have copied the wacky Goonybird approach for kitbashing other favorite Estes rocket designs or upscaling the original Goonybird models. An excellent kitbashing presentation on the Goonybird theme was prepared by Ed Chess and Mark Bundick of the Fox Valley Rocketeers. Their Feburary 7, 2009 power point presentation is worth the time to download and review. Just click here!

Availability: Locating Goonybird kits in their original shrink wrapped box will be very challenging as few examples appear on eBay and bring substantial monies when listed. More commonly, an occasion opened box Goonybird kit may appear at more reasonable prices. Not all of the Goonybird kits enjoyed similar popularity during the brief 1973-1975 catalog timeframe. In terms of rarity from lowest to highest availability, I would rate the Goonybird series as follows.

Star Snoop (Rare), Sky Shriek (Moderately Rare), Cloud Hooper, Galaxy Guppy (Scare), Zoom Broom (Moderately Scare) and Missile Toe (Moderately Common)

The Goonybirds are a true piece of Estes model rocketry history


Additional information can be found at the following links;

JimZ Kit Plan Link: Estes0855

Specifications: Length: 8.0", Diameter: 1.637"

Recommended 13 mm Engines: 1/2A3-2T, A3-4T, A10-3T


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