Kit# 1370

Version 3 Orange Skill Level Hang Tag


Images by Gerry Fortin

Designer: Unknown

Production Years: 1981-1984

Retail Pricing Range: $3.50-$5.25

Rarity: Very Scarce

Description: Estes Meteor model rocket kit #1370 appeared in the Estes 1981 through 1984 catalogs. Kit packaging is an orange Version 3 skill level paper hang tag paired with a uniform darker orange facecard with an overlaid gray Meteor rocket that is in flight. The Meteor is a simple skill level 1 kit for 18mm engines and streamer recovery.

Hang Tag (Header Card) Guide

Kit Contents: The kit contains a body tube, plastic nose cone, die cut balsa sheets, 18 mm engine mount, decal sheet, launch lug and instruction sheet.

Availability: I consider this kit to be quite scarce and probably rare based on a small number of eBay appearances. However, there are no unique features for this kit that would make it a desireable collector's item on stand alone basis.

Additional information can be found at the following links;

JimZ Kit Plan Link: Estes1370 Estes1370

Specifications: Length: 18.6", Diameter: 0.976", Weight: 0.94 oz.

Recommended 18 mm Engines: 1/2A6-2, A8-3, A8-5, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7


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