Star Ship Nova

Kit# 1371

Version 3 Rainbow Hang Tag - Large Letters

Images from eBay

Designer: Unknown

Production Years: 1981-1984

Retail Pricing Range: $6.00-$8.25

Rarity: Rare

Description: The Estes Star Ship Nova was first listed in the 1981 catalog and offered through 1984. This kit is rare and locating different packaging examples has proven to be very difficult. Therefore this listing covers the four production years with the possibility that Star Ship Nova kits can be located with rainbow and black paper hang tags. The facecard artwork is colorful with inflight Star Ship Nova rocket image overlaid on a blue, purple and pink backgroun sky. The classic Estes launch sequence diagram is illustrated on the facecard.

Please note that the eBay imaged kit has a Version 3 large letters rainbow hang tag. This is the only kit that I have seen with the Version 3 tag though I do expect more to be located as collectors start searching for this rare hang tag variety.

Hang Tag (Header Card) Guide

The Star Ship Nova is a skill level 3 kit of an inter-galatic explorer ship with host of on board weapons including multiple phaser banks, photon torpedoes and energy deflector shields. Estes markets the Star Ship Nova as an exotic sports flyer or as a display model. The Star Ship Nova is a popular kit, when located, and was voted as one of the Top 20 Estes exotic kits on the Ye Olde Rocketry Forum during November 2009. The rocket is powered with 18mm engines and recovered with an 18" parachute.

Kit Contents: The kit contains main and short body tubes, another body tube, plastic nose cone, split centering rings, retaining rings, die cut balsa for fins, die cut card, pattern sheet, two wood dowels, an 18mm engine mounting system, multi color decal sheet, 18" parachute, launch lug and instruction sheet.

Availability: This kit is rare and highly desireable. It is one of the few rainbow hang tag series kits missing from the author's personal collection. Since not owning a kit, it is difficult to comment on the rainbow hang tag paper quality. Maybe this version rainbow hang tag was printed on thicker paper?

Additional information can be found at the following link;

JimZ Kit Plan Link: Estes1371

Specifications: Length: 19.75", Diameter: 0.976", Weight: 2.3 oz.

Recommended 18 mm Engines: B4-2, B6-2, C5-3, C6-3


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