Maxi Streak

Kit# 1387

Black Paper Hang Tag

Pink Background Facecard


Images by Gerry Fortin

Designer: Unknown

Production Years: 1982-1984

Retail Pricing Range: $4.75-$5.25

Rarity: Moderately Scarce

Description: Estes Maxi Streak model rocket kit #1387 appeared in the Estes 1982 through 1984 catalogs. So far the only kit packaging scheme seen is the black paper hang tag coupled with pink background facecard typical for many kits during that timeframe. The facecard is simple uniform darker pink background with an overlaid gray and black Maxi Streak rocket. Kit examples may exists with a Version 3 pink skill level hang tag.

Hang Tag (Header Card) Guide

The Maxi Streak is a high altitude version of the classic K-4 Streak design but with 24mm engine power and huge 90" streamer recovery. Estes estimates maximum altitude of over 1300 feet.

Kit Contents: The kit contains a body tube, plastic nose cone, 3 balsa fin balsa stock, 24mm engine mount, decal sheet, 90" paper streamer, launch lug, decal, pattern sheet and instruction sheet.

Availability: This kit is considered to be moderately scarce based on erratic eBay appearances. During the early 2008 through mid 2011 timeframe, about a dozen problem free kits were seen on eBay. During 2012, the author remembers seeing 1-2 kits up for auction.

Additional information can be found at the following link;

JimZ Kit Plan Link: Estes1387

Specifications: Length: 13.1", Diameter: 1.637", Weight: 1.76 oz.

Recommended 24 mm Engines: D12-5, D12-7


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