Sea Dart

Kit# 1901

Black Paper Hang Tag

Semi Scale


Images by Gerry Fortin

Designer: Unknown

Production Years: 1983-1984

Retail Pricing Range: $6.00-6.75

Rarity: Scarce

Description: Estes Sea Dart model rocket kit #1901 was offered and sold only in 1983 and 1984 catalogs. The kit packaging is a combination of a black paper hang tag and light blue sky/white clouds facecard and overlaid Sea Dart rocket.

Hang Tag (Header Card) Guide

The Sea Dart is a semi scale skill level 2 replica of British Aerospace surface to air missile used during the Farkland island war. The rocket is capable of up to 800 feet flights on 18mm C engines and recovery is with a 12" parachute.

There is excellent web content at the concerning the original BAE Sea Dart missile. Readers are encouraged to check this link. From the link is this detailed image of Falkland war Sea Dart.

Kit Contents: The kit contains a main body tube, special plastic nose cone, die cut balsa for fins, engine shroud paper card, a wood dowel, huge three color decals, 18mm engine mount, launch lug and instruction sheet.

Availability: I've rated the Sea Dart kit as scarce on eBay with possibility for an appearance every three months or so. Typical pricing for a problem free kit is in the $50 range based on 2008 through 2011 results.

Additional information can be found at the following link;

Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe Kit Plan Link: Estes1901

Specifications: Length: 16.5", Diameter: 1.325", Weight: 1.7 oz.

Recommended 18 mm Engines: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5


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