Astron Invader

Kit# K-19

No Hang Tag, Black and Red Letters


Images courtesy of Jimid123 at Ye Olde Rocket Forum

Designer: Ron McClaren

Production Years: 1965-1967

Retail Pricing Range: $1.20

Rarity: Very Rare

Description: Horizontal image: pre-Damon Era ASTRON INVADER available from 1965 through 1967 and not listed in the 1967 catalog. I believe that all ASTRON INVADER kits were issued without hang tags but welcome evidence of an INVADER kit with yellow pre-Damon era hang tag. The facecard is also part of the instruction sheet. The facecard is illustrated with a gray outlined boost glider image over white background, the name "ASTRON INVADER" in black and red letters and a printed price of "Only $1.20". Estes marketed the ASTRON INVADER as a high performance boost glider with unique design.

The kit features a main body tube, balsa nose cone, five sheets of balsa fin stock, nose cone weight, balancing weight, launch lug, and instructions.

Estes K-19 clone kits are readily available on the internet with a simple search of Google listings.

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Specifications: Length (11.8 in), Wing Span (8.7 in), Weight (0.89 oz), Diameter (0.736 in)

Recommended 18 mm Engines: 1/2A8-2, A8-3, B8-2


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