Astron Avenger

Kit# K-38

Yellow Double Oval Hang Tag

Damon Era


Images by Gerry Fortin

Designer: Bill Simon

Production Years: 1971-1974

Retail Pricing Range: $3.25-$3.50

Rarity: Rare

Description: Starting in 1971, the Astron Avenger rocket kit was produced with typical two panel face card and yellow double oval Damon hang tag. The upper panel has a light blue background with the Avenger rocket image as the main element. A black oval lists the price as $3.25 and the Estes logo completes the upper panel art work. The lower panel provides kit specifications and engine recommendations.

The Avenger is a two stage design with sleek lines typical of a sounding rocket. The kit is capable of high altitudes for sport or demonstration flying.

The kit features three body tubes, a balsa nose cone, a balsa adapter, two sheets balsa fin stock, two stage engine mounting system, 18" plastic parachute, launch lug, staging technical report and instructions.

Additional information can be found at the following links;

JimZ Kit Plan Link: Estes K38

Specifications: Length (32.0 in), Weight (2.7 oz), Diameter (1.325 in)

Recommended 18 mm Engines

Upper Stage: A5-4, B6-6, C6-7

Booster: A8-0, B6-0, B14-0, C6-0


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