Orbital Transport

Kit# K-42

Yellow Hang Tag - Pre Damon Era

Blue Two Panel Facecard with $2.50 Pricing


Images by Gerry Fortin

Designer: Wayne Kellner

Production Years: 1969

Retail Pricing Range: $2.50

Rarity: Very Rare...vintage Orbital Transport K-42 kits are worth $350 or more in unopened problem free condition

Description: Pre-Damon Era Orbital Transport kit variety from late 60's; most likely only produced in 1969. The facecard is typical framed doubled panel illustration with black borders, a blue background transitioning to white and overlay of the Orbital Transport in powered flight followed by parasite glider release. The name "Orbital Transport" in embossed in white letters and a printed price of "$2.50" is shown in pricing graphic.

The Orbital Transport was the first Estes parasite boost glider model rocket design. The booster rocket and glider combination were described by Estes as, "The Orbital Transport is the launch vehicles of the 80's. Based on the latest proposals for a reusable air breathing (scamjet) booster for orbital vehicles, the Transport is an exciting experience to build and fly."

The kit features booster and re-entry vehicle body tubes, four additional body tubes, two balsa nose cones, three sheet of balsa stock for fins, engine mounting system for booster, 18" plastic parachutes, decals launch lug, and instructions.

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Specifications Booster: Length (23.0 in), Wing Span (7.9"), Weight (2.0 oz), Diameter (0.976 in)

Specifications Re-Entry Vehicle: Length (8.6 in), Wing Span (5.0"), Weight (0.5 oz), Diameter (0.736 in)

Recommended 18 mm Engines: B6-4, C6-5


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