Kit# K-58

Version 2 Pink Level Hang Tag

Pink Skill Level Facecard

Image from eBay

Designer: Wayne Kellner

Production Years: 1973-1974

Retail Pricing Range: $3.95-$4.50

Rarity: Very Scarce

Description: Estes Demon kit packaged with traditional skill level hang tag and facecard. The hang tag is version 2 while the facecard carries the kit name as Astron Demon. Estes changed the kit name from Demon to A-20 Demon starting in the 1975 catalog. However, the kit's decals during 1971 through 1974 indicate the full rocket name as A-20 Demon.

The Estes Demon is a NASA style research vehicle with special silver foil trim for the payload section. The Demon can be flown with 18mm and 24mm engines; 18mm engines require the EM2050 adapter.

Locating Demon or A-20 Demon pink skill level kits will be challenging but doable with patience. Personally, I have not paid much attention to this kit's packaging variations and lack an example in my kit collection. More research is required to fully explore this kit in further detail.

The Demon kit features main and payload body tubes, a balsa nose cone, balsa payload nose block, balsa fin sheet, 24mm engine mounting system, 18" parachute, launch lug, decal sheet, foil trim sheet and instructions.


Additional information can be found at the following links;

Jim Z Rocket Plans: Estes K58

Specifications: Length (26.5 in), Weight (2.75 oz), Diameter (1.325 in)

Recommended 24 mm Engines: D12-7

Recommended 18 mm Engines using EM-2050 Adapter: B6-4, B14-5, C6-5


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