Kit# K-59

Yellow Double Oval Hang Tag

Damon Era


Images by Jimid123 from Ye Olde Rocket Forum

Designer: Bill Simon

Production Years: 1972

Retail Pricing Range: ?

Rarity: Extremely Rare

Description: Damon era SPEV rocket kit with yellow double oval Damon hang tag and double panel black frame facecard. The upper panel has a red to white transition background and the SPEV rocket image overlay, SPEV name in black letters and the Estes logo. The lower panel provides the kit number and specifications.

There is folklore concerning the K-59 SPEV and its origins. It is written that the SPEV acronym translates into Space Exploration Vehicle or Spare Parts Elimination Vehicle, the latter being rumour that Estes possessed excessive parts for the Little Joe, Mars Lander and Thor Agena and a outlet was needed to balance inventory. The SPEV kit was produced only in 1972 up through November of that year and never appeared in an Estes catalog. The kit is extremely rare and will take diligent searching in the Estes kit collecting community to locate a partial or sealed example.

The kit features three body tubes, a balsa nose cone, two balsa adapters and one paper adapter, one sheet of balsa fin stock, engine mounting system, an 18" plastic parachute, launch lug, and instructions.

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Specifications: Length (24.6 in), Weight (2.75 oz), Diameter (2.217 in)

Recommended 18 mm Engines: B6-4, C6-5


Estes Catalog Artwork

The SPEV never appeared in an Estes catalog


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