Buying Quality Coins

GFRC is initiating a quality coin buying program effective today to work in parallel with the existing consignment program.

Divesting a quality collection is a serious decision process with many potential avenues to consider. Collections with substantial CAC approved coin content need special consideration by an industry expert for valuing fair market pricing. GFRC is the leading expert on Liberty Seated coinage and known for fair dealings and great consignment service. At GFRC, we strive to make the divestment process straight forward and unemotional by offering both consignment and outright purchase options.

If searching for an outright sale of quality coins including those with CAC approval, then please consider contacting GFRC for an evaluation process and potential offer.

What are the benefits to selling over consignment?
The benefit of selling rather than consignment is immediate upfront cash. The risks surrounding ability to sell the item at a retail market price and in a reasonable timeframe is shifted away from you to GFRC.

Can I consign and sell coins at the same time?
Yes, any combination of consignment and selling is acceptable. Simply outline the coins you are interested in selling vs. consignment.

What types of coins will GFRC buy?
The buying program will be limited to quality Bust, Seated, Barber and U.S. Gold with values ranging between $250 and $10,000 per piece. Quality is defined as any coin with CAC approval as well as coins that would merit a Choice or Gem rating on the GFRC Quality Rating scale. Coins that do not meet this standard can still be included in the consignment program.

What kind of return can I expect?
While GFRC does not specify a set percentage of retail, customers can anticipate higher purchase prices in general, as unlike other large volume dealers GFRC is exclusively a retail outlet. Being a retail outlet means GFRC sells at retail and thus can maintain margins at a higher outright purchase price than typical wholesales dealers.

Will GFRC provide a quote based on a description and/or picture?
No, unless the coin was previously handled by GFRC. Due to the variable quality of numismatic photography, outright purchase quotes will only be provided upon physical inspection of the coin by GFRC.

Great, what is the process?
Contact GFRC via phone or Email to outline the coins you wish for GFRC to outright purchase. GFRC will determine if the coins are likely to meet the quality ratings, at which point the coins can be shipped to GFRC for physical inspection and potential quoting. Alternatively, appointments can be scheduled for physical inspection during coin shows we attend.

For coins with mutually agreed upon purchase prices, a check (no cash option) for the aggregate sale will be mailed within the next two business days (consigners may alternatively, have the credit immediately deposited in their trading desk account).