Consignor Gallery

Viewing a personal coin collection in its entirety is difficult to accomplish. Collections are typically stored in double row slabbed box in bank vaults or in raw form within Dansco or Whitman albums in a safe. Exhibiting one's collection in display case(s) is a proven method to see a complete collection under bright light. I've found exhibiting to always be enjoyable. There is that simultaneous sense of accomplishment and pride with presenting a multi year pursuit to fellow collectors. From personal experience, there is nothing like sitting behind several display cases containing my Liberty Seated Dime collection and sharing the beauty of the physical pieces and the many acquisition stories. Unfortunately, numerous collectors lack the opportunity to exhibit their sets publicly. An online display may be an alternative.

At Gerry Fortin Rare Coins (GFRC), I believe in employing online technology to enhance the collecting experience and to provide superior service to my clients. To that end all consignors with consignments equal to or greater than 20 coins or aggregate value over $20,000 will receive an individual Gallary page here as well as a feature in the Daily Blog for marketing purposes. Consignors can enjoy their former collections for years to come by simply bookmarking their Gallary. Within each Gallery, a coin image is an icon, and when selected, opens a high resolution version for a little indulgence or for serious research. Embedded in the file name is the coin's variety attribution that employs standard nomenclature from the the major variety reference guides.

If you are considering the divestment of a major collection or large lot of duplicates, then please consider offering to GFRC for personal services and a long term display in the Consignor Gallery.

Primary Galleries

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Burchs Creek                                       Central California                                         Colorado


    Florida                                                  Grey Soldier                                         Ft. Lauderdale


Hanes Park                                                   Indiana                                                  Jim Poston


New Jersey                                                 Osprey                                                         PBG


Pickering Creek                                           Poetic Candy                                           Port Matilda


   Saw Mill Run                                             Seal Beach                                        Upstate New York


      Virginia                                              Washington State                                         West Coast


West Texas                                                 Wisconsin                                               Woodlands



Additional Galleries

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    Alaska                                                  Alexandria                                             Gentleman's


Gerry Fortin                                              Highwoods                                             Michigan


Missouri                                                   Monument                                               Motor City


Mountain View                                         Rochester NY                                           San Jose  


 San Jose                                                 Silicon Valley                                        Union Bridge


Warnerville                                               Woodbridge                                         Massachusetts