Obverse and Reverse Cud Index

Within the Liberty Seated Dime series, there are occasional occurrences of late die state examples with major die breaks. These die breaks are commonly referred to as "cuds". A cud occurs when either an obverse or reverse die shatters and a piece of the working die is separated from itself. The result is a void where the missing portion of the die is located. The void produces a loss of design elements when subsequent coins are struck. Planchet metal flows into the working die void creating a lump on the surface of the struck coin.

Advanced variety collectors are interested in late die state cuds due to the their spectular appearance and secondly, their infrequent appearance within Liberty Seated Dime series. An index has been created to simplified the referencing of late die state breaks or cuds on Liberty Seated dimes. Only die cuds that extend into or are found within the internal design elements will be linked by this index. Cuds located on rims of Liberty Seated dimes, commonly known as "rim cuds", will not be referenced by this index.

Select a major design group link to view a date level list of known late die states with cuds that extend into the internal design elements. Each late die state cud listing, within the design group, is linked to its variety page in the Date and Mintmark Variety Analysis section. Once you have selected the cud link and have viewed the variety page, you must use your back button to return to the design group page.

No Stars 1837-1838

Stars Obverse, No Drapery 1838 - 1840

Stars Obverse, With Drapery 1840 - 1860

Legend Obverse 1860 - 1891



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