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Three Cent Nickels & Silvers

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Photo Date Grade TPG GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Three Cent Silvers
3Cent Silver  1851 1851
AU55 raw
Original $165 Crusty Original, Thick Golden Patina, First Year of Issue. This is one of those coins that has two completely different personalities; in hand vs. bright light appearance. My images capture the crusty original surfaces that are so evident during in hand viewing. Once placed under bright light, the toning melts exposure ample luster and faint gold coloring. The reverse also adds some faint blue hues. This piece does have an old toned over line that starts that lower left rim, then through the date and into the right rim. This piece is ideal for a Dansco type set where strict originality is desired.
3Cent Silver  1853 1853
AU53 raw
Choice $175 Choice Original, Crusty Gray Patina, Well Struck. Locating solidly original silver 3 cent pieces takes considerable searching as many circulated example have issues. This example offers choice surfaces and rims that are covered with crusty gray patina. The obverse toning is thicker than the reverse as seen on the GFRC images. Please note the rims and the lack of any marks along with the uniform strike. Accurately graded also.
3Cent Silver  1861 1861
AU50 raw
Choice $150 Crusty Original Gray, Choice Surfaces and Rims, Quality Type Coin. A perfectly original 1861 3 cent silver piece with no issues whatsoever. Crusty gray patina covers the devices and fields. Light wear on the highest device points. A quality type coin for a Dansco or Whitman album set.
3Cent Silver  1861/58 1861/58
Contemporary Counterfeit
VF25 raw
Choice $200 Contemporary Counterfeit, 1861/58 Overdate, German Silver, Hand Cut Dies, Coney Collection. The only known overdate in the 3 cent silver contemporary counterfeit exumonia area. Probably created by an amateur counterfeiter with limited skills given the crude engravings. Populat and currently in demand. Weight is 0.6 grams with normal coin turn die alignment. A special offering from the Coney Collection.
Three Cent Nickels
3Cent Nickel  1865 1865
PCGS Rattler
Gem $395 New August 16! Ideal for PCGS Rattler Type Collection, Gem Original, Superior Eye Appeal, GOLD CAC Approval. A magnificent 1865 three cent nickel that has been obviously undegraded during the early dates of TPG start-up. Satiny luster with aquamarine-gold toning come to life during bright light viewing. Housed in PCGS 1.2 (1986-1989) Rattler holder with GOLD CAC approval. Ideal for a PCGS Rattler type set or for those pursuing Gold CAC approved type coins. Gold CAC population across all three cent nickel dates is a scant seven pieces. This offering is one of two for the 1865 date and the finest. To be featured at the GFRC Chicago ANA table #1634 if not immediately sold.
3Cent Nickel  1874 1874
Original $135 Better date, Thick Patina, Golden Highlights, Rusted Obverse, Fully Original, Accurately Graded, Twin Lakes. A better 3 cent nickel date at the AU58 grade level with low certified population. Strickly original with thick patina. Obverse presents golden hues under a light source while reverse has steely luster. Considerable die rust on obverse and heavily cracked reverse. Accurately graded. Housed in 2012 Gen 4.5 PCGS holder. From the Twin Lakes Collection.