Draped and Capped Bust Quarters

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Variety attributions (B) and rarity are as listed in Browning, A.W. The Early Quarter Dollars of the United States, 1796-1838, updated by Walter Breen 1992, Bowers and Merena Galleries.

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Photo Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Draped Bust
Draped Bust  1806 1806
Choice $5250 Cool Terminal Die State, Choice Original, Lavendar Gray Surfaces, Residual Luster, Bisecting Obverse Die Crack. A lovely 1806 Capped Bust quarter with B-9 die pairing. The dies have reached terminal die states when striking this piece. Obverse 6 is at Die State 6 with bold bisecting obverse die cracks and die lapping resulting in lost of hair curl relief. Reverse J is at Die State 5 with rim cuds and heavy clashing behind STA(TES) that is the obverse date transfer. A strictly original example that retains luster that is more predominate on the reverse. Bright light viewing exposes a transparent patina with faint rose and lavendar hues. Surfaces are entirely blemishe free and attractive. Housed in early generation PCGS blue holder with small PNG hologram and embossed PCGS logo. This holder is circa 2000-2001 timeframe. Fresh to market with no prior auction records. An important offering for the advanced collector of Draped Bust quarters. Reasonable priced.
Draped Bust  1806 1806
Original $1650 Original Gray, Eye Appeal, Accurately Graded. What a lovely Draped Bust quarter for the selective collector. Surfaces are strictly original and covered with medium gray patina. There is decent contrast between the dark fields and lighter main devices which is eye catching. Surfaces are completely blemish free. The PCGS holder has considerable hazing on the upper obverse and at the reverse center. This appears as cloudiness on the images. The piece was added to GFRC inventory due to meeting my basic criteria; strictly originality and strong eye appeal. Housed in 2013 generation blue label PCGS holder with edge view insert. The Browning variety is not listed on the PCGS blue label.
Capped Bust
Capped Bust  1818 1818
Choice $2250 Excellent Open Collar Type Coin, Antique Gray-Aquamarine, Choice Original Surfaces, Difficult Grade, Well Struck. Collectors seeking an open collar Capped Bust quarter will typically gravitate to the 1818 date. Yes, this date is "common" due to a substantial mintage of 361,174 pieces. When building a type set, the challenge lies in locating choice original examples with eye appeal and attempting to match color and overall eye appeal. This 1818 B-4 strike is a worthy candidate for consideration. Surfaces are perfectly original and are validated with a CAC green bean. Residual steely luster is immediately evident during bright light inspection. Strike is essentially complete with all stars being well rounded and displaying centrils. The only point of strike weakness seen is on the right facing eagle claws. No bad for a Capped Bust quarter and high production rates. Accurately graded and housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder.
Capped Bust  1818 1818
B-10 DS3
Choice $1475 Late Die State B-10, Steely Fields, Gray Patina, Choice Surfaces, Osprey Collection.. A choice original 1818 B-10 Capped Bust quarter that will please the series date collector or those specializing in die varieties. Steely fields retain residual reflective luster after a light source. Toning is a medium gray with embedded gold on the obverse and rose on the reverse. Surfaces are essentially unabraded and quite pleasing. The B-10 variety is easily attributed by a triple denticle below the 1 digit and reverse legend lettering placement with respect to the scroll ends. Die State 3 capture a bold die crack through the 2 digit in the denomination. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) Dupont hologram holder with CAC approval. From the Osprey Collection.
Capped Bust  1818 1818
Choice $350 Choice Original, Circulated Cameo Eye Apeal, Better Variety, Accurately Graded. A choice original 1818 B-8 example for your consideration. This piece is quite attractive due to the circulated cameo appearance resulting from gun metal gray/blue fields that frame lighter colored main devices. The only blemish to note is a small divot in the left obverse field opposite Liberty's chin. The Browning 8 variety is slight better with an R3 rarity rating. Freshly graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder.
Capped Bust  1822 1822
Choice $6500 B-1 Condition Rarity, Partially Mirrored, Rose Coloring, Well Struck. Capped Bust quarter date with mintage of only 64,080. 1822 strikes are a significantly rare date and condition rarity at the AU58 level. Both sides are appealingly toned with iridescent steel-rose coloring. Additional embedded coloring includes bright pink, blue and apricot undertones. Bright light inspection reveals satiny to a partially semi-prooflike finish. Overall striking is uniform with bold reverse devices. This is one of the scarcer dates in the earlier open collar Capped Bust quarter series. The two known Browning die marriages, for the date, are easily attributed with B-1, offered here, the perfect denomination and B-2 the scarce 25/50 C. blundered reverse. In grades at or near the Mint State, the B-1 variety develops into a significant condition rarity. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.1 (2002-2004) holder.
Capped Bust  1825/4(2 1825/4(2
Choice $3750 Rich Frosty Luster. All 1825 dated quarters are overdates. The scarce Browning-1 captures the 1825/2 variety, while the more available B-2 and B-3 are listed as 1825/4. The exact number of 1825-dated quarters struck was not recorded, the mintage thought to comprise most of the 168,000-piece figure provided for the 1824- and 1825-dated issues combined. At the AU58 grade level, PCGS has only graded fifteen B-2 example, this offering included. Natural frosty luster radiates from this piece during bright light assessment. Moderate cartwheels add to the appeal. The obverse is covered with a light gold skin and patches of peripheral aquamarine. The reverse is more uniformly toned an even gold. Strike is 99% executed with star center points and the only the right facing eagle claws not fully detailed. This is a thoroughly pleasing example in terms of eye appealan infrequently encountered this nice. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with "Browning 2" attribution on label.
Capped Bust  1825/4(2 1825/4(2
Choice $1500 Choice Original, Gray Patina with Golden Highlights, Accurately Graded. A superior example of the 1825/4(2) date that is as choice as one could desire. All 1825 dated Capped Bust quarters (mintage 168,000) were struck during the last month of that year. Erratic supplies of the silver bullion incoming to the Philadelphia mint resulted in unpredictable striking and releases. This surviving example is perfectly original with natural gray patina and embedded golden hues that appear during bright light inspection. I went back and forth between a Choice or Gem quality rating. Choice was selected as there is an ancient micro line on the obverse that can seen with 10x loupe. Otherwise, a Gem quality rating would have been assigned as all other aspects of the coin are superior. A quick check of CoinFacts indicates a reasonable surviving population at the VF30 level but few auction records. This is probably the results of choice examples being closely held in advanced collections or trading directly among collectors. Accurately graded and housed in 2014 generation PCGS holder along with CAC approval. CAC approval was a foregone conclusion on this piece. GFRC has purchased the balance of the Outback Collection Capped Bust quarters with corresponding price reductions.
Capped Bust  1834 1834
Choice HOLD
New September 23! Capped Bust Type, Grayish-Blue Patina, Steely Fields, Eye Appeal, Westend Avenue Collection. If in the market for Capped Bust type, this well preserved 1834 B-4 quarter might be for you. In-hand grayish-blue patina shifts to light shades during bright light inspection. Reflective luster is noteworthy from unabraded steely fields. Strike is nearly complete with only the left obverse stars lacking centerpoints. Eye appeal is consistent with this first round of Westend Avenue Collection offerings. Accurately graded and worthy of a Choice quality rating. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Capped Bust  1837 1837
Gem $8250 New September 24! Ideal Type Candidate, Gem Original, Superb Eye Appeal, Continuous Mint Frost, Washington State Collection. One of the marquee Washington State Collection highlights is this gem 1837 B-2 Capped Bust quarter. Mintage is a low 252,400 strikes with a reasonable number of Mint State survivors. A collector's challenge is selecting the best possible example when building an advanced type set or even a date set. Superb coloration is the apotheosis of this most pleasing gem. Both sides are covered with a continuous layer of micro mint frost that amplifies the natural toning. In-hand viewing reveals intermixed rose and deep green-gold on the obverse and additional violet-blue on the reverse. Viewing this piece with ordinary sunlight exposes orange shades along with other subtle colors. Strike is nearly complete with a fully impressed reverse and partial stars on the left obverse. The weak "C" in the denomination is a diagnostic for the B-2 die pairing. CAC has approved six pieces at the MS64 level with dramatic price jumps in MS65 and above. I can't imagine a nicer 64 after checking CoinFacts auction records. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) holder with CAC approval.