Early and Modern Commemoratives

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Early Commemoratives
Early Commems 25C 1893 1893
Choice $750 New March 18! Columbian Exposition, Isabella Quarter, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels . An uncompromisingly choice Isabella commemorative released during 1893 for $1. This is one of Charles Barber's more artistic designs in my opinion. This example originates from a Texas bank box where it has been stored for decades. This piece is housed in a PCGS Gen 3.0 (1990-1993) old green holder without CAC submission. The luster is brilliant frosty with swirling cartwheels under a bright light. If not sold at the 2024 Spring Whitman Baltimore show, it will be submitted to CAC with a commensurate price increase if it stickers.
Early Commems 50C 1893 1893
Gem $1750 New March 7! Exceptional Eye Appeal, Gem Original, Columbian Exposition, Quito Collection. This 1893 Columbian Exposition strike presents exceptional eye appeal and pristine surfaces. Granular frosted luster originates from both sides and amplifies the transparent patina. Cartwheels are consistent with the certified grade and most pleasing. The obverse toning is predominately light blue with embedded rose on the center device. Light orange-gold is noted on the reverse with blue arc at the left side. The MS66 CAC price guide number is $1060 and jumps to $4250 at the final approved grade. Please note that the recent Heritage Auction sales for MS66+ CAC lots are consistent with the offer price. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Early Commems 50C 1893 1893
Choice $100 New March 7! Columbian Exposition, Well Preserved, Steely Luster, Choice at Grade. This 1893 Columbian Exposition offering, from the Quito Collection, is well preserved with essentially unabraded surfaces. The certified grade is likely attributed to muted luster against early PCGS expectations. Under a bright light, ample amounts of undisturbed steely luster are noted. The offer price is attractive as 1893 dated pieces are slightly better than the 1892 year of release. Housed in PCGS Gen 3.0 (1990-1993) holder and with CAC approval.
Early Commems 50C 1923S 1923-S
Choice $135 Monroe Doctrine Centennial, Obverse Rainbow Toning, Frosted Luster. An inexpensive early commemorative offering that offers considerable eye appeal. This Monroe commemorative appears to have sat in an old sulphur paper album and acquiring peripheral rainbow toning. GFRC images accurate capture the coloration. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Early Commems 50C 1936D 1936-D
Gem $450 Cincinnati Music Center, Olive-Gold Patina, Granular Frosted Luster, Gem Original, Bart Chapman Collection.. As the United States early silver commemoratives began being overrun with dubious causes leading to the 1936 watershed, the Cincinnati Music Center fit right into the fray. First the Stephen Foster bust bears no relationship to the commemoration. Second, the coins were struck to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cincinnati being a music center. OK, there must have been some heavy lobbying in Congress for this one. All kidding aside, this is another wonderful Chapman lot with olive-gold obverse toning and granular frosted luster. Peripheral gold nicely frames an untoned reverse center with the luster being quite creamy. Pristine surfaces round out the positives for bidding on this lovely lot. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Early Commems 50C 1952 1952
Choice $45 Washington-Carver Commemorative, Golden Rose-Blue Colors, Brilliant Frosted Luster. A beautifully toned Washington-Carver half that is worthy of a small premium. Brilliant frosted luster amplifies the natural toning. Some wispy obverse hairlines, under 10x loupe, account for the certified grade. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert.
Modern Commemoratives
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