United States Copper (Half, One and Two Cents)

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Half Cents
Early Copper 1/2C 1804 1804
Spiked Chin
Choice $1650 New October 5! Spiked Chin Variety, Choice Surfaces, Eye Appeal, Washington State Collection. The 1804 Spiked Chin is a popular die variety resulting from damage to the obverse die. A sharp spike-like die scratch protrudes from Liberty's chin along with further damage in the lower right obverse field. That damage appears as arcing lines. As with all early copper, the challenge lies in locating specimens with pristine planchets and natural luster. Case in point is this Washington State Collection example with essentially unabraded surfaces and residual mint frost. Mint frost is readily apparent surrounding the reverse legend and denomination. Obverse coloring is an aquamarine-rose while the reverse exhibits ample amounts of crimson red. A few ancient micro-ticks on the lower bust are mentioned for 100% accuracy. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder.
Early Copper 1/2C 1804 1804
Spiked Chin
Choice HOLD
Spiked Chin, Crusty Natural Surfaces, Uniform Chocolate Brown Skin. Strictly original with thick crusty skin. Planchet quality is high with smooth surfaces and verdigris in the protected areas. Worthy of a CAC submission if so inclined after purchase. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Early Copper 1/2C 1806 1806
Small 6, No Stems
Cleaned $350 Draped Bust Type, Old Clean, Retoned, Southern Texas Collection. A piece of numismatic history from an era of TPG company proliferation and questionable grading standards. Exhibit A is this 1806 Small 6, No Stem half cent with bold device details. A 10x loupe inspection promptly revealed hairlines and faint porosity along with a retoned coloring that is close to natural for those without sufficient early copper experience. Housed in old National Numismatic Certification holder with straight AU50 grade. Priced accordingly.
Early Copper 1/2C 1810 1810
C-1 Choice $3200 Capped Bust Type, Satiny Luster, Choice Unabraded Surfaces, CAC Pop 1, Osprey Collection. The 1810 Capped Bust date is scarce in Mint State with nearly all being found with a Brown designation. This new Osprey Collection offering is the lone CAC approved example at the MS62 grade level. Satiny luster is prevalent on both sides given the worn dies. Coloring is even brown with embedded orange-gold on the upper right obverse. Most notable are the unabraded fields that are thoroughly pleasing under a 10x loupe. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. The label lists Cohen-1 attribution and Furnace Run Collection pedigree.
Early Copper 1/2C 1828 1828
13 Stars
PCGS Rattler
C-3 Choice $1075 New September 16! 13 Stars, Golden Tan Coloring, Satiny Luster, Choice Surfaces, Osprey Collection. There are times when the Osprey Collection will venture into early copper for the GFRC price list. This is one of the those cases with a choice 1828 C-3 offering. Frosty luster is consistent on both sides along with golden tan shades. Light peripheral aquamarine on the obverse nicely decorates the center motifs. A 10x remains traces of verdigris on the reverse. Housed in PCGS Gen 1.2 (19-86-1989) Rattler holder with CAC approval.
Early Copper 1/2C 1857 1857
C-1 Choice $1850 New September 25! Final Year Issue, Low Mintage, Red-Brown Eeye Appeal, Near-Gem, Washington State Collection. 1857 brought a transitional year for United States copper coinage. The stately large sized half cent and cent were terminated in lieu of the smaller Flying Eagle cent. Half cent mintage shrunk to only 35,180 strikes with a tiny fraction being saved from circulation. The meticulous Washington State collector went a on journey to locate one of the finest survivors extant which results in this offering. Red-Brown certification is accurate given the nicely balanced center brown obverse surrounding by peripheral orange coloration. The reverse is essentially full red. Planchet quality is excellent with just a hint of surface non-uniformity that hold the piece back from a Gem quality rating. Cohen 1 from a single die pair. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder with CAC approval.
Large Cents
Early Copper 1C 1794 1794
Head of 1794
S-49 Choice $5950 Head of 1794 S-49, Later Die State, Uniform Chocolate Brown, Pleasing Surfaces, Ospret Collection. An attractive 1794 large cent with the Head of 1794 obverse design. Smooth surfaces are pleasing along with the uniform deep chocolate brown patina. The Sheldon-49 die pairing features a short distance between LIBE(R)TY and the top hair curls. A notable diagnostic also includes a vertical die crack through the left upright of E. A special offering from the Osprey Collection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Early Copper 1C 1801 1801
S-223 Original $800 1/000, Obverse Cuds, Smooth Planchet, Even Brown, Some Verdigris, Osprey Collection. Electoral challenges date back to the early days of the United States. During 1801, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr were tied in the electoral college during Presidential election. We know who ultimately won! This 1/000 Sheldon-223 was struck that year. Fairly graded with a smooth planchet. Overall coloring is natural brown with some shade variations on the obverse that my camera insists on capturing. Obverse cud at LIBE(RT)Y is bold. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert. Label reads 1/000 S-223. From the Osprey Collection.
Early Copper 1C 1824 1824
N-4 $1225 Satiny Luster, Pristine Surfaces, Rose-Brown Patina, Osprey Collection. Dan White has been at it again scouring the planet for choice early type and U.S. gold. This time around, he brings a well preserved 1824 large cent to the GFRC price list. Surfaces are pristine and entirely unabraded. Light verdigris specks are more noticeable on the reverse. Under a light source, ample satiny has a nice "glow". Ideal as an AU grade level Coronet Head type coin. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view. There is light holder haze on the upper obverse that has impacted the image quality in that location.
Early Copper 1C 1831 1831
Large Letters
N-7 Choice $925 Large Letters Reverse, Well Struck, Choice Surfaces, Ideal Coronet Head Type Coin. Adding early U.S. copper to the price list requires well above average eye appeal to be at hand. In other words, I must like an early copper piece to the point of desire for my own collection. That is a high bar and the case with this enchanting 1831 large cent. Though having a Brown designation, the reverse is close to full Red while the obverse has orange and violet shades. Strike is essentially complete with only a few stars lacking full definition. Surfaces are free of abrasions. Housed in old NGC holder with standard ring insert that dates back to the mid 1990s timeframe with pristine reverse hologram. CAC approval is warranted. The NGC label captures the attribution with "Large Letters, N-7".
Early Copper 1C 1833 1833
Gem $4375 Superb Eye Appeal, Gem Original, Multi-Color Patina, JUST BUY IT NOW!. GFRC does not handle huge amounts of early copper. However, when an obvious gem is offered for purchase, I will glad step up and add to inventory. Such is the case for this near condition census 1833 Coronet Head large cent. Frosted luster glows under a light source along with enticing cartwheels. Multi-color toning include intermixed reds, orange, gold, and aquamarine shades. Strike is complete other than the left obverse stars. Struck from late die state dies with a notable circular reverse die crack through most of the legend lettering. CAC population is a meager seven pieces with only three finer. This superb offerings is priced at the CAC guide and warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.1 (2002-2003) holder with CAC approval.
Early Copper 1C 1838 1838
Choice $700 Satiny Luster, Uniform Chocolate Brown Coloring, Super Eye Appeal. GFRC is always in the hunt for superior early copper with huge eye appeal and CAC approval. This chocolate brown 1838 Coronet large cent was an immediate buy decision at the Atlanta ANA pre-show. Bright light viewing exposes satiny luster on both sides along with embedded blues that add charm. Surface are fully choice and unabraded. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval.
Early Copper 1C 1847 1847
Cleaned $95 Accurately Graded, Environmental Damage, Glossy Surfaces, AU Details, Copper Harbor Collection. Accurately certified as having environmental damage. Surfaces are unnatural with glossy luster. Freshly graded by GFRC and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. From the Copper Harbor Collection; a substantial offering of AU through Mint State large cents purchased in the 1990s from Stacks. Priced consistent with the PCGS designation.
Early Copper 1C 1851 1851
Choice HOLD
New September 23! Superior Eye Appeal, Satiny Luster, Near-Gem, Westend Avenue Collection. A thoroughly impressive 1851 large cent that would be ideal for type. Struck from worn dies resulting is consistent satiny luster on both sides. This near-gem presents well with a problem free planchet and rich chocolate brown coloring. Regardless of the eroded dies, strike is fully executed. A close 10x review failed to locate any surface anomalies. The premium quality is so noteworthy that a JUST BUY IT recommendation is warranted. Yet another superior offering from the Westend Avenue Collection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2021) holder with CAC approval.
Early Copper 1C 1851 1851
Choice $310 Choice Original, Satiny Luster, Worn Dies, Uniform Chocolate Brown Patina, Accurately Graded, Copper Harbor Collection. Surfaces are entirely natural and choice. Devices, especially on the reverse, are a tad weak due to being struck by worn dies. Satiny luster is quite pleasing and uninterrupted. Accurately graded with no blemishes to discuss. Freshly graded by GFRC and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. From the Copper Harbor Collection; a substantial offering of AU through Mint State large cents purchased in the 1990s from Stacks.
Early Copper 1C 1851 1851
Original $210 Braided Hair Type, Mostly Brown Coloring, Original Surfaces, Accurately Graded, Twin Lakes Collection. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011 holder. A quality AU58 early copper large cent offering from the Twin Lakes Collection. Full description shortly.
Early Copper 1C 1857 1857
Large Date
Original $395 Original Surfaces, Light Brown-Gold Coloring, Typical Strike, Accurately Graded, Copper Harbor Collection. Last year of issue with tiny mintage of 35,180. An original 1857 Large Date example with light brown-gold surfaces. Accurately graded and pleasing. Freshly graded by GFRC and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. From the Copper Harbor Collection; a substantial offering of AU through Mint State large cents purchased in the 1990s from Stacks.
Two Cents
Early Copper 2C 1869 1869
Gem $3500 New September 24! Superb Gem, Sharp Reflective Mirrors, Olive-Rose Coloration, Monster Eye Appeal, Washington State Collection. A rich blend of rose and olive coats both sides of this superb 1869 gem proof strike. Surfaces are entirely flawless and the strike provides full shield and wreath details. The coloration is even on the obverse with deep rose being predominant under a bright light. The reverse coloring leans to olive-green and a bit too mellow to allow for a full Red designation. Only 600 proofs are believed to have been struck for the issue, and few could rival this Washington State Collection type set offering. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder with CAC approval. A premium coin for those who a pursuing the finest numismatic acquisitions.
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.