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Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Half & 1 Cent
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5 Cents
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10 Cents
Draped Bust 10C 1796 Draped Bust 1796

Choice New Price
JR-6, Die Crack Through Date, Choice Original Surfaces, Old Album Toning, Circulated Cameo Eye Appeal. The 1796 JR-6 die variety is distinctive and exhibits a heavy die crack through the date digits with all letters in LIBERTY well spaced. Sometimes referred to as the "hyphenated date" due to the bold die crack through the date digits. This example is in a perfect collector grade for type or date purposes. It also offers pleasing circulated cameo eye appeal resulting from years in an old album. The obverse fields are free of abrasions and toned a deep gun metal blue while main devices are lighter gray. The reverse exhibits a bold circulated cameo appearance with deep gray-gold fields highlighting the much lighter toned eagle and wreath. The strike is uniform and both sides retain complete border dentils with strong central devices. As for blemishes, there are two intersecting lines on the obverse that are visible in the GFRC images. Housed in PCGS Gen 3.0 (1990-1993) old green holder.
Seated 10C 1839O Seated 1839-O
No Drapery
Original New Price
Huge O, Choice Original, Birmingham Collection. This is one of the better examples seen while working with the Liberty seated dime series. Most Huge O dimes comes with some type of problem and strictly problem free examples in EF or better grades are rare. So along comes this wonderful example from the Birmingham Collection. Accurately graded and very close to EF due to the lapped obverse die and well worn reverse from 1838. Surfaces are covered with strictly original and uniform gun metal gray patina with hints of blue and rose intermixed. Strike is bold validates this is a middle die state example since there is no die crack from (U)NITED to the rim. In terms of blemishes, there are a few fully toned over old lines on the obverse but given this piece's grade rarity, they don't bother me in the least and should not bother the buyer. Housed in old NGC holder with standard circular insert. As a serious student of the Liberty Seated dime series, I enjoy handling consignment dimes that bring a good balance of quality, rarity and eye appeal.
Seated 10C 1840O Seated 1840-O
Large O
Original New Price
Original, Large O, Lapped Dies, Birmingham Collection.. A little background is necessary to understand the New Orleans 1840 Large O variety...both obverse and reverse dies were lapped reducing the amount of device details with the date punch nearly effaced. The reverse die is also well worn and cracked. So strikes are consistently weak. This example offers original surfaces covered with light gray/rose patina on obverse and even silver gray on reverse. Under bright light, this piece retains ample luster, especially on the reverse with some mild PL reflections on the obverse. GFRC images do not well represent this dime and in hand reviewing is suggested.
Seated 10C 1869 Seated 1869
Choice New Price
Near Gem Proof, Watery Fields, Birmingham Collection.. A near gem example with bold watery proof surfaces. A few faint obverse hairlines keep this piece out of PF65 designation. Strike is crisp. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder; serial number 5556219. No CAC attempt by the Birmingham consignor.
Seated 10C 1875CC Seated 1875-CC
Below Wreath
Original New Price
Original, Even Crusty Gray Patina, Birmingham Collection.. The obverse on this Below Wreath dime exhibits a rich crusty gray patina with considerable luster peeking through. The reverse is lovely even silver gray with lavendar highlights. This specimen is fully struck from eroded dies as is quite comment for Below Wreath dimes. Blemishes are limited to one fully toned over faint lines on the obverse, otherwise mark free. Housed in old PCGS holder with standard ring insert. From the Birmingham Collection and ready for inclusion in a new advanced date and mintmark set.
Seated 10C 1888 Seated 1888
Choice New Price
Misplaced 8 in Base, Proof Like, Gem Toning, Birmingham Collection.. Rich gold and aquamarine patina covers this exceptional 1888 dime. Fully struck and attractive. Housed in older PCGS blue label holder with serial number 50029230. No CAC attempt.
20 Cents
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25 Cents
Capped Bust 25C 1818 Capped Bust 1818
Original New Price
Price Reduction September 9, 2019. Original Surfaces, Natural Gray Patina, Accurately Graded, Woodbridge Collection. Mintage of 361,174. The year 1818 saw the reopening of the White House after being burnt down by the British during the War of 1812. A strictly original quarter strike with uniform gray patina in the fields and lighter coloring on the motifs. Two ancient lines in the lower left field are noted for accuracy but completely toned over. An attractive example for a date set. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A pleasing early capped bust duplicate from the Woodbridge Collection.
Capped Bust 25C 1835 Capped Bust 1835
Original New Price
Light Gray, Peripheral Blue-Gold, Residual Luster, Upstate New York Collection. A lovely 1835 B-6 Capped Bust quarter with light gray surfaces and peripheral blue-gold. Housed in new large font NGC holder. Yet another old album toned offering from the Upstate New York Collection.
Seated 25C 1848 Seated 1848
Briggs 2-B
Choice New Price
Old Album Toning, Rainbow Colors, Special Eye Appeal, Upstate New York Collection. An attractive 1848 Briggs 2-B offering with classic old album rainbow toning through the obverse along with peripheral ring on the reverse. Strike is completely executed. Fairly graded and housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. Another colorfully toned Seated coinage specimen from the Upstate New York Collection
Seated 25c 1852/52 Seated 1852/52
Briggs 1-A
Choice New Price
New December 4! Special 15% Price Reduction - Choice Original Surfaces, Tough 1852 Philadelphia Date, Cold Quarters Collection. The 1852 Seated quarter date remains an enigma for me. This date is scarcer in circulated grades rather than mint state and is infrquently seen given its mintage of 177,060. This date appear to have been caught up with the silver bullion arbitrage situation that occurred during 1851 through early 1853 timeframe until silver weight was lowered. A small supply of mint tate examples managed to survive, mostly in the MS63 and MS64 grades. This offered example is probably one of those. Overall strike is well executed with just a stars 6 and 7 lacking connected centrils. Surfaces are frosty and covered with a light pewter-silver patina along with some faint gold. Blemish wise, the obverse has a few micro lines in the upper left obverse field and to a lessor extant, in the lower left and right fields. The reverse is better preserved with no blemishes. In hand eye appeal is pleasing. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert. An important numismatic offering from the Cold Quarters Collection. As a reference, GFRC sold a PCGS AU58 example for $1700 during April 2017.
Seated 25C 1858S Seated 1858-S
F12 raw

Market Acceptable New Price
Better Date, Even Medium Gray Toning, Tiny Rim Filing, West Texas Collection. A key date in the Liberty Seated quarter series with mintage of 121,000. This is yet another issue with low survival rates and choice specimens being the anomaly. Most collectors end up purchasing a market acceptable example to fill that spot in a Dansco or Whitman album. When first evaluating this example, from the West Texas Collection, an Original quality rating was assigned and priced. The surfaces are toned an even medium gray that may not be strictly original but close enough to be graded by the TPGs. During a second inspection, a small rim filing was noted at 12:00 above Liberty's head. The filing is about 5 reeds long and the location might suggest a removed jewelry loop but I'm not convinced of that. My thought is the rim was initially filed but left at that as the color is uniform with the balance of the coin. Otherwise, this offering is quite acceptable with only two tiny rim scrapes to mention on the reverse. A decent offering of this difficult and expensive date. I've seen much worst in TPG holders.
Seated 25C 1863 Seated 1863

Choice New Price
Consignor Buyout & Price Reduction! Better Civil War Date, Choice Original, Uniform Light Gray Patina, Accurately Graded. Ex. Mountain View Collection. Popular Civil War date and difficult to locate in the lower circulated grade range. Light to medium gray patina covers both sides with darker shades that the peripheries. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. CAC approval. Recently purchased from the Watch Hill consignor with price reduction.
Seated 25C 1873S Seated 1873-S
Briggs 2-B
Original New Price
Consignor Buyout & Price Reduction! Better With Arrows San Francisco Date, Near Choice Original, Rich Rose-Blue Patina, Satiny Luster, Completely Struck. 1873 brings the better of the two With Arrows San Francisco dates. This well preserved example is an important acquistion opportunity for serious collectors of the Seated quarter denomination. Both sides are covered with rich rose patina on both sides along with a blue band on the lower obverse. Pleasing satiny luster is immediately released during bright light inspection. Strike is typically well executed for this date with this specimen being fully impressed. Mintage is only 156,000. PCGS population is only fifteen in all AU grades (AU50 to AU58) with only two graded at the AU55 level. This is a chance to acquire one of the two AU55s certified. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. Recently purchased from the Watch Hill consignor with price reduction.
Seated 25C 1883 Seated 1883
Briggs 2-A
Choice New Price
Near Gem Original, Sunset Point Collection. CAC liked this 1883 Seated quarter from the Sunset Point collection, and it's easy to see why. The strike is hammered without no weakness, and original luster booms from the surfaces. Toning is light, with scattered bronze in the reverse legend and arrowheads, while the obverse reveals a couple toning dots at stars 1 and 9. Housed in a Gen 4.1 (2002-2004) old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert.
Seated 25C 1891S Seated 1891-S

Choice New Price
New GFRC Images, Choice Original Surfaces, Frosty Luster, Vibrant Cartwheels, Light Rose-Blue Patina, Fully Struck . A gorgeous last year of design 1891 San Francisco strike with light toning and brilliant frosty luster. Toning is a combination of mottled rose, gray and blues across the obverse and reverse. The new GFRC images accurately capture in hand appearance. When viewing under a bright light bright, the vibrant cartwheels accentuate the attractive coloring. Strike is 100% complete with high relief stars and main devices. Accurately graded and housed in newer NGC holder. Lots of eye appeal from this choice original offering.
50 Cents
Capped Bust 50C 1827 Capped Bust 1827
AU53 raw
Original New Price
Old Album Toning, Exceptional Eye Appeal, Value Priced. A better Overton variety 1827 Capped Bust half with square based 2 digit. Eye appeal is substantial on this attractive example. Centers are toned a light gray with rose hues while the rims quickly transition to aquamarine and blues surrounding the stars and reverse legend. The obverse has some faint hairlines suggesting that this piece was stored in an old album for years after a light dipped or wipe. There are many capped bust halves with secondary toning that do certify and this piece has a shot. For the collector who still appreciates raw early type coins at are attractive.
Capped Bust 50C 1830 Capped Bust 1830
Small 0
Choice New Price
Special Value Opportunity - Price Reduction 9-02-2019. Near Gem Original, Bright Light Eye Candy, Reflective Cartwheel Luster, Aquamarine Rose Patina, Susquehana Collection. Superior bright light eye appeal is the highlight of this special 1830 O-104 Capped Bust half dollar offering from the Susquehanna Collection. Off the market for decades and now freshly graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. Sourced from Bowers & Ruddy by the Susquehana Collection and presently time to sell. One can immediately appreciate the mirrored fields and radiant cartwheel luster that is bold and reflective. The aquamarine-rose patina is transparent to the underlying luster and shifts to gold at the peripheries. Strike is typical and dies are heavily clashed. The assigned AU58 grade level is accurate as there is faint rub on the cheek and gown line. The AU58 grade level is ideal for collectors to purchase substantial eye appeal at a competitive price.
Capped Bust 50C 1830 Capped Bust 1830
VG10 raw
Davignon 22-X
Choice New Price
Contemporary Counterfeit, Rare Davignon 22-X, Choice Original Olive Gray, Medal Die Alignment, West Texas Collection. 1830 contemporary counterfeit bust half, Davignon 22-X.  Davignon indicates two known, but reference books become obsolete quickly.  Still, a no question challenging contemporary counterfeit die variety.   This choice original example grades VG without any defects, and unusually nice for a well worn contemporary counterfeit bust half.  Has medal alignment of the obverse and reverse dies, and still, nobody noticed while it circulated for all those years.  From the West Texas Collection. This counterfeit is difficult to price. If the asking price is not acceptable, then please make an offer.
Capped Bust 50C 1836 Capped Bust 1836
Lettered Edge
Original New Price
New November 21! Challenging O-123 R4 Variety, Near Choice Original, West Texas Collection. Better O-123 die pairing with R4 rarity pating. An ideal piece for the Overton die variety specialist. Accurately graded with uniform wear. Steely gray patina is predominant along with peripheral gold that appears during bright light inspection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. Another part of the West Texas Collection divestment project and seeking a new home.
Seated 50C 1842O Seated 1842-O
Small Date, Rev 1839
Original New Price
FUN Show Price Reduction, WB-1, Rare Small Date Obverse, Lightly Mirrored Fields, Golden-Brown Patina, Oregon Beaver Collection. One of the challenging die variety rarities in the Liberty Seated half dollar series that is listed in the Redbook and on major price guides. Bill Bugert, in his Federal Register series on Liberty Seated half dollars, indicates that, "the first two months mintage, January and February, are generally accepted to include the small date varieties (WB-1, WB-2) althought the initial 1842 delivery of those coins on February 28, 1842 included some coins dated 1841. The remaining months are of the medium date mintage." On the WB-1 Small Date variety, the reverse strike is weak with poorly defined left leg, arrow feathers and left/right claws. This characteristic is present on the Oregon Beaver specimen. On the offered example, fields are lightly mirrored and covered with a transparent skin of gray-gold patina. Surfaces are essentially blemish free at the assigned VF35 grade level with only a small mark by Liberty's foot being noted. Obverse strike is also weak resulting in overall grading being conservative. Based on wear, this example is a full EF40. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. An important opportunity for serious Liberty Seated half dollar collectors to acquire an R5 date and reverse pairing die variety.
Seated 50C 1854O Seated 1854-O

Choice New Price
Consignor Buy-Out/Price Reduction! Choice Original, Transparent Gray-Gold Patina, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Hammered Strike, Accurately Graded. 1854 New Orleans struck Seated halves are typically found with bold heavy strikes including halo'ing of the stars. This offering falls into that category with a hammered strike and considerable mint frost in the protected areas that include gown folds, shield lines and eagle feathers. The result is a thick frosty cartwheel luster when viewed under a light source. Surrounds are covered with a dirty gray-gold skin that validates the strict originality. A careful 10x loupe inspection revealed no blemishes whatsoever and a few reverse die cracks that were difficult to match with those in the Bugert Federal Register. Housed in 2015 Gen 6.0 PCGS holder.
Seated 50C 1876S Seated 1876-S
WB-42 WB-103
Choice New Price
WB-103, Rare Type 2 Reverse with Very Small S Mintmark, R6 Rarity, Mirrored Fields, Peripheral Toning, Conservative Grading, An Anonymous Consignor. GFRC is thoroughly pleased to be offering an important Liberty Seated half dollar die variety rarity; 1876-S WB-42 WB-103 Type 2 (Closed Bud) reverse with a Very Small Mintmark. This is an R6 rarity die marriage that captures the introduction of a new reverse hub design during 1876. All known high grade specimens have mirrored surfaces as is the case for this lovely example. Absolutely fresh to market and freshly graded at the FUN show for a consignor. Expert Liberty Seated numismatists believe this variety was specially struck to commemorate the nation's Centennial celebrations given the atypical mirrored fields. Hammered strike consistent with that seen on regular proof strikes. Light peripheral gold is found on both sides. Currently, the fourth finest known among the major Liberty Seated half dollar specialists within the LSCC. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. Price setting for a variety of this caliber is difficult. If the asking price is not consistent with expectations, then please make an offer as this piece is here to sell.
Seated 50C 1883 Seated 1883

Gem New Price
FUN Show Price Reduction! One of Finest 1883 Proofs Halves, Superb Gem Original, Watery Mirrors, Rose-Blue Patina, Ft. Lauderdale Collection. CoinFacts Plate Coin for PF67 Grade Level. Lovely blue and lilac toning on both sides combines with shimmering reflectivity from the watery mirrored fields. Surfaces are of pristine quality consistent with the assigned grade level. Only 1,039 proof pieces were struck and this piece stands out as one of the absolute finest known. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A substantial offering from the Ft. Lauderdale Collection that belongs in a superior Liberty Seated dollar proof collection. Having a CoinFacts plate coin in one's collection is always a great numismatic conversation starter.
Barber 50C 1898O Barber 1898-O
VF20 raw

Choice New Price
Semi-Key Date, Choice Original, Gun Metal Gray Patina, Rose Hues Under Bright Light, Pleasing Surfaces. Price reduction effective June 1! Semi-key date with mintage of only 874,000. This choice original raw offering would fit nicely into a Dansco or Whitman bookshelf album set. Surfaces are covered with gun metal gray patina that includes golden shades at the peripheries. Surfaces are blemish free.
Barber 50C 1899O Barber 1899-O
EF40 raw

Original New Price
Slightly Better Date, Original Gun Metal Gray, Well Struck, West Texas Collection. Locating strictly original New Orleans and San Francisco struck Barber halves in upper circulated grades can be challenging as most saw heavy circulation and are well worn. This example, from the West Texas Collection, is a no question VF35 with natural gray patina. Strike is complete, especially the lower right reverse arrows. A quality Barber half for a Dansco or Whitman album collection.
Barber 50C 1907 Barber 1907

Choice New Price
New October 16! Price Reduction October 16, 2019 - Satiny Cartwheel Luster, Choice Original, Pastel Rose-Gold and Aquamarine Patina, Well Struck, Accurately Graded, Titan Collection. Soft satiny cartwheel luster and pastel coloring are the highlight of this lovely 1907 Barber half dollar. Both sides are toned with intermixed rose-gold and aquamarine shades. Luster is active under a light source. A choice original example with no blemishes whatsoever. Accurately graded and housed in 2013 generation PCGS holder with edge view insert. Another quality offering from the Ttitan Collection of fine numismatic properties.
Barber 50C 1912D Barber 1912-D
VF25 raw

Original New Price
Original Srufaces, Gray Patina, Pleasing Offering. Price reduction effective June 1! Original gray surfaces makes this 1912-D Barber half dollar a solid raw offering for Dansco or Whitman album set. Looking for a new home in a Barber half dollar set.
Walking Liberty 50C 1917 Walking Liberty 1917

Choice New Price
New October 16! Price Reduction October 16, 2019 - Second Year Issue Philadephia Issue, Choice Original, Lovely Antique Gold Patina, Accurately Graded, Titan Collection. An attractive 1917 Philadelphia strike with partial antique gold patina on both sides. Frosty cartwheel luster is a bit muted by the thick crusty patina. Accurately graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. An eye appealing offering from the Titan Collection of fine numismatic properties.
Early Commems 50C 1921 Early Commems 1921

Gem New Price
Gem Original, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Deep Gray/Voilet Patina, Accurately Graded. A candidate for the crappiest GFRC images of the year! I bought this early commemorative at the November Westford show without thinking too hard. Surfaces were darkly toned but perfect original and radiate bold cartwheel luster with any amount of lighting. Don't I enjoying swirling this silver piece under a bright light to view dancing luster and embedded golden hues. Folks, this piece is a gem. However, GFRC images with weak sunlight only capture the dark in hand appearance. So some imagination will be necessary to appreciate and then considing ordering on my description. Freshly graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder.
1 Dollar
Trade $1 1876CC Trade 1876-CC
Double Die Reverse
Cleaned New Price
Substantial Price Reduction September 4. 2019!!! Popular Doubled Die Reverse Variety, Uniform Gun Metal Gray-Blue, Retoned, Faint Hairlines Under 10x Loupe, Details Grade, Accurately Graded. Popular 1876-CC Doubled Die Reverse die variety at an attractive pricing level. Newly consigned to GFRC in the hopes of locating a serious Trade Dollar collector who will appreciate the bold reverse die doubling without breaking the bank. Grading is accurate and designated AU58 Details. Surfaces are covered with a deep gun metal gray-blue patina that is secondary toning. Under the toning, faint hairlines are seen with careful inspection. This past cleaning results in reflective fields that are a bit too active to be original. Die doubling on lower reverse is bold with second olive branch distinct from the final rendering. Housed in new ANACS gold holder with standard ring insert. Not a perfect coin but perfectly acceptable for the double die reverse variety. The September 2019 price reduction makes this offering a better bargain.
Morgan $1 1892CC Morgan 1892-CC

Choice New Price
Important Carson City Date, Reflective Cartwheel Luster, Choice Original Surfaces, Conservative Grading, Malvern Collection. Price Reduction Effective August 25 2019. A better Morgan Carson City date with mintage of 1,352,000. This 1892-CC offering from the Malvern Collection is most pleasing at the assigned MS61 grade level. Many collectors have come to expect issues at the MS61 grade level; excess marks or subdued luster. I'm sorry to disappoint those expectations as this example radiates crisp reflective luster with active cartwheels. Field are lightly mirrored while the devices are frosty. Abrasions are minimal with just a single mark on the cheek and some light field chatter. Please remember that reflective fields amplify marks leading to lower assigned grades which I believe is the case here. A rose-gold toning arc covers the upper obverse and lower reverse. Conservatively graded and housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. Worthy of special consideration as CAC approval validates what my eyes see.
Peace $1 1926D Peace 1926-D
MS64 raw

Original New Price
Beautiful Light Pastel Toning, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Well Struck, Gansu Collection. 1926 Denver strikes are definitely a better date in mint state condition. This example is accurately graded at the MS64 level with attractive pastel rainbow toning. Nicely toned Peace dollars are difficult to locate let alone a better date strike. Bright light viewing exposes frosty cartwheel luster that accentuates the pastel colors. From the Gansu Collection assembled by Gerry Fortin during the 2011-2013 timeframe and now returning to United States.
Gold G$20 1854
Large Date
Original New Price
Price Reduction August 2019, Large Date Punch, Very Scarce Grade, Original Satiny Luster and Surfaces, Accurately Graded, Osprey Collection. United States gold specialists indicate that the 1854 Large Date double eagle probably accounts for less than 10% of the original mintage of 757,899 piece. The Large Date punch is the same used on silver dollars and certain New Orleans eagles of that year. Uniform strike is seen throughout obverse and reverse; in particular the lower reverse shield and surrounding devices. Surfaces marks are consistent with the grade and expectations for this date. Residual luster has a satiny grainy texture. All Large Date examples will show a distinct die dot on Liberty's throat above the 8 digit. This diagnostic point is quite obvious on the offered example. Freshly sourced from Europe and housed in new 2015 style PCGS holder with no CAC attempt. Another important United States early gold offering from the Osprey Collection.
Gold G$5 1881-S

Choice New Price
FUN Show Price Reduction! Near Gem Original, Satiny Cartwheel Luster, Lovely Wheat Gold Patina, Fully Struck Accurately Graded, Ft. Lauderdale Collection . A wonderful 1881 San Francisco strike with pleasing satiny cartwheel luster. The wheat-gold coloring glows during bright light viewing as luster and cartwheel effects are quite pronounced. Strike is completely executed with all stars round and reverse eagle feathers deeply impressed. Accurately graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with CAC approval. I'm glad that the Ft. Lauderdale Collection consignor has moved into United States gold. His two offerings are well above average in quality and GFRC customers will find this piece impressive when viewed at a major show.
Gold G$20 1894-S

Choice New Price
Choice Original, Cartwheel Luster, Conservative Grading, Osprey Collection. A choice double eagle struck at the San Francisco mint during 1894. Bold cartwheel luster immediately pleases the eyes. Blemishes are limited and consistent with the assigned grade. Fresh from Europe, recently graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. Typical quality from the Osprey Collection.
Gold G$20 1927
St Gaudens

Gem New Price
Gem Original, Flashy Luster, Osprey Collection. Freshly graded and new to United States market after being repatriated from Europe. Housed in 2015 NGC holder.
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.