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Patterns, Flying Eagle, Indian Head and Lincoln Cents

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Flying Eagle
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.
Indian Head
Indian 1C 1861 1861
Gem New Price
Registry Set Candidate, High-End Premium Gem, PCGS Plus Designation, CAC Approval, Winesteven Collection. The Winesteven Collection is back with a divested high-end premium 1861 copper-nickel gem Indian cent for your consideration. This superb gem specimen is fully struck and offers amazingly luster. Radiant orange-tan surfaces display swirling luster cartwheels under a light source. Surfaces are wholly unabraded as expected for this grade level, without any annoying spots that are often on this metallurgy. An outstanding strike delivers full feather vanes and sharpness on the headdress feather tips. This coin is among the finest of more than 10 million pieces minted. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval and ready for inclusion into a top level registry set under construction.
Indian 1C 1861 1861
Original $190 Early Copper-Nickel Date, Original Surfaces, Twin Lakes Collection. The 1861 date within Copper-Nickel strikes presents the lowest mintage of the 1860-64 Indian cents. This Twin Lakes example has brownish-tan patina and original surfaces. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2001) holder.
Indian 1C 1862 1862
Original $115 Original Copper Nickel Coloring, Frosty Luster, Unabraded, Twin Lakes Collection . Perect as an AU58 Copper-Nickel type piece. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder. Typical toning with frosty luster. Obverse strike is weak.
Indian 1C 1864 1864
Copper Nickel
Choice $765 New June 27! Near-Gem Copper Nickel Type, Steely Reflective Luster, Complete Strike, CAC Approval. A fully struck and unabraded 1864 copper nickel Indian cent that would be ideal for a type set. Steely reflective luster from partially mirrored fields is revealed during bright light inspection. Totally wholesome and attractive. Housed in old NGC holder with standard ring insert and the coverted CAC green bean approval.
Indian 1C 1865 1865
Fancy 5
Original $125 Early Date, Popular AU58 Grade, Eagle Eye Photo Seal, Original Surface, Twin Lakes Collection . Richly toned with mottled darker shades on the obverse. Bold rims with some cudding. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with Eagle Eye Photo Seal. Fancy 5 is listed on the label.
Indian 1C 1867 1867
Original $250 Price Reduction October 12, 2019 - Better Date, Copper-Gold Patina, Satiny Luster, Accurately Graded, Twins Lakes Collection. A pleasing offering from the Twins Lakes Collection that is housed in 2015 style PCGS holder.
Indian 1C 1874 1874
Choice $190 Scarce Date, Brown with Residual Red Luster, Choice Original Surfaces, Twin Lakes Collection. Twin Lakes Collection is divesting a lovely 1874 Indian cent with choice original surfaces and partial red luster. A somewhat scarcer date in the series. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder.
Indian 1C 1875 1875
Gem $1950 Gem Original, Blazing Red Cartwheel Luster, Blemish Free, Accurately Graded, Sunset Point Collection. A stunning 1875 Indian cent with blazing red-orange cartwheel luster. Mint frost is spread throughout the obverse and reverse dies and equally across main devices and fields. Pricing this 1875 cent in an old white ANACS holder is challenging as collectors wish to have the assurance of PCGS or NGC. Frankly, I believe this Indian cent will be scooped up at the next major show by a crack out dealer. Purchased nearly two decades ago and quietly off the market in a bank box. From the Sunset Point Collection of fine numismatic properties. Price to sell.
Indian 1C 1876 1876
MS65RB NGC Fatty
Gem $1250 Uniform Red-Brown Surfaces, Gem Original Preservation, Reasonable CAC Population. This lovely 1876 Indian cent offers uniform red-brown in hand coloring while bright light inspection reveals orange luster and cartwheels. I don't often add better date Indians to inventory as they lack the eye appeal synonymous with GFRC brand. This lovely 1876 example just spoke to me as something that would match my own collecting goals. Surfaces are completely unabraded with a reasonable strike. Housed in early NGC Fatty holder with CAC approval.
Indian 1C 1885 1885
Gem $620 New July 7! Gem Original, Brilliant Satiny Luster, Gorgeous Eye Appeal, Port Matilda Collection. How about a gem original 1885 Indian cent with some awesome brilliant satiny luster and rose-purple coloring as a potential type coin or for a date and mintmark set? This Port Matilda offering is especially attractive due to the combination of luster and coloring. Bright light inspection is so much fun that I hate to put this one in the inventory box! Please forgive the center plastic holder haze on the GFRC images. This offering is truly a gem regardless of the grade. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder with CAC approval. Only 5 finer at CAC.
Indian 1C 1886 1886
Variety 2
Original $315 Frosty, Choice Original, Twin Lakes Collection. Variety 2 for this issue is distinguished by the placement of C and A in AMERICA, with these two letters more closely spaced than on Variety 1. This is a recognized Guide Book variety and more popular as such. This piece presents even copper color throughout with slate hues gracing the high points of both sides. A small dig in Liberty's cheek is toned over and blends with the surrounding area in the portrait. Under a light, the satiny luster is ample. A nice example for the type, and one with a mintage substantially less than most of the 20th century Indian cents. Housed in a PCGS Gen 6.0 holder (2015-date).
Indian 1C 1891 1891
Gem $22500 New June 9! Near-Unique Original 1891 Proof Set, Sequential PCGS Serial Numbers, CAC Approval. Indian 1c PCGS PR64RB. At first glance this piece is toned in a medium, even salmon shade, but more variance in the color is seen as the piece is tilted under a light. The Indian portrait is more lightly toned and nicely contrasts with the watery fields. SOLD ONLY AS COMPLETE SET. All coins are currently housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 Gold Shield holders with sequential serial numbers and CAC approval. Original Philadelphia Mint packaging included.
Indian 1C 1904 1904
Choice $315 New July 7! Proof Strike, Choice Original, Deep Red Obverse, Aquamarine Blue Reverse, Hammered Strike, Accurately Graded, Port Matilda Collection. This new Port Matilda Indian cent offering is a dandy. Deep red coloring is highlight by sharp reflective mirrors on this 1904 proof strike. The reverse coloring shifts to aquamarine-blue with roses and purples once exposed to a light source. Strike is hammered with boldly impressed diamonds and feathers. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. This one should not last long at the asking price.
Indian 1C 1908S 1908-S
Original $235 Original, Twin Lakes Collection . 1908 San Francisco struck Indians are the third lowest mintage in the series. Lowest mintage honors go to 1877 and 1909-S, with the latter being the lowest mintage in the entire series. The Twin Lakes Collection is releasing a quality AU58 example that should prove to be popular with customers. Frosty luster and original toning are present on both sides. The reverse has toned with an overlapping coin between 2:30 to 6:30. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Lincoln Cent
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.