Gobrecht, Liberty Seated and Trade Dollars

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Gobrecht Dollars
Gobrecht $1 1836 1836
Choice $17500 Name on Base, Choice Original Strike, Die Alignment I, Uniform Gun Metal Gray Patina, CAC Approval, Osprey Collection. The study of Gobrecht dollars is a field onto itself. The 1836 date is a proof only issue with the Christian Gobrecht name on the base. This die pairing is found with two reverse die alignments; regular coin turn and medal turn. The Coin Turn aligned reverse features the eagle flying upward through a field of multiple sized stars. Most notable are the raised letters in LIBERTY on the scroll. GFRC original sold this PCGS PR50 example into the Osprey Collection after securing CAC approval. A splendid example with rich gun metal gray-blue patina on both sides. Bright light inspection exposes light blue fields and peripheral gold toning. A circulated example with minimal wear on the gown line and scroll. One field mark is noted within the right obverse as illustrated in the GFRC images. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval. Fully choice and would be the prize holding in most Liberty Seated coinage centric collections.
Liberty Seated Dollars
Seated $1 1840 1840
Original $1575 Original, New England Collection. Representing the first year of Seated dollar production, this example exhibits gold and olive fields on both sides, with light rub at the high points. Low mintages are the rule for the Seated dollar series, and this piece is no exception with 61,005 pieces reported. Nevertheless, the piece is priced similarly to more populous issues - an opportunity for the astute buyer. Well-struck with most star centers distinct. The OC-1 variety is identified by the right edge of 1 in the date vertically aligning with the fifth set of shield verticals, while the reverse shield verticals extend into the horizontals. Housed in a PCGS Gen 5.0 (2014-2015) Dupont hologram holder.
Seated $1 1840 1840
Choice HOLD
First Year Design Issue, Steely Choice Surfaces, Light Gray Patina, CAC Approval. If assembling a quality Seated dollar set in circulated grades, my advice is to exercise patience and focus on CAC approved selection for the more "common" dates. The 1840 date is always popular as a first year design type along with being part of a date or date/mintmark set. This newly offered example is exactly how a strictly original Seated dollar should look. Fields are steely and toned a uniform light gray. When placed under a bright light, EF45 graded dollars should exhibit residual luster as the field areas can easily reflect light. This is the case with this example. Strike is essentially complete with a few right obverse field stars lacking connected centrils. Rims are unabraded. A choice example that should not last long on the price list if history repeat itself. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 Dupont hologram holder with CAC approval.
Seated $1 1841 1841
Choice $10250 Near-Gem Original, Chrome-Gray Patina, Steely Fields, Old Time Eye Appeal, CAC Approval. GFRC dug this wonderful 1841 Liberty Seated dollar out of a wholesaler's box at the 2020 Atlanta ANA show. There was no question that adding this near-gem to inventory was a foregone conclusion if competitive pricing could be worked out. This I did and thrilled to be offering this specimen to clients. An early American artifact with well preserved surfaces covered with a thin chrome-gray patina that allows uninterrupted steely luster during bright light inspection. As usual, GFRC photography amplifies the reverse toning streak. The obverse is fully struck with bold head details and high relief stars. Some reverse weakness is present at the upper left facing wing. If building a superior set of Seated dollars, please given this special offering consideration. Dan White and I both loved this one at first sight; a tough audience to please! Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. As a reference, CDN CAC guide is $10,500.
Seated $1 1842 1842
Original $875 Original, New England Collection. This 1842 dollar exhibits a circulation cameo appearance with deep gray fields and lighter central figures. The cap, head, and obverse shield feature additional hints of aqua, while the highest points are marked by an even silver shade. Luster remains in the protected areas, outlining the stars, and, to a lesser extent, the reverse legend. OC-2, with die lines above the elbow and die lines within the reverse shield recesses. The silver dollar is perhaps the most iconic in the American coinage series, and this is a worthy representation of the type. Housed in a PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Seated $1 1843 1843
Choice $750 New January 19! Natural Gray Patina, Old Time Originality, Steely Fields, Choice Surfaces. A natural toned and crusty original 1843 Liberty Seated dollar for fans of unquestionable originality. Steely fields are present on both sides and covered with a thick gray skin. This is how an unmolested early Seated dollar should look and CAC agreed. Well above average eye appeal as compared to most found in TPG holders in the marketplace. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval.
Seated $1 1844 1844
Choice $2475 Circulation Strike, Lightly Mirrored Surfaces, Reflective Luster, Silver Gray Patina, Fully Struck. A wonderful 1844 circulation strike with obvious doubling in the shield and misplaced top loop of 8 digit in lower gown. Fields are lightly mirrored with obverse emitting crisp reflective luster under a light source. Reverse luster is closer to a steely texture. Both sides are covered with natural silver gray patina. The obverse has embedded rose which is amplified within the GFRC images. Strike is complete. Surfaces abrasions are minimal with none worth mentioning. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 holder with CAC approval. CAC approval is warranted as grading is accurate and surfaces are 100% original. A new 85% CAC Buyback program acquisition.
Seated $1 1845 1845
Choice $2325 Better Early Date, Mirrored Fields, Deep Rose with Peripheral Blue, CAC Approved. One of the three better early Philadelphia date at the AU grade level. 1845 dated strikes amounted to only 24,500 pieces with a bit over fifty certified by PCGS at the AU55-58 grade level. CAC population for this grade range is seventeen pieces. This example should be near the top of the CAC approved pack due to incredible originality. Fields are nicely mirrored and reflective during bright light inspection. A fairly thick rose patina covers both sides and surrounded by peripheral blues. The patina mutes much of the luster during in hand viewing while semi-transparent under a light source. A very choice and desirable example that is housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval.
Seated $1 1848 1848
Choice $17500 Low Mintage Date, Three Finer at PCGS, Steely Reflective Luster, Pewter Gray and Gold Patina, Well Struck, Accurately Graded, Osprey Collection. A low mintage earlier date with only 15,000 piece struck. The offering is the sole PCGS certified example at the MS63+ grade level with only three finer. An impressive Liberty Seated dollar with steely reflective fields and active cartwheel luster. Obverse toning is primarily pewter rose with embedded orange will appear during bright light viewing. That orange coloring is much more predominant throughout the reverse under the same lighting conditions. Strike is nearly complete with only stars 12 and 13 lacking full definition and some softness on the upper left facing eagle wing. Surfaces are choice for a dollar sized coin. There are a few stray contact marks on the obverse that are fully toned over. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A condition census offering from the Osprey Collection.
Seated $1 1853 1853
Gem $13250 Gem Original, Shimmering Frosty Luster, Incredible Eye Appeal, Osprey Collection. Collecting Liberty Seated dollars is a substantial undertaking. The surviving populations are quite low in AU and Mint State outside of the omnipresent 1859-O and 1860-O dates along with the generally available 1840s dates. Locating Philadelphia struck specimens from the 1850s presents a keen challenge. During early 2018, a complete Seated dollar set was being broken up with this 1853 dollar offering having some of the best eye appeal among the set offerings. This gorgeous 1853 specimen was purchased by Dan White at that time as a well preserved specimen with eye catching frosty cartwheel luster. Surfaces are lightly toned with a thin gold skin that is more apparent on the lower left obverse along with date punch area. Bright light viewing is an absolutely joy as few have been seen with this amount of natural luster and overall eye appeal. Placing a 10x loupe on the surfaces of such a large denomination piece may appear excessive. The inspection revealed only a few field ticks and a single bag mark. Being this critical is important for full disclosure. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.0 (1998-2002) holder with standard ring insert and barcode on the back aside label. CAC approval must have been a foregone conclusion on this amazing specimen. From the Dan White Collection of Liberty Seated dollar being divested via GFRC.
Seated $1 1856 1856
Choice $5450 Rare Date, Frosty Luster, Light Gray Patina, Fully Struck, Important Opportunity, Osprey Collection. A important opportunity for Liberty Seated Dollar collector to gain access to a rare 1856 dated example with limited wear. PCGS population report indicates thirteen graded at the AU58 level with another twenty in all Mint State grades. Survivors are limited since most of the mintage was again used for export and trade for Chinese tea and silk. This wonderful survivor offers brilliant frosty luster and swirling cartwheels. A faint gray skin covers both sides but does not impede the luster. Strike is typical with a touch of obverse weakness at the gown line coupled with partial definition of the reverse eagle's left facing leg. Housed in new large font NGC holder. From the Dan White Collection of Liberty Seated dollar being divested via GFRC.
Seated $1 1857 1857
Gem $16750 Near Condition Census Offering, Mirrored Fields, Gem Original Surfaces, Rose-Gray and Teal Toning, Osprey Collection. 1857 dated Seated dollars will be found with two consistent characteristics. Nearly all survivors in EF through Mint State will exhibit proof like surfaces. Secondly, essential all pieces are weakly struck at the head and surrounding stars. A full strike is probably an R7+ rarity. The divestment of the Dan White Liberty Seated Dollar collection has yielded this near condition census example into the market place. This survivor features the expected mirrored fields and a partial strike at the upper obverse. Perfectly preserved surfaces are unabraded and covered with a base layer of semi-transparent rose-gray coupled with mottled teal blue. PCGS population is a single example certified at MS64+ with three better. Housed in new large font NGC holder with CAC approval.
Seated $1 1872 1872
Choice $1450 Bullseye Toning, Sharp Reflective Luster, A Piece of Eye Candy, New England Collection. GFRC customers might be scratching their heads when reviewing this listing. Why is a common date 1872 Seated dollar priced at multiples of the guides? The response is superior eye appeal from time in an old album. This silver piece has acquired beautiful bullseye toning that is not well illustrated by GFRC photography. Center rose on the obverse is surrounded by a deep aquamarine-gold ring once viewed under a bright light. Reverse toning is similar but with a broader peripheral ring that contains blues and aquamarine. Fields have a few scattered abrasions consistent with the assigned grade. Housed in PCGS 6.0 holder. An exciting offering from the New England Collection that comes to life during bright light viewing.
Trade Dollars
Trade $1 1873CC 1873-CC
Choice HOLD
Condition Census, Superb Gem, Set Registry Candidate, Pristine Surfaces, Natural Pewter Coloring CAC Approval. I believe that Q. David Bowers well communicates the rarity of this gem 1873-CC Trade dollar per his CoinFacts monologue. This date was not saved by collectors of the period, with nearly all being shipped to the Orient. Exported pieces did return to the United States with wear and chopmarks. Bowers goes on to write that "In MS63 grade, the 1873-CC date maintains it lofty rarity status with examples seen being as elusive as those at the MS64 grade level. I could not pass up owning this superb gem when discovered in a dealer wholesale box at a small New England dealer show. This example presents virtually perfect surfaces that do not reveal even the tiniest scrapes. 10x loupe inspection and a thorough inspection reveals a few widely scattered microscopic ticks. Steely luster is consistent on both sides which is typical for the date. Both sides enjoy a naturally original deeper pewter color. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. Mint made adjustment marks on the eagles lower left leg probably holds this piece back from MS64 certification. The good people at CAC believed this high end MInt States example to be worthy of green bean. CAC population is two at the MS63 level with only three finer. A true piece of American western frontier history in a very rare preservation state. I'm already enjoying having this piece in GFRC inventory. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. Offers welcomed though reasonably priced. As a reference, CDN CAC guide pricing is $30,200.
Trade $1 1874 1874
Choice $1200 Heavily Exported, Near-Gem, Mirrored Fields, Superb Bright Light Eye Appeal. Like other Trade dollar issues, 1874 Philadelphia strikes were shipped to the Orient as commercial payment. Few pieces remained well preserved in the United States leading to a scarcity of AU58 and Mint State survivors. PCGS has graded only fourteen at the AU58 grade level. Late August 2020 brought the arrival of a "duplicates" shipment to GFRC from a collector who is intensely passionate about Trade dollars. GFRC immediately purchased the lot including this near-gem 1874 strike. Eye appeal is the operative word for this offering. Fields are moderately mirrored on both sides with few distractions. Luster is reflective and crisp. Obverse coloring is gun metal gray-blue with some peripheral gold. That gold toning is predominant throughout the reverse with a narrow blue arc at the rim. Surfaces and toning scream originality. Housed in new large font NGC holder. If not immediately sold, this piece will be heading to CAC on the next submission. Please note that GFRC images are woefully inadequate as this piece is most pleasing.
Trade $1 1874S 1874-S
Choice $1650 Attractive Peripheral Toning, Steely Luster, Choice at Grade. Please don't let the ANACS gold label holder impact potential consideration for this attractively toned 1874 San Francisco struck Trade dollar. 1874 brought large commercial demand for Trade dollars to be used for the China trade. Most of the San Francisco output was shipped to the Orient. Enough Mint State examples were saved and are available for present day collectors. This well preserved example offers attractive ring toning on both sides. A dense aquamarine patina surrounds untoned centers. Luster is of a steely texture and active during bright light inspection. Fields abrasions are consistent with the assigned grade. This offering is a special color coin with the associated premium.
Trade $1 1875S 1875-S
Gem $3400 Superior Originality and Eye Appeal, Steely Reflective Luster, Flashy Cartwheels, 1989 PCGS Holder, CAC Approval, Osprey Collection . Ex. Poetic Candy Collection, The Osprey Collection continues its divestment program via GFRC. This superior 1875-S Trade dollar was originally purchased out of the Poetic Candy Collection during 2017 and now makes a return appearance. This example is a unquestionable gem at the assigned grade. Surfaces are 100% original and untouched. Steely reflective luster is pleasing along with flashy cartwheels during bright light inspection. A faint rose patina covers both sides but does not impede the luster. Strike is big and bold; every minor detail is so well defined. Two bag marks above Liberty's out stretched arm are the only abrasions worthy of mention. Housed in PCGS Gen 2.2 (1989) old green holder with CAC approval. Worthy of special consideration and a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation.
Trade $1 1876 1876
Original $2250 Extremely Rare 1876 II/II Die Pairing, No Auction Records, Original Light Gray Surfaces, Steely Fields, Accurately Graded, Cumberland Country Collection. An extremely rare 1876 Type II/II design hub pairing that is without auctions records. In the new Whitman Mega Red Book, Bowers lists the die pairing without pricing estimates and indicates extremely rare in the footnotes. Most surviving 1876 Trade dollars will be found with Type I/II design hub. GFRC is most excited to handling an example of this major die variety rarity that has nice original surfaces. A light gray patina covers both sides. Under a light source, steely fields comes to life with light gold coloring on the obverse. Fields have a few scattered micro ticks but well within the range of what can be expected at the VF grade level. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with "Obv 2 Rev 2" specified on the label. A major die variety offering from the Cumberland County Collection. Please that the GFRC images illustrate light rose coloring on the lower obverse and reverse. This coloring is an artifact of the photography process and not on the coin. This piece is even light gray.
Trade $1 1876CC 1876-CC
Double Die Reverse
Original $1750 Popular Doubled Die Reverse, Original Surfaces, Steely Residual Luster, Light Silver Gray Patina, Fully Struck, Conservatively Graded, Cumberland Country Collection. Within the 1876 Carson City date is a popular Double Die Reverse variety wih rotational die doubling within the olive branches and at the denomination. The Cumberland Country set piece for the 1876-CC date is that die variety. The variety is listed within CoinFacts and the Whitman Mega Red Book. This example has nice original steely surfaces with residual mint frost surrounding the motifs on lower reverse. Under a bright light, the surfaces are reflective with a substantial amount of luster that one would expect from a higher graded coin. Surfaces are strictly original with a thin layer of silver gray patina. Strike is complete with additional die doubling visible within the eagle feathers. Let's call this one as being slightly undergraded and housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. The PCGS label reads, "Doubled Die Reverse" in bold lettering. Please note that the GFRC images suggest some rose and green hues on this piece. These are photography artifacts as the Trade dollar in hand indicates unform light silver gray coloring.
Trade $1 1877 1877
Gem $3375 Gem Original, Swirling Cartwheel Luster, Copper-Blue Patina, Frosty Surfaces, Typical Strike, Gorgeous Eye Appeal, Osprey Collection. GFRC is incredibly proud to be offering this gorgeous 1877 Philadelphia struck Trade dollar. Upon initial inspection, the vibrant cartwheel luster and copper gold coloring jumps out and grabs your attention. Let start with a review of the obverse. Copper-rose toning covers most of the obverse center with a transition to sky blue at the star and date punch. Reverse coloring tilts more towards copper-gold with embedded aquamarine. Sky blue and orange-gold intermix at the peripheries. These colors are transparent to the underlying frosty luster. Fields have a few scattered micro ticks of no consequence. Finally, strike is typical with some weakness at the upper obverse stars. Overall, this 1877 would best fit into a collection of superior eye appealing toners. Accurately graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A splendid eye appealing offering from the Osprey Collection.
Trade $1 1877 1877
Choice $1895 Consignor Buyout, Price Reduction. Champagne-Gold Toning, Frosty Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Choice Original. A lustrous, softly frosted 1877 Philadelphia strike that is a high end MS63. This Black Point Collection offering displays surprisingly clean surfaces with pleasing champagne-gold toning that shows hints of blue around the peripheries. The peripheral stars are not fully struck, but the central devices are sharp. PCGS MS63+ population is a tiny three pieces. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. Type II/II. As reference, CDN CAC guide is $2250 at MS63 grade level.
Trade $1 1877S 1877-S
Choice $1150 Semi-Proof Like Fields, Swirling Reflective Cartwheel Luster, Faint Golden Shades, Well Preserved, Osprey Collection. Semi-proof like fields are the highlight of this choice original 1877-S Trade dollar. Both sides are equally reflective with no visual distractions. A thin layer of golden patina covers the obverse while the reverse is faintly toned with gold overall and violet at the denomination. The GFRC images amplify the coloring. Just imagine sharp reflective luster through a transparent layer of golden shades. This is how this 1877-S Trade dollar will appear on arrival. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder and fairly graded. Fields have some faint chatter that is consistent with the assigned grade. Overall, a quality Trade dollar offering from the Osprey Collection.
Trade $1 1877S 1877-S
Chop Mark
Choice $950 Single Chop Mark, Choice Original Surfaces, Steely Reflective Luster, Light Toning, Osprey Collection. The only PCGS AU58+ graded 1877-S Trade Dollar with chop mark certification. This choice example offers steely reflective luster and light violet toning that is a bit amplified by GFRC photography. Cartwheels are vibrant during bright light inspection. Fields are unabraded. A single chop mark is well hidden in the obverse wheat stalks. It is difficult to imagine how this heavy silver dollar was transported to the Orient, certified and then returned to the United States without abrasions. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. More great offerings that we have come to expect from the Osprey Collection.
Trade $1 1877S 1877-S
Choice $950 Superior Eye Appeal, Choice Original, Brilliant Cartwheel Luster, Rose-Gold and Peripheral Blues, Completely Struck, Accurately Graded, Cumberland Country Collection. A high mintage common date offering but with superior toning and eye appeal. If adding an 1877-S Trade to a type set or full date and mintmark set, then this offering should be immediate scooped up. Surfaces are somewhere between steely and reflective and produce huge amounts of brilliant luster under a light source. Then there is the gorgeous toning that consists of rose-gold with peripheral blues at the rims. Rose is predominant on the obverse while gold is mainly seen on the reverse. Strike is completely executed. There is faint rub on Liberty's right facing breast there the grading is accurate. Eye appeal wise, this piece is superior to MS60/MS61 graded examples and worthy of the asking price. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert. A most attractive offering from the Cumberland County Collection that should not last long. Once viewed in hand at the FUN show, this piece will be gone.
Trade $1 1877S 1877-S
Choice $750 Consignor Buyout, Price Reduction. Near-Gem, Reflective Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Hammered Strike. An exceptional 1877 San Francisco struck Trade dollar with hammered strike and reflective luster. Old time golden-gray patina dresses the obverse while the reverse is includes rose hues into the color palette. A near-gem at grade and worthy of an advanced collection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. Type II/II.
Trade $1 1878S 1878-S
Choice $1200 Choice Original, Lightly Mirrored Fields, Dusty Gray-Gold, Eye Appeal at Grade, Chicago ANA New Purchase. 1878 brought the last year of Trade dollar production at the San Francisco mint. By April 1878 all Trade dollars had been struck and production shifted to the Morgan dollar as dictated by the Bland-Allison Act. There is speculation that quantities of the 1878-S dated Trade dollars were melted but no official records have been located. This mint state survivor offers perfectly natural surfaces and above average eye appeal. If searching for a mint state Trade dollar on a budget, then this example provide compelling value. Fields are lightly mirrored on both sides as struck from freshly polished dies. A dusty gray-gold film covers the surfaces and is mostly transparent to the underlying reflective luster. Fields are also unabraded. A superior example at the certified MS62 grade level and sure to please selective collectors. Housed in new NGC large font holder.
Trade $1 1878S 1878-S
Choice $600 Choice Original, Steely Luster, Mottled Gray Patina, Eye Appeal. If in the market for a choice AU58 graded Trade dollar, you've come to the right place. This 1878-S example was recently purchased as part of a large lot from a passionate Trade dollar collector. His duplicates continue to be well above average in terms of originality and eye appeal. This example features light to medium gray patina with some mottled characteristics. Steely luster is evident on both sides during bright light inspection. Fields are mostly unabraded with just two small contact marks. A pleasing example for type or as part of an AU level date and mintmark set. Housed in new large font NGC holder. I am not aware of this piece being submitted to CAC.
Trade $1 1882 1882
Gem $6100 Exceptional Eye Appeal, Watery Fields, Sharp Reflective Luster, Proof Only Date, Osprey Collection. 1882 brings a proof only date for Trade dollars. Mintage was limited to 1,097 strikes for the collector market of that era. The Osprey Collection is letting go of an exceptional example from his PCGS Box of 20- This offering warrants a Gem original quality rating for a host of positive reasons. First are the watery mirrors. Second is the cameo contrast between the white Liberty device, with out stretched hand, against darkly mirrored fields. Coloring is light rose with darker shades as one moves towards the peripheries. Reflective luster is brilliant and crisp as are the cartwheels leading to exceptional eye appeal. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 Dupont hologram holder. A special offering for the selective collectors that wants the best coin at grade level.