Mercury Dimes

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The initials FB = Full Bands.

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Mercury  1916 1916
Gem $1600 New September 25! Incredible Satiny Mint Bloom, Hammered Strike, Ideal First Year Type, Washington State Collection. The Washington State Collection's Mercury dime type piece is a first year strike with incredible satiny mint bloom. This piece could easily take us back to 1916 and the Philadelphia mint. We are standing by one of the presses and retrieve, from the hopper, this freshly coined example from moderately worn dies. The satiny luster is nearly blinding as so intense. This piece is deeply impressed with every subtle device details fully available. Why not MS68 rather than being certified MS67? My trusty 10x found a single micro tick on the bust neckline and another on the center reverse. Both are well hidden. Eye appeal is exceptional and will please the most selective collector among us. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Mercury  1916D 1916-D
Original HOLD
New September 22! Iconic Date, Strictly Original, Obverse Lines. A classic 20th century key date that is necessary for many Mercury dime Whitman folder collections. This example is newly consigned from a local consignor. Surfaces are 100% original with natural coin gray coloring and darker "dirt' in the protected areas. Wear is honest and even. Two crossing lines in the left obverse field hold this piece from a Choice quality rating. Housed in PCGS Gen 3.1 (1993-1998) old green holder and fairly priced.
Mercury  1916S 1916-S
Gem $435 Superb Gem Original, Burnt Gold -Gray Patina, Frosty Luster, CAC Approval. A premium first year Merucry dime strike from the San Francisco mint. This superb gem has uniform burnt gold patina on both sides along with underlying frosty luster. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. Old time toning and eye appeal that is unquestionably CAC worth and consistent with what collectors strive to locate. A 2019 Winter Baltimore show new purchase that belongs in an advanced collection.
Mercury  1935D 1935-D
Choice $55 Brilliant Satiny Luster, Worn Dies, Untoned, Mark Mattox Estate (Alexandria Collection). Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Mercury  1938 1938
Gem $110 Superb Ge, Brilliant Luster, Heavily Polished Obverse Die, Full Bands . I love the subtle rainbow toning on right obverse. This area is covered with deep die polish lines. Reverse has hints of gold and swirling cartwheels. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. From the Mark Mattox Estate (Alexandria Collection).
Mercury  1942 1942
Gem $385 New October 9! Watery Mirrors, Colorful Peripheral Toning. A fully struck 1942 proof Mercury dime that warrants attention. Mirrors have a watery texture along with colorful peripheral toning that is fully exposed during bright light review. Relfective fields are entirely unabraded. The certified grade is a function of luster rather than marks. Overall a pretty offering at a fair asking price. Housed in NGC Gen 17 (2004-2008) with CAC approval.
Mercury  1942/41 1942/41
Choice $1450 Iconic 1942/41 Overdate, Colorful Toning, Choice Surfaces. How often did many childhood collectors dream of picking a 1942/41 overdate out of circulation or in a junk silver bucket at a local coin shop? I know I did but without luck. This colorfully toned example would be ideal for filling in one of the remaining holes in a complete Mercury dime set. Surfaces feature light wear with intermixed olive, rose, and gold patina. Overall eye appeal is well above average as compared to dipped white frosty pieces. I love my silver coinage to have character and this offering certainly does. Housed in NGC Gen 17 (2004-2008) holder with CAC approval.