Shield, Libery V & Buffalo Nickels

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Shield Nickels
Shield  1866 1866
With Rays
Original $295 Popular First Year With Rays Type, Late Die State Dies, Original Surfaces, Frosty Luster, Twin Lakes Collection. In 1866, a new 5 Cent piece made of nickel as an alternative for the silver Liberty Seated half dime was introduced. The two coins were issued side-by-side through 1873, after which the half dime was discontinued and the Shield nickel became the coin of standard commerce. Unfortunately, nickel is a hard metal and difficult to strike resulting in rapidly aging dies. Part of the die aging problem was the intricate reverse, where stars were squeezed tightly between small rays surrounding the large 5 denomination. The rays were removed from the dies mid-1867, but failed to completely solve the cracking die problem. This survivor is accurate graded as the AU58 level. Struck from late die state dies with obverse erosion and cracks on the reverse. Mint frost is readily visible under a 10x loupe. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 holder with standard ring insert. More attractively priced duplicate offerings from the Twin Lakes Collection.
Shield  1883 1883
PF63 raw
Choice $330 Choice Original Proof, Hamden Collection, Formerly NGC PF63. Purchased from Hamden Collection and a choice example for the grade. The Hamden collector is a purist and obviously purchases the coin and not the holder since all coins are cracked out and placed in Dansco album. This lovely proof shield nickel was previously certified as NGC PF63 with the label being sold with the coin. A nice proof strike with few blemishes for the assigned grade.
Liberty V Nickels
Liberty V  1884 1884
Choice $165 Lustrous, Choice Original, Twin Lakes Collection. The Liberty nickel was introduced in 1883, replacing the Shield nickel, one of the duller designs in the U.S. coin series. The new coin rightfully restored Liberty's place on the 5-cent piece, and these collectible coins have been popular ever since. This piece, from the second year of production is a lustrous AU example with cartwheel-effect still evident while tilting. A few scattered ticks are consistent with the grade, and the medium-gray color is occasionally highlighted by pleasing streaks of rose and russet. The strike is complete with just a touch of weakness on the right obverse stars. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.4S (2010-2011) holder.
Liberty V  1911 1911
Gem $425 Gem Original, Light Rose Gold Patina, Swirling Cartwheel Luster, Well Struck. Blemish Free, Accurately Graded, Philadelphia ANA Consignment . Bright light viewing of this 1911 Liberty or V Nickel is quite pleasing. Gem surfaces offer swirling cartwheels without uninterruption due to blemishes or heavy toning. Luster texture is closer to frosty for this piece. Well struck with sharp reverse wreath. Accurately graded and housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert. A quality consignment from the 2018 Philadelphia ANA show.
Buffalo Nickels
Buffalo  1913S 1913-S
Type 1
Gem $1250 New November 27! Type 1, Superb Gem, Steely Radiant Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Complete Strike, Registry Set Quality. A marvelous 1913-S Type 1 example that offers bold luster. I'm still on the fence as whether the luster is best described as steely or satiny. Since struck with fresh dies, the better terms is brilliant steely luster. Bright light viewing is most enjoyable due to active cartwheels and bold strike. Locating MS66 examples of this date is not that difficult. The challenge lies with finding a well balanced example with rich luster and deeply impressed strike. This piece fits those parameters. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.
Buffalo  1916D 1916-D
Original $115 Price Reduction October 12, 2019 - Original, Russet Toning, Twin Lakes Collection.. A better-date Buffalo nickel perfect for a type set, this coin's design was the result of a complete overhaul of the nation's coinage in the early 20th century. The nickel's iconic Buffalo is in keeping with other Indian-themed coinage of the same period, such as the Indian cent and Indian gold pieces. This example exhibits russet streaks that blanket both sides over a even, gray pallete. A few hints of seaweed hue highlight protected areas of the obverse. A quality AU58 set offering from the Twin Lakes Collection.
Buffalo  1917D 1917-D
Gem $6250 New November 27! Superb Branch Mint Gem, Brilliant Satiny Luster, Gorgeous Eye Appeal, Registry Set Quality. The 1917-D issue is rarely seen in superb gem condition, despite a mintage of nearly 10 million coins. Small denomination coinage from the Denver Mint circulated extensively during this period leaving few gem survivors for modern day collectors. PCGS population report indicate twenty-eight at the MS66 grade level with four finer (three MS66+ and a sole MS67). This superb gem offers delicate champagne toning across pristine, satiny surfaces. The Indian's upper feather and the bison's head and shoulder show mild strike weakness. Freshly graded and housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. A candidate for a top level Registry set.
Buffalo  1924D 1924-D
Choice $525 Appealing, Choice Original, Twin Lakes Collection. The AU58 is ideal collector grade, with most examples providing complete detail and remaining luster. This piece scores higher than average on the "luster-o-meter," and, with only scattered marks, merits a choice designation for the grade. Toning is nickel-gray with occasional russet, most prominent on the bison's shoulder. The strike is typical, as the Denver Mint struggled to produce strikes on par with the quality of the Philadelphia Mint, and the buffalo emerges from the die with slightly less relief than one might see on a well-struck example. The overall effect remains pleasing, and this is an ideal selection at the AU58 level, combining aesthetic appeal with the lower mintage of a better-date Denver issue. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.5 holder (2011-2013).
Buffalo  1925S 1925-S
Gem $26500 New November 27! Series Key Date in Gem, Condition Census Example, Beautiful Toned Gem, Satiny Mint Frost, CAC approval. The 1925-S date is one of the key dates in the Buffalo nickel series and extremely rare in Gem Original preservation state. This date is the third rarest Buffalo in gem trailing only the 1920-S and 1926-S. GFRC is incredibly pleased to be ramping its Buffalo nickel inventory with this gem offering that ranks in the condition census. Overall, the eye appeal is superb and would be a substantial acquisition for the Buffalo specialist. This offering is one of the finest certified example. Rich orange-gold blends with iridescent mint green hues. This piece is well struck with typical weakness on the reverse that is commonplace for the issue. Most importantly, the horn is well defined as is the tail. A careful 10x loupe inspection found completely unabraded surfaces. Satiny mint frost is vibrant and pleasing. Housed in new large font NGC holder with CAC approval. CAC approval is critical for long term financial value in this increasingly tiered numismatic market. As a reference, CDN CAC pricing is $17,500 for MS65 and jumping to $48,400 at MS66. The GFRC offer price is below two CoinFacts auction records at the $31,000 to $32,000 level.
Buffalo  1935 1935
Gem $175 Gem Original, Satiny Luster, Accurately Graded. A quality later date Buffalo nickel that is accurately graded at the MS66 level. Satiny luster is predominate. Housed in 2014 generation PCGS holder.
Buffalo  1937 1937
Choice $38 Steely Gray Luster, Near Gem Original, Accurately Graded. Housed in new large font NGC holder. Accurately graded with colorful eye appeal.
Buffalo  1937D 1937-D
3 Legs
Choice $575 Three Legged Buffalo, Collector Grade.. From the Seal Beach collection, this 3-legged Buffalo nickel sports even gray color with old "dirt" outlining much of the design. The strike by definition is weak, as eroded dies caused the loss of much detail, including the all-important fourth leg. Growing up, everyone knew about 1955 Doubled Die cents, and the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent was equally recognized. Not far behind was the 1937-D 3-legged nickel, an obvious Mint mistake easily attributable by the general public. None of my friends had an example, but that didn't stop us from dreaming. Fast forward to today, and, as things are less challenging with an adult-size checkbook, you can still be the first kid on your block to own one! PCGS Gen 4.4 holder (2005-2011).
Buffalo  1938D 1938-D
Gem $50 Copper Gold Patina, Gem Original, Accurately Graded. Housed in new large font NGC holder. For fans of heavily toned Buffalo nickels. Luster provides nice contrast with the copper-gold coloring.
Buffalo  1938D 1938-D
Gem $50 Brilliant Luster, Eroded Dies, Faint Gold Patina. Accurately Graded. Housed in new large font NGC holder. Brilliant luster is the highlight. Struck from heavily eroded dies. Accurately graded at MS65 level.
Buffalo  1938D 1938-D
PCGS Rattler
Gem $160 New November 4! Pre-Whitman Baltimore Show Sale! Ideal for PCGS Rattler Type Collection, Gem Original, Spectacular Eye Appeal, GOLD CAC Approval. An impressive 1938-D Buffalo with brilliant luster and bold strike. An ideal candidate for collectors building PCGS rattler holder type sets with gold CAC bean as a bonus. Obviously, this piece was badly undegraded during its initial review. Housed in PCGS 1.2 (1986-1989) Rattler holder with GOLD CAC approval. This Buffalo and many other Gold CAC type coins will be available at GFRC Table #1634 at the Chicago ANA.
Buffalo  1938D 1938-D
Choice $35 Copper Gold Patina, Choice Original, Accurately Graded. Housed in new large font NGC holder. Nice balance of uniform copper-gold patina with brilliant luster. Conservative grading.