Liberty Seated Double Dimes

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Variety attributions are listed with BF numbers from Lane Brunner's and John Frost's variety reference website.

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Photo Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 20C 1875 1875

Original $425 Original, Conservative Grading. Considerable remaining details for the VF30 assigned grade on this nice orginal piece. Obverse is toned an even light to medium gray with no blemishes. Reverse has old album toning with rainbow coloring; green/blues in the eagle that migrate to rose then deep red and blue at the upper rim. One can easily find 1875-S and 1875-CC examples at most coin shows but try to locate the underrated 1875 and 1876 dates. Mintage is only 36,910.
Seated 20C 1875 1875
Choice $320 Choice Original, Circulated Cameo Eye Appeal, Medium Gray Fields, Accurately Graded. Freshly graded as part of GFRC raw inventory conversion to TPG holders. This lovely 1875 double dime is strictly original example with light to medium gray coloing. There are no blemishes to mention as a well preserved specimen. This piece was original conservatively graded as F15 while PCGS assigned a VF20 opinion. This should substantiate the care taken in grading raw coins for GFRC customers. Now housed in 2015 style holder.
Seated 20C 1875CC 1875-CC
Choice $2600 Ideal Carson City Type, Frosted Luster, Golden-Gray Patina, So Well Preserved. Mint State double dimes are very scarce in today's market, especially the popular 1875 Carson City date since being pursued for both type and date/mintmark sets. This MS62 certified example brings overt natural patina covering lightly frosted surfaces. Bright light inspection exposes a healthy amount of luster and active cartwheels. Golden-gray coloring is continuous on both sides. Strike is quite pleasing with elevated stars and raised LIBERTY. Reverse eagle wing feathers are also nicely detailed. The assigned grade is a function of luster expectations since the surfaces are essentially unabraded. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval.
Seated 20C 1875CC 1875-CC
Original HOLD
Popular Carson City Date, Original Light Gray Surfaces, Honest Wear, Fairly Graded, Murphys Collection. Price Reduction June 2020 - An 1875 Carson City double dime struck with the BF-2 die pairing. Original surfaces are toned a light gray. Just honest wear with some reverse verdigris. Fairly graded and housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert. Yet another Carson City coinage offering from the Murphs Collection.
Seated 20C 1875S 1875-S
Gem $13000 For The Finest Seated Type Set, Gem Original, Intense Steely Luster, Gorgeous Toning.. This piece is a stunner under a light, revealing swirling shades of russet, gold, and blue, and it is challenging to recreate this effect with a single image. Active cartwheel accompanies the rich toning and the eye appeal is strong. Surfaces are virtually flawless and close inspection with a glass identifies only the barest ticks. BF-13, with a misplaced digit in the denticles and a filled mintmark, while a few spider-web die cracks are evident in the reverse legend. The excellent Brunner-Frost guide to twenty-cent varieties is freely available at The twenty-cent denomination was a short-lived concession to the silver lobby, who had little use for the coin after Morgan dollars went into production in 1878. PCGS notes six pieces in MS67 and one in MS68, while CAC reports only one piece higher, at MS67. Housed in a PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) Dupont hologram holder with CAC approval. This piece is an excellent choice for a collector seeking a single piece to exhibit the twenty-cent denomination, and will draw appreciation from even the most advanced numismatists.
Seated 20C 1875S 1875-S

Choice $795 New September 23! Excellent for Type, Frosted Luster, Choice Surfaces, Peripheral Copper-Gold Shades,. Those who build a Liberty Seated type set will be faced with selecting a double dime representative. 1875 San Francisco strikes saw the highest mintage and make for worthy candidates. GFRC has just repurchased this choice specimen with frosted silver-gray luster and peripheral copper-gold. Obverse toning is more prevalent while the reverse is fully transparent to the underlying luster. Strike is near perfection with boldly raised LIBERTY and intricately detailed eagle feathers. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.1 (2002-2004) holder.