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At GFRC, a JUST BUY IT NOW designation is special and not taken lightly. When examining early silver type and United States gold in volume, gems or better value offerings quickly become apparent. These are no-brainer offerings that should be immediately scooped up at the asking prices based on my years of experience. When I find a coin compelling and potentially worthy of my collection, then the JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is added to a listing.

There are 28 JUST BUY IT NOW Coins for Sale. New coin(s) added on August 10, 2022

Photo Type Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Half & 1, 2 and 3 Cents
Early Copper 1C 1833 Early Copper 1C 1833

Gem $4375 Superb Eye Appeal, Gem Original, Multi-Color Patina, JUST BUY IT NOW!. GFRC does not handle huge amounts of early copper. However, when an obvious gem is offered for purchase, I will glad step up and add to inventory. Such is the case for this near condition census 1833 Coronet Head large cent. Frosted luster glows under a light source along with enticing cartwheels. Multi-color toning include intermixed reds, orange, gold, and aquamarine shades. Strike is complete other than the left obverse stars. Struck from late die state dies with a notable circular reverse die crack through most of the legend lettering. CAC population is a meager seven pieces with only three finer. This superb offerings is priced at the CAC guide and warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.1 (2002-2003) holder with CAC approval.
Indian 1C 1871 Indian 1C 1871
Bold N

Choice $785 Semi-Key Date, Thick Chocolate-Brown Skin, Well Struck, CAC Approval. A low mintage issue with suggestions that a portion of the mintage was melted during the mid to late 1870s. This semi-key date offering is superb for the grade and a near-gem. Surfaces are covered with a uniform chocolate-brown "skin". Fields are unabraded with some light verdigris surrounding the reverse motifs. I'm going with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation given the overall eye appeal. Ideal for a very selective AU58 CAC collector. Housed in new NGC large font holder with CAC approval.
Indian 1C 1871 Indian 1C 1871

Choice $765 New August 5! Semi-Key Date, Conservative Grading, Choice Original, Golden-Brown Coloration, Port Matilda Collection. When first inspecting this Port Matilda 1871 Indian with a 10x, the first question was where is the rub? This certified AU55 is conservatively graded at least to AU58. Surfaces have a golden-brown coloration along with being absolutely pristine. Strike is also hammered to round out the superlatives. I'm going with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation for this semi-key date Indian. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval.
5 Cents
Capped Bust 5C 1832 Capped Bust 5C 1832
Choice $1165 Brilliant Frosted Luster, Near-Gem Preservation, Superb Eye Appeal, CAC Approval. Let's open the description for this noteworty 1832 LM-7 Capped Bust half dime with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Why? After handling a host of Mint State pieces in this series, those with superior eye appeal and preservation become easily recognized. This little silver piece presents thick frosted luster with the obverse bordering on satiny textures given the die erosion. Strike is complete with intricately detailed lower eagle claws and arrow feathers. As a bonus, the reverse exhibits strike doubling at the denomination and throughout most of the legend. I'm lovin' this piece as did CAC. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Capped Bust 5C 1834 Capped Bust 5C 1834
Choice $1150 Near-Gem, Thick Frosted Luster, Vibrant Cartwheels, Excellent Diagnostics. Let's start this description with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation if in the market for a brilliant and frosty capped bust half dime for type. This 1834 LM-2 is a common date but excels in the eye appeal department. How can you not love the sparking frosted luster and swirling cartwheels at the certified grade? A hammered strike is just icing on the cake. Motifs are elevated and minutely detailed. Light peripheral gold rounds out the attributes. A premium MS63 example that easily secured a green bean. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Seated 5C 1839 Seated 5C 1839
No Drapery

Gem $2100 Premium No Drapery Type, Brilliant Frosty Luster, Dazzling Eye Appeal, CAC Approval. A superb 1839 No Drapery half dime that would be ideal for a high end type set. Let's open with a JUST BUY IT NOW disclosure as this gem glows with intense frosted luster and presents swirling cartwheels. GFRC images accurately portray overall aquamarine coloring with embedded golden obverse shades. Strike is hammered with every subtle detail being impressed including faint spider die cracks surrounding stars 1 to 4. Bright light viewing substantially lightening the toning in favor of glowing luster. The new owner will be pleased with this acquisition. Housed in Gen 4.0 (1998-2002) holder with CAC approval.
Seated 5C 1849/6 Seated 5C 1849/6
9 Over Widely Placed 6
Gem $495 1849/6 V-2, Gorgeous Old Album Toning, Frosted Luster, Fully Struck, Former Dr. Peterson Collection. . A gem example of the controversial 1849/6 overdate. Researching date punch diagnostic and die variety discussion in Blythe confirmed the V-2 designation for 1849/6 overdate. Old album toning is spectacular on the obverse. Reverse is lightly toned with darker shades at the periphery. Strike is fully executed and impressive. Finally, there are no blemishes to discuss. Reverse die is also shattered. Worthy of a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Previously from the Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder "9 Over Widely Placed 6" attribution on label.
Seated 5C 1858 Seated 5C 1858

Gem $1150 New July 12! Gem Original, Frosted Luster, Pastel Aquamarine-Rose, Heavily Clashed. Let's start the description for this gem 1858 half dime with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. This little silver piece screams originality with frosted luster that also exhibits satiny textures during in-hand viewing. Surfaces are toned medium pastel aquamarine and rose with the toning shifting to glowing rose under angled lighting. Both sides are heavily clashed. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) Dupont hologram holder with CAC approval. Please note that the lower reverse arching line is on the holder.
10 Cents
Seated 10C 1837 Seated 10C 1837
No Stars, Large Date
Choice $400 New August 5! Popular Type, Large Date, Natural Coin Gray, Choice Surfaces, Port Matilda Collection. Steely fields and natural coin gray toning are the highlights of this 1837 Large Date dime. Popular for type set and constantly difficult to keep in inventory. This VF30 is perfect for the grade with all letters in LIBERY sharply defined along remaining scroll edge. Well struck with minimal marks. The initial obverse die crack on the lower leg and foot is starting to appear. This Port Matilda offering probably does not need a JUST BUY IT NOW announcement to sell but certainly deserves it. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder with CAC approval.
Seated 10C 1839O Seated 10C 1839-O
No Drapery
Choice $800 Early Die State Cobweb Shattered Reverse, Steely Luster, Bright Light Eye Appeal, Massachusetts Collection. Have you ever thought of building an 1839 F-106 reverse die progression? This is possible as the F-106 Cobweb Shattered reverse was used continually into a termination die state. Finding an F-106 without reverse die cracks will prove to many time more challenging than the popular later die states. This Massachusetts Collection duplicate was struck during the earlier pottion of the reverse die life with light die cracks. This example comes with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation as I'm lovin' the brilliant steely fields and resulting luster. The reverse bright light performance is stunning. Bluish-gray toning covers the obverse with embedded gold that extends to the reverse. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Seated 10C 1871 Seated 10C 1871
Gem $1450 Repunched Date, Intense Watery Mirrors, Gem Original, Top 100, Mountaineer Collection. I'm really loving this superb 1871 F-101 repunched date proof dime and believe that a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is warranted. This gem presents intense watery mirrors and lots of bright light viewing pleasure. Deep green-rose in-hand coloring shifts to aquamarine-gold once the fields become reflective. Surfaces are entirely unabraded. Wire rims are bold and high. This proof die variety struggles to achieve higher certified grades due to the unique die finish. As is typical for the variety, there is pushed arcing metal at Liberty's head and at (O)F. I've yet to determine the cause of that arcing metal that is also unique to this die pair. A Top 100 listed variety and a fitting inclusion into an advanced set. Housed in new large font NGC holder with "18/18 TOP-100 F-101" attribution on label. CAC approval too!
Seated 10C 1875 Seated 10C 1875
Choice $625 Rare Misplaced 5 in Base Variety, Reflective Luster, Near-Gem. As a collector assembling the later published The Definitive Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors, I searched for over a decade for the 1875 F-106 misplaced 5 in the base specimen. The Greer plate coin was the only example known to me. Since operating GFRC, I've seen a few others including an MS65 specimen. I remain thrilled to be handling this lovely MS64 example for a second time. A fully struck specimen with lightly mirrored fields and a semi-transparent layer of faint gray-rose patina. The misplaced 5 digit is well defined in the base. I'm going with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation at the asking price. Treat yourself and add this special offering to a collection! Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Seated 10C 1877 Seated 10C 1877

Gem $1450 Remarkable Cameo Preservation, Sharp Mirrors, Colorful Toning, Low CAC Population. Top end mint state and proof strikes are difficult to located for the 1877 Philadelphia date. Business strikes have a common date status but just try to find gems. This 1877 proof strike is worthy of a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation as one of the finer pieces recently handled among many. How I enjoy the watery obverse fields and reflections. Obverse toning is boldly colorful with center rose surrounded by blues. At the right lighting angle, some gold also appears at the rims with more prevalence on the reverse. A 10x review finds a few faint lines that are enhanced by the mirrors. I guarantee that the buyer will be thrilled upon arrival. CAC population is 7 at grade with 6 finer for Cameo designation. Housed in NGC Gen 17 (2004-2008) holder with CAC approval.
Barber 10C 1912D Barber 10C 1912-D

Gem $600 Glowing Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Lightly Toned, Superb Eye Appeal. A stunning 1912 Denver struck Barber dime that has been well preserved and accurately certified with gem status. One immediately notes the textured frosted luster and swirling cartwheels during initial bright light inspection. Strike is hammered. Obverse toning is limited to peripheral aquamarine and orange-gold shades while the reverse features center rose surrounded by intermixed green and blue shades. GFRC images, especially the reverse, fail to capture this gem's beauty. A new purchase that warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation as I absolutely recommend this piece. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2021) holder with CAC approval.
20 Cents
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.
25 Cents
Seated 25C 1865 Seated 25C 1865

Gem $4450 Civil War Era Gem Proof, Crisp Reflective Luster, Rose-Gold and Blue Coloration. Consignor Buyout Opportunity - Price Reduction. Let's be direct here… This 1865 Proof Seated quarter is exceptional and warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. The interaction between the brilliant proof fields and speckled rose toning leads premium eye appeal. Reverse toning transitions to darker hues at the claws with addition teal shades at the rim. GFRC images simply cannot illustrate the intense luster and color modulation under a light source, so please use imagination based on the descriptions. Rare with CAC approval as population stands at three at PF65 with five finer. The Washington State Collection does it again with a superior Civil War era offering. Advanced collections need to take heed. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) holder with CAC approval.
Barber 25C 1912 Barber 25C 1912

Gem $1750 New July 12! Gem Barber Type, Granular Frosted Luster, Superb Eye Appeal. This gem 1912 Barber half merits a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation! A Summer FUN new purchase that rightfully belong in GFRC inventory. Stunning eye appeal is a function of swirling cartwheel action and granular frosted luster. Angled light inspection is complete undisturbed with pristine surfaces toned with copper-gold, rose, and aquamarine shades. Strike is 100% complete and impressive. I can't stress enough how pleasing this Barber quarter is. CAC certainly agreed. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder.
Standing Liberty 25C 1917 Standing Liberty 25C 1917
Type 1

Gem $2425 Type 1, Full Head, Amazing Gem, Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels. A superb gem 1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty quarter that warrants a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. GFRC images are 100% accurate in terms of coloration. Now just image placing this piece under a light source and exposing frosted luster and vibrant cartwheels that further accentuates the toning. This is a type coin issue that is difficult to put down once viewed as so refreshingly attractive with its natural copper-rose patina along with other embedded shades. Housed in NGC Gen 7 (1997-2000) holder with CAC approval.
50 Cents
Capped Bust 50C 1819/8 Capped Bust 50C 1819/8
Large 9
Choice $3950 New July 26! Popular Overdate, Superb Natural Surfaces, Sparkling Frosted Luster, Near-Gem at Grade. A near-gem example of the popular 1819/8 overdate with Large 9 O-102 variety designation. Sparkling frosted luster screams originality while tickling the eyes during angled lighting review. Swirling cartwheels are most impressive. For once, the gold and aquamarine peripheral toning is accurately captured by GFRC photography. Light coin gray shades are seen on both sides with peripheral aquamarine on the reverse. If higher end Capped Bust half dollar overdates are your primary wheelhouse, I would JUST BUY IT NOW as this is a superior offering. CAC population is only 11 at grade with a dramatic price premium in Mint State. Early capped bust halves at his quality level don't come by the office often! Housed in PCGS Gen 4.1 (2002-2004) holder with CAC approval.
Capped Bust 50C 1823 Capped Bust 50C 1823
Patched 3

Choice $7250 Patch 3, Exceptional Eye Appeal, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Vibrant Cartwheels, Very Scarce CAC Approved. A luscious 1823 O-101a Patched 3 offering that would be a highlight in an advanced Capped Bust half dollar collection. Beautifully preserved with a stunning presentation of brilliant frosted luster and surrounding copper-gold and aquamarine-blue peripheral toning at the rims. A few luster breaks in the left obverse field account for the technical grade. Eye appeal however, is that of a higher grade. Mint worker efforts to "patch" the center of the digit is easily seen under 10x. This is a low CAC population variety that is always popular. Only three have been approved at this grade level with six finer. The pricing premiums grow much more substantial at Choice Mint State. I like this piece so much that a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is warranted as this is such a pretty example. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 holder with CAC approval.
Capped Bust 50C 1834 Capped Bust 50C 1834
Small Date, Small Letters
Gem $1500 New July 11! Superb Eye Appeal, Granular Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Low CAC Population. Let's kick off the introduction of Summer FUN 2022 new purchases with this gem 1834 O-116 Small Date half that deserves a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. The certified grade is much too conservative given overall eye appeal including brilliant frosted luster from granular mint bloom. Cartwheel are intense and so pleasing. Toning is intermixed olive, rose, gold, and gray. Bright light viewing leads to light rose-gold with shimmering luster. Why MS61? Someone at NGC was having a bad hair day and took it out on this beautiful Capped Bust half as I'm unable to find any abrasions that explain the low Mint State grade. O-116 captures Obverse Hub 8 with double outline of clasp. CAC population is two at MS61 and eight at MS62. Well worth the asking price. Housed in newer NGC holder with edge view insert and CAC approval.
1 Dollar
Seated $1 1846 Seated $1 1846

Choice $3650 Superbly Preserved, Rose-Gray Obverse Patina, Pristine Steely Fields, Fully Struck. An attractive and well preserved 1846 Seated dollar that warrants attention. Steely fields issue notable reflectance under angled lighting. This a fully choice example with intermixed mottled aquamarine, rose, and gray shades on the obverse while the reverse sports patches of olive surrounded by midnight blues. Fields are essentially unabraded and most pleasing during a 10x inspection. Worthy of a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in new large font NGC holder. Please note that the images emphasize greenish shades while the coin in hand will exhibit strong rose tones.
Morgan $1 1883CC Morgan $1 1883-CC

Gem $1800 New August 10! Gem Proof Like Carson City Issue, Immaculate Surfaces, Super Eye Appeal, Westend Avenue Collection. This 1883 Carson City Morgan is one of the highlights of the Westend Avenue Collection. Offered at the consignor's purchase price and worth every penny to the point that a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is necessary. Proof like coinage always suffers the same issue. The mirrored fields will amplify field abrasions and reduce the technical grade more so than on a frosty white example. When a specimen appears in the office with pristine or near pristine polished fields, immediate notice is given and the piece thoroughly enjoyed. This Morgan is a true gem that will please the new owner for years to come. Proof like fields presents a watery mirrored texture under angled lighting. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder with CAC approval.
Morgan $1 1885O Morgan $1 1885-O

Gem $450 New June 21! Superb Gem, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Pristine Surfaces, Emerald Isle Collection. I've got to go with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation for this superb 1885-O Morgan dollar. Eye appeal is of a higher grade with the certified grade the result of faint marks on the check. Yes, they are faint and requiring a 10x to detect but who uses a 10x to view large dollar coins? The brilliant frosted luster is absolutely pleasing. A "close to perfection" offering from the Emerald Isle Collection. Housed in PCGS Gen 3.1 (1993-1998) old green holder with CAC approval.
Gold G$2.5 1858 Gold G$2.5 1858

Choice $5500 New July 15! Distinguished Eye Appeal, Granular Frosted Luster, Honey Green-Gold Coloration, Lizard King Collection. Yet another underrated date is this 1858 Philadelphia offering from the Lizard king Collection. One of the scarcest issues of the 1850s from the mother mint. This example is a pop one at the MS63+ certification and rightly so. I immediately recommended this piece to a client as being impressed with the well balance eye appeal. Surfaces possess a micro-granular mint bloom leading to moderate frosted luster. This piece screams originality with its natural honey green-gold coloration and essentially unabraded surfaces. The reverse features vertical die striations with angled lighting. I've got to go with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation for the premium quality. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.1 (2020-2022) holder.
Gold G$2.5 1905 Gold G$2.5 1905

Choice $835 New July 29! Brilliant Frosted Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Honey-Gold Coloring, JUST BUY IT NOW. A wicked nice 1905 $2.5 quarter eagle that could be multi-purpose given its eye appeal and fair offer price. Whether building a type set or more serious undertaking, this little near-gem will fit in well. Luster is brilliant with granular frosted textures and swirls under angled lighting. Coloration is a pleasing honey-gold. Several reverse contact marks account for the technical grade. Worthy of a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.1 (2003-2004) holder with CAC approval.
Gold G$5 1893 Gold G$5 1893

Choice $1000 Superb Eye Appeal, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Honey-Gold Coloration, Fully Choice, Wisconsin Gold Collection. The Wisconsin Gold Collection 1893 $5 strike is a joy to view with angled lighting. As the description is written, this gold half eagle is sitting at 60 degrees as angled lighting. One sees a rich honey coloration with micro granular mint frost. Swirling the holder releases brilliant waves of frosted luster. The overall eye appeal is a function of coloring and luster trumping any tiny field abrasions that are expected on an MS63 piece of gold. I've got to go with a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Gold G$20 1897S Gold G$20 1897-S

Choice $4600 Superb Eye Appeal, Sparkling Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Honey Gold Near-Gem, Wisconsin Gold Collection, CAC Approval. The Wisconsin Gold Collection consignor is back with a second lot that contains a host of gem and near-gem offerings. I'm thoroughly impressed with this 1897-S $20 piece that a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is being called. Immediately upon angled lighting inspection, sparkling luster explodes from the surfaces along with swirling cartwheels that tickle the eyes. The certified grade is a function of a few abrasions that do not detract. Coloration is a pretty honey-gold. Overall, a premium example with CAC approval that is sure to win the admiration of the new owner. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.
Gold G$20 1927 Gold G$20 1927
St Gaudens
PCGS Rattler

Gem $3850 New August 2! Unquestionable Gem, Classic Honey Green-Gold, Brilliant Frosted Luster, Superb Eye Appeal, Osprey Collection. Among the Osprey Collection purchase of three $20 Saints in PCGS Rattler holders, this 1927 lump of 0.967 ounces gold is the standout in terms preservation. A Gem quality rating is warranted as all the parameters are in alignment for a higher grade. I'm infatuated with the honey green-gold coloration and brilliant luster. Surfaces are nearly pristine and consisten with expectations for an MS65 certification. OK, let's' call a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation as the new owner will be pleased with the purchase. Housed in a PCGS Gen 1.2 (1986-1989) rattler holder with CAC approval.
There are currently no coins for sale fitting this criteria.