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The Liberty Seated Dime proofs are typically collected as two distinct series. The first and more collectable is the series from 1858 through 1891. The second and nearly uncollectable is the series from 1837 through 1857. Proof date position varieties can be found in the 1858 through 1891 series and offer the enthusiast another avenue for an advanced Liberty Seated Dime collection.

During 1999, Jeff Strutzel published two detailed listings of proof Seated dime varieties based on his research of the Ahwash, Breen and Greer publications and his own study of proof Seated dimes. Those listings can be found within issues #75 and #76 of the Gobrecht Journal. Where possible, I have made notations on the individual date proof listings based on the Strutzel articles.

A quick reference is provided to simplify the researching of potential new discoveries of proof varieties. Select either the 1837-1857 or 1858-1891 links to view a date level list of proof varieties within each series. Each proof listing is linked to its variety page in the Date and Mintmark Variety Analysis section. Once you have selected the proof link and have viewed the variety page, you must use your back button to return to the proof series page.


1837 - 1857 Proofs



1858 - 1891 Proofs


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